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FIMO Modelling: A Hobby (MY Hobby in Point of Fact)

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For all of you who didnít already know, FIMO is a polymer clay, sort of like plasticine except it isnít all greasy and you can cook it hard in the oven. Basically my hobby is modelling FIMO to make little figurines. FIMO comes in many colours but recently Iíve been using a light grey colour so as to draw attention not to the colour of the FIMO but to the shape of the figure that I made. After the FIMO has been cooked for about half an hour it is hard and can be sanded, cut, drilled and even painted although I have yet to do any of these things to my FIMO.

Here are a few examples of FIMO figure I have made:
This is the first FIMO sculpture I've done in years. I've actually been making people out of bluetack and decided I wanted something more permanent so I switched to FIMO.
I made this for my brother who wanted a monkey
This is a sculpture of Dr Karl which I made for the ABC radio Archibald prize, a competition which will be in its fourth year this year if they actually announce it.
The first FIMO sculpture I made that actually looked like something. Hopefully you can tell it's a dinosaur.
My first attempt at a realistic looking animal.
One of the many penguins from the penguin faze I went through a number of years ago. Don't ask me why I did penguins, because I don't know.

The tools I use to mould FIMO are a toothpick, a pin and a small metal rod. The toothpick I use for a large amount of the shaping of the sculpture. I make one part at a time then use the toothpick to moosh two pieces together. The pin is for the fine work such as the age lines on Dr Karl, eye pupils and hair. The metal rod is for smoothing over the roughness left by the toothpick and for making larger indentations in the FIMO, such as eye sockets.

Here are a few useful sites if you are interested in FIMO or polymer modelling clay:
Polymer Clay Central
Dinkos sculptures