I'm going to say this right fucking now. DO NOT DO ANYTHING STUPID WITH THIS INFORMATION!!!! This information is for educational and entertainment purposes. If you are actually going to do anything with this information, check the arsen laws in your state or country. The laws in America don't say anything about making, owning or learning anything about bombs and things that blow up. You just cannot USE them. Or at least, not on public property. Remember that when you're reading this. I'll try to update this site often, but don't e-mail me asking to post stupid crap, as most of the stuff in the file I am getting this from is ILLEGAL and I'm NOT going to post it. I have to find stuff that stupid people won't DIE trying to make. Anyway, read on, stay smart, and have some fun.

The Key of Explosives

Burn Type

Explosive Type

Poison Type


Mmm...thermite. If you don't know what thermite is, I might as well tell you. Thermite is some NASTY SHIT if you make it correctly. If you make it wrong, you'll end up with rust acid(which is still fun, but thermite is more fun). Basically, thermite is a substance which needs a LOT of heat to light up, so make sure you own a blowtorch before you try making it. If you are one of the rare people who can get the required magnesium strip that is needed to get it lit on fire, than you are in for a FUN time. Basically, I lit some of this shit up on someone's car, and when the fucker got back, there was a twenty foot deep hole in the asphault underneath his car, and the thermite was STILL burning through.

Here's how to make it:


- A DC convertor. You can find them in some older trainsets.

- A jar of salt water

- Coupla nails

- Cookie sheet

- Cast iron pot

- A blowtorch

- A few magnesium strips. Call around to find them.

- Aluminum filinos. File it down by hand from an aluminum bar or tube.

- Something to weigh the substances


Okay, now you're ready to learn how to make thermite. Once again, remember not to do something STUPID with it.

Take the DC convertor and take the connector off. Seperate the two wires and strip them with a knife or something. Plaese make sure that the damn convertor isn't plugged in when you do this. Now, plug in the convertor and insert the two wires into the jar of salt water and wait about...say five minutes. The area around the two wires will start bubbling. Be careful not to wait to long, otherwise the entire jar will start bubbling and you won't be able to do the experiment right. Anyway, the wire that has more bubbles around it should be the positive wire. If you screw up and mix up the positive wire with the negative wire you will end up with rust acid instead of rust. You will notice it immediately if you did it wrong, because rust acid will burn when you hold it. That shit HURTS though, so make absolute CERTAIN that you have the positive wire if you do not know how to handle rust acid.

Anyway, once you distinguish the two wires, unplug the convertor and tie a nail to the positive wire. Put the wires back into the jar, plug the convertor back in and let it sit overnight. In the morning, unplug the convertor, let the electricity settle down and then pull the wires out, holding the part that still has the rubber on it. If you did it right, there should be some rust collecting on the nail. Scrape it into the saltwater jar and then put the wires back in. Plug the convertor back in. Repeat this until you have a LOT of rust at the bottom of the jar. I mean, if you're going through the trouble of making it, might as well make a lot right?

When you have a fair amount of the solution that the saltwater and rust makes, drain the water and pour the solution onto a cookie sheet. Now then, let it dry in the sun for several hours, or dry it overnight. It should turn out to be an orangish brown color, but I've seen anything from red to black. Okay, now crush the rust into a very fine powder and put it into the cast iron pot. Heat it till it's dark or bright red. Doesn't matter which shade it is, as long as it's red. This is known as PURE iron oxide, which you have to make. It's not possible to buy it, because it's not sold. Now, get the aluminum filinos, which can either be bought or filed down by hand from an aluminum pipe or bar. It must be PURE otherwise it might not work. Mix the two elements together with a ratio of iron oxide and aluminum of 8 grams : 3 grams.

Congratulations, you now have THERMITE! Yaaaay! Now that wasn't too much work, was it?

Okay, now to light it. Like I said, it's kind of hard to get it to burn, but once you figure out how to do it, it shouldn't be that hard. All you have to do is get a blowtorch, stick a magnesium ribbon into the thermite, and light the magnesium with the torch. Stay a fair distance away from the magnesium ribbon after you light it. It will act as a fuse for the thermite. Now, thermite does not explode, it just burns and sparks alot. Ever seen those old movies where someone lights a stick of dynamite? Imagine the sparks that come off of the fuse. Real dynamite doesn't do that, but thermite does. Also, you gotta be kind of careful, because once the fire from the magnesium hits the thermite, the flame can literally vaporize carbon steel (holy shit!!!)! You can use it to burn lotsa stuff. Jock's cars, payphone cash boxes, locks. Use your imagination, because once you have a fair amount of this stuff, you can go just about anywhere (as long as you don't get caught!).

Anyway, that's how to make thermite.


Okay...this shit can be very dangerous if you don't make it or use it properly. Just remember, when you light this up, RUN LIKE YOU'RE A BLACK MAN THAT JUST RAPED A WHITE WOMAN IN THE 1840's!!! Before you light it up, look around. Take in the environment around you. Remember it. Savor it. Then light it up and run like a motherfucker. That environment you looked at and took in just moments ago will be completely destroyed and smoldering on the ground. For several hundred square feet. Five hundred square feet to be exact. Explosive, ne?

Here's how to make it:


- Some newspaper

- A chemical fertilizer (Greenthumb or Orcho works well)

- Cotton

- Diesel Fuel

- A homemade fuse


Okay, now I've never actually made and used this stuff, because I'm not that stupid, but I've seen people do it, and it doesn't look very hard. Basically, what you do is take the newspaper, make it into a pouch and then put some fertilizer into it. Cover it with the cotton, then soak the cotton with the fuel. Then light it up and RUN!!!!

That's how to make a fertilizer bomb.


Basically, a diskette bomb is used to fuck computers up the ass. When you put the diskette bomb inside of a computer, the drive will try to read it. The heat generated from the drive will be enough to set it on fire. This will melt the fucking hard drive into oblivion, and if it gets hot enough, this is very rare, the diskette bomb will actually explode. Even if it doesn't explode, the computer will almost never work again. The rare insance the computer actaully turns on, it most likely won't be able to do much.

Here's how to make it:


- A 3.5 inch floppy diskette

- White or blue kitchen matches (must be in these colors)

- Scissors

- Clear nail polish

- Wooden scraper

- Bowl


Okay, this one of the easier bombs to make. Carefully open the 3.5" floppy disk with the scissors. Make sure you don't damage the disk. Scrape the matchpowder from the matches into the bowl with the wooden scraper. Be fucking sure that the scraper you're using is wooden, not metal. Metal sparks the powder and can hurt you very badly. Wood won't. Once you get a LOT of matchpowder, take the cotton off of the disk and spread the powder over the data circle. Spread the nail polish over the matchpowder and let it dry. Carefully put the disk back together and seal it back up with the nail polish. Let it dry, and thus, you have a diskette bomb. Fun stuff.

That's all that I have posted for now, because it takes a LONG time to translate this shit into terms stupid people can understand! Look for updates soon!