Beloved Aristophenae
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Beloved Aristophenae
My Live Journal

I am a senior English and Theatre major at Harding University. Thanks go out to my family and friends for their countless plot bunnies and patient editing and beta readings. I couldn't get this far without you. So, without further adeu: Welcome to my obsession.

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Who am I? I am the child of a preacher. I am the daughter of an artist. I am the voice of my heart. I am the sister of a woman and the mother of a dream. I am someone's Luaidh though I haven't met him yet. I am a friend and an enemy. But above all I am a writer. Contained within these pages are a sampling of my fiction (both original and fanfictions), my nonfiction, and my musings.

Author's Note

Some stories may not be suitable for all ages. If you are not of legal age within your state or province do not read them. All stories are clearly labeled according to rating. Each pairing is also clearly posted. Please note the warnings.

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FRC = appropriate for all ages

FROC = for older children ages 7-13

FRT = appropriate for young teens ages 13-15

FRM = appropriate for older teens ages 16-18

FRAO= adults only. If you are under 18 do not read these stories.

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