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The nouns, pronouns and verbs, Page 2
enca = encasement
ence = hence or to point out
enci = observance
enco = imprint
encu = restricted by
ency = value or worth

inca = incapable
ince = explode or explosion
inci = enticing
inco = misunderstood
incu = sleeping area
incy = pacify

onca = answer search
once = past rememberance
onci = vision or visage
onco = curse me
oncu = review moments
oncy = clarified event

anam = body and soul
enam = hard casing
inam = high number
onam = familiar
unam = same
ynam = whine

anem = weakness or name
enem = enemy or protege
inem = protection of self or self defense
onem = happenstance or moment
unem = unnamed or not named
ynem = probable cause

anom = to atone or appease
enom = to appear, phantasmal or phantom
inom = change appearance or glamour
onom = warning
unom = known system
ynom = exploitation

anum = pursue
enum = collect
inum = distribute or share
onum = cause shit
unum = uncounted or not seen
ynum = unassociated

anym = I am named with or acronym
enym = alternatives
inym = Laughing out Loud or lol
onym = felt relief
unym = system
ynym = prickly skin

anka = giant roc-like phoenix with 1700 year lifespan
anke = anchor
anki = handkerchief
anko = anchovy
anku = thank you
anky = soft cloth or work cloth

apt = known to
ept = maintain
ipt = script
opt = preference or optical
upt = disruption
ypt = crypt or cemetary

aptac = incite
aptec = pre-human or in-between ape and human
aptic = nervous system
aptoc = wood chip, token or carving
aptuc = tree climbing
aptyc = cryptic or mystic

eptac = epitaph or final statements
eptec = recess or roll back
eptic = septic or drain
eptoc = compose or meditated
eptuc = consider or consideration
eptyc = come to decision or decide for yourself

iptac = unfeeling or nulls pain
iptec = continuation
iptic = instilled action
iptoc = active moment
iptuc = the winds of the songs of the wolf or wolf song
iptyc = critical

optac = accessment
optec = drawing resources
optic = optical illusion
optoc = nocturnal
optuc = obstruct
optyc = ice clear

uptac = take upwards or uptake
uptec = catch the air
uptic = in the air
uptoc = flying through air
uptuc = carrying air
uptyc = carried in air or float

yptac = tacky
yptec = a word of annoyance
yptic = poetic
yptoc = kind and warm
yptuc = childish
yptyc = repeative fun

asd = asgorath, asgara, asgarath or world of gamblers and void people that
enslave annoyances while treating people with respect that gamble or have respect
esd = estimated duration or duration
isd = personal prophecy
osd = dumb or awestruck
usd = dollar, paper money or bank note
ysd = wisdom or knowledge

aqaa = sea life
aqea = aquatic
aqia = shark
aqoa = fish
aqua = water
aqya = storm, wild storm, squall or ocean storm

aqae = call to sea
aqee = dolphin sqee
aqie = aquatic life
aqoe = life flow
aque = achoo!
aqye = acquiring

awn = lawn
ewn = hewn
iwn = seeking
own = earned by self or own
uwn = you own it or transferrance of property
ywn = all I own or owner

avai = take or avail from
evai = evoke
ivai = body or self
ovai = sieze
uvai = covet
yvai = valued

avei = compliance
evei = restore or raise
ivei = buy in
ovei = convey or obey someone
uvei = unveil or disclosure
yvei = hidden

avii = season or seasonal
evii = divination or evoke sight
ivii = invitation
ovii = bring forth
uvii = brought to you
yvii = rebound or repast

avoi = sea voyage or craft
evoi = control
ivoi = music or sing
ovoi = object of or to vote
uvoi = new voyage
yvoi = nothing

avui = anyone
evui = enable mind
ivui = in everyone
ovui = stand forth
uvui = find in self
yvui = why so vague

avyi = activist
evyi = enviable
ivyi = applying
ovyi = appliance
uvyi = trying
yvyi = dead cause

avam = revamp, recreate
evam = beseech, pierce or argue for
ivam = inflamed
ovam = maim or cut off
uvam = sought after
yvam = revamp

avem = dream
evem = beam, lance or redeem
ivem = intervene or go between
ovem = stand in between, buffer or block
uvem = move him or move person
yvem = gesture in

avim = a chime
evim = remove from or evict
ivim = intelligent
ovim = overly enthusiastic
uvim = senseless or knocked out
yvim = wave

avom = run or move fast
evom = dash to cover
ivom = dislocate
ovom = request, boon, a presentation or move on
uvom = move overland or forced march
yvom = distance

avum = set
evum = match
ivum = meet
ovum = substance form
uvum = body force
yvum = wavy or wave

uvala = grace, science or philosophy
uvela = joy
uvila = violence
uvola = personal locomotion or vehicle transport
uvula = throat
uvyla = security block

award = reward
awerd = aversion
awird = loose connect or wireless
aword = talk indication
awurd = absurd
awyrd = strict or strictly

a-co = atomic strength
aiaug = conquest
yiao = alligator
uab = what be, what is
uaber = what is here
uabues = what is missing
aac = aggravate or overwhelm
aak = vacuum
aek = ache
aem = of them
aim = ideal, idea, remote community, goal or remote communication
ium = greater degree, spite or detest
aan = over
ean = lean
uagy = asergy or condensing field that contains any live force or radiation. This force can be used for electricy or live electricity containment.
uuh = ununhexium
yep = yes please
aip = ape
uarcry = spirit animal war cry
air = air or hair
aupa = gold paper
yaig = intelligent or intelligence
yatuik = intelligent annoyance, conman or intelligent twink that gets jealous easy plus tries to avoid work as possible
aitvalas = outdoor dragon indoor cock brings both good and bad luck in the home it lodges in refusing to leave plus at soul price it can be purchased from the devil
auricl = bird dragon oracle thats a prophetic dragon sized bird or prophecy deviser
aiosei = semi-automatic
uaca = what do you or what are you
uaty = what time
uuq = ununquabian
uiou = without
uihzfnofohuai = intervention
aeola = element master
aeolus = all element
aeg = abnormal human or abnormal animal
aello = rainstorm
aight = alright
aiplait = gorilla or breast milk
eit = intent
iimuy = inimical, known evil or known danger
ieie = immobius, immobilize, time stop or activity stop
ieiespa = immobius sphere(time stop) that stops all needed area activity where the sphere formed be thought to
iota = part or idea
iotea = empress
aeta = mental or mind
aetus = life
auro = glow or aurora
auror = seeker, mage police or dark seeker
augor = seer or prophet
aussi = australian
aussy = cow
oust = force
aeturnis = eternity
autist = autistism or autistic
auto = automatic, car or automated movement
auth = authority, 4th or fourth
ayberian = foriegn or alien
eugenics = genetic mutation or youthful appearance uata = water
uumaekom = undo annihilation or uncalled for destruction
yeti = energy twisted regenerative clawed rip apart human beast of instantaneous movement able to kill anything
yetigorn = abatwal
yokyete = I want
abatwa = ant size human creature who reveal themselves to under four year olds, wizards, and pregnant women plus if the woman sees a male then the child will be a boy
abatwal = human unicorn yeti that shapeshifts into any form, can strike very quickly, mutates anything at will, single forehead horn that cures or purifies, presence that strikes dragon fear at will drains emotion plus psionic illusionist, clawlike human hands on human body. kills anything it wants, hairy body and prehensile feet with great intelligece
abernathy = wood elf
abolai = atleantian wild life
abominabl = bigfoot, abominable snowman is great ape cromagnon human that lives near snow 7 feet tall large footprint and shaggy white dark fur
abomination = elephant unicorn shapeshifter human thats 7 feet tall bulky elephant 2-legged form, a single horn that creates calm while it enhances psi ability, causes fear in weak willed minds and whole body covered in black coarse hair that smells of undeath weighing 400 to 600 lbs yet silent on the feet
abber = speed, push or push off
absolu = absolute or !
absorber = absorb or absorbtion
absumo = consume
abra = unholy, rough or profanity
ebrio = drunk
acaik = star or asterik
acerik = star or asterik
acetates = lattice energy
achida = potassium acid
ecaao = bank balance
oculozs = deep
adam = mind or first man
adaro = top human bottom fish body hostile to humans
admin = administer or administrator
adminis = administrator or administer
eden = life continent or life garden
eddy = smooth flow or stream movement
okake = goblin, apparition, monster or ghost
aces = access
acier = steel
acid = hallucinagen, dream drug or hellucination drug
actis = scene, action or scenic
activ = active, activate or activation
acniv = bad guy or consultant
eachusiage = friendly kelpie like horse shapeshifter to humans
eachusige = kelpie like horse shapeshifter that hated humans
icyce = ensconce
ocular = binocular, spyglass or eye glass
oculozs = deep
occasion = unnattached moment or unseen activity
occlus = occlusion, push out or activity restrict
octusfimoi = oxygen carbon sulpur methane or breathable methanol gas
ock = flock or gather around
odi = oddment, harmless, odd disposition or oddly meant
ofy = elephant
ufo = unforget, unforgotten, unforgot or spacecraft
aha = discovery
ahuizotl = hand tailed human mankey water creature
ahmokpitoe = harmonic
ahmokdati = peaceful relation
ahn = dawn
ehwaz = physical shift, gradual developement or steadyness
uh'o = good health or multiple vitamin
eaahnikh = forged currency
akasha = all elements or cosmia
oke = pardon
okem = pardon me
oklaica = primal forest
alas = sorry to say or matter set aside
alae = open up
emuy = inimical, known evil or known danger
eminem = bisexual or singer
auoy = not crash or dont crash
enoy = annoy
enoyp = pest, twink, fake, disturbance or personal annoyance
enoyt = annoyance
unnenoy = not annoyance
unuoy = uncrashable or crashable
unnuoy = uncrash
asalt = assault
afrikaans = africa
efret = efreeti
ufrodueb = network
afval = trash
aqocebyaeoi = hydrocarbonatemethanol, breathable water or htuoctumoi
aqocebyaeoefi = hydrocarbonatemethanol, breathable sulfurwater or htuoctumoisfi
aghgrur = astral
agla = coming age
iga = angel or heavenly
ogma = dogma, knowledge god or truth god
ogr = ogre
anota = another
angus = anger stricken, encode or encoder
ansuz = answers or mouth
anth = antler or sweaty
ents = treeman
aparit = apparition, spirit or ghost
arie = intent
aries = war god
aryix = speed burst
aribeth = traiterous anger
arthur = king
arctic = ice or shore
orpa = gold paper
enu = enough
icasat = I can say it, considerable or sayyable
iceb = iceball
ityuiar = ichthyocentaur, sea centaur or human upper half dolphin tail horse forleg or lion forleg horse
immobius = immobilize, time stop, activity stop, infinity or 8
inme = imagination or imagine
inlay = inlaid or filling
inteli = intelligence
intelli = intellectual
inptec = assesment
instru = instruct or instrument
inveigl = steal
isa = cease activity
oom = boom
ocubla = man
oliv = olive
oluel = gasoline
umaekom = called annihilation or call destruction
uruz = golden hair wild ox or good mind strength
yelo = yellow
yuron = million
yurika = eurika or discovery of excitement
ynis = island of
aogi = ambiguity or blissful ignorance
eughafhuai = distortion
eula = linguist
oese = obese
oues = painful
iyes = I have
yale = black or tawny hippopotamus oxen with moving horns
yeck = shape shifting spirit
abacus = dictionary or mathmatical machine
ebil = evil child or evilness
ebony = ebony or very hard black stone
ubar = high quality or perfect
uber = super, hideous, excessive or monsterous
achaea = divine land or archaeologist dig
adieu = good-bye
adios = goodbye
advanc = advance
advhorte = ancient horror or ancient evil
eihwaz = yew wood
oberon = original
effigy = last spoken thought or death speach
ifao = inferno, burning hands or fire gout
orcid = orchid flower
agaquo = silverfish, 4-6 inch silver landfish, silverfish sighting in area will detail possesion or something bad to owner of area entered plus the person will change on entering silverfish area to be possessed until area cleanse
agi = agin or again
agin = again, silver inlay or silver filling
agy = aging
igyu = fire angel
ahmok = content
uhu = uh huh
akira = mental destruction or unstable power blow-u akyra = bird human
iklelau = handkerchief or hand cloth
alay = metallic alloy
alahan = handy, handiwork, creative or creativity
alak = permit, grade (of cut), protest, embargo or deal with it
alakazam = piece together, regenerate, rebellion or halt process
alaz = alliance, everything, revolution, religion building or creativity center
alazakam = genious, dispute, tolerance or civil war
alazakamakh = pain tolerance
alian = human sea elf or land atleantian with shapechanging energy shaping instantaneous travel ability with energy true form
alie = alien or alienation
alien = off planet lifeform
alienn = alien
alaska = solid ice
alc = alchemy
alcapon = notorious work leader
alcapone = gang leader
alcohol = alcoholic or disinfect
aldur = wonder god or wanderer
alkari = bird human
eleiy = elemental
eliia = tiger
eliiar = panther
elementa = element
ellia = puppet
elliar = puppet show
elmer = glue
elmerhu = glue being that intoxicates anything it gets near
erlking = dwarf king
olde = olde, olden or old age
uloc = warlock or demon weather wizard
ulod = warlord
ulok = lockup or unlock
ylo = yellow
orang = orange
oragatang = monkey ape
orion = hunter
amelmorat = all of it or everything
america = united kingdom, melting pot or states united
american = realm, cultural, united county, unity, resident or crede
americano = american or united kingomer
amore = love
ambidern = remain quiet
ambigorn = hideous monster or unicorn wraith that is unseen to the human eye
ambiguity = hidden nature, unknown, unshown, untold or unreveal
ambiguous = hidden person or uncertain
embark = load ship or board ship
embarkdede = ship voyage
embarkdedet = ship passenger or sailor
empusae = cannibalistic female monsters and have sometimes been confused with the lamia. They are half-ass and half-human, but could change themselves into bitches, cows or beautiful maidens. imms = implementor, admin or administrator
omae = presence (of high personage)
omni = all
umaa = call
umbridge = foundation support or manipulative bitch ymoaen = immolation
angel = mental torment, peaceful, benign being or mental anguish
angelsoul = spiritual harmony, desirous soul or peaceful memory
enchida = beautiful woman above serpent below woman serpent mother of most monsters
unach = unacidic, forever acidic or base chemical
unnach = unacidic or base acid
inclus = inclusive, inclination or separatism
ink = ink
inko = carve
inkblot = inkblotter or pen
incisur = incisure or cut
onza = chaotic
unca = unsaid, uncaring or undeclared
unded = undead
unsozfol = energy
angla = english
enuf = enough
englis = english
inga = first
aleanes = hybrid elemental atleantian animal pet
alisia = liesure time or liesurely
almamata = create material or material manifest
almit = almighty
almon = almond nut
electa = electric or electricity
amand = almond
amanda = skillful or graceful
empris = empress
impart = impart
imparta = mentally teach
imparte = imprint
ipli = explain
iplutiv = self-explanatory
ipn = experience
aqo = water
aquao = hydroxide or restorative water
aquaoli = lithium hydroxide
aquaona = sodium hydroxide
aquaoko = potassium hydroxide
aquaorb = rubidium hydroxide
aquaocs = cesium hydroxide
aquaomg = magnesium hydroxide
aquaoca = calcium hydroxide
aquaosr = strontium hydroxide
aquaoba = barium hydroxide
armdioy = underarm deodorant or applied underarm deodorant
osa = bone
anemathema = 12' giant octupus
ancien = old
antiq = antique
angreal = channel device
index = table of context or content table
onna = woman
egress = entry or entrance
igloo = igloo or ice house
elizabeth = queen
amy = judge
encor = all over again
engel = angel
einsten = pigsty or genius
enhanz = drunken
et-fokslo = great 2 red eyed eight headed eight tailed snake
ugar = bravery
unibombet = unibomber or all purpose bomber
uniq = unique
eupid = instinctual
optic = sight
upid = stupid
uplod = upload
uplody = uploading
aren = sandy or sand
arachnid = spider
araknid = spider
arak = arachnid or spider
arakao = phase spider
arakum = human spider
arakru = spider roach
arakno = spider
araketa = spirit spider
araki = spirit spider
arakhi = death spider
arakhihu = death spider human
oet = poet, overeat or poem writer
oeteo = muse, eternal writer or everlasting writing
oety = overeating or poetic
usd = dollar, mint, gold, bank note
ota = other
auriavalis = truth drug
archon = vampire elder
easel = painting canvass stand
easyr = easier or useful ease
eutharsos = courage
ardur = feel or emotion
armur = armor
esmau = arithmatic, arithmetic or calculation
ameth = truth
empusae = cannabalistic donkey women shapeshifter
impar = impair, wound or impart
impartial = separate event
imper = imperial or royal
impertial = haughty
ymaa = create material or manifest material
indices = index
indyces = inducement or induce
instruct = instruction, construed knowledge or teach instructa = teaching, teacher or instructer
isit = inner site, third eye, luminescent life force vision or eyesight
osteo = bone
ysoeua = why so ever or how come
etalma = spirit glue causes anything to be glued together
apriu = apprentice or chosen student
arseny = arsenic, cause fire or cause destruction
articl = article, written report or essay
article = publish, work publish or book
articlet = publisher or print press
artinedus = artifact need us
ericthonius = male human snake that was an athen king hit by a polymorph plague
erik = famous explorer
erynnes = furies
erw = earwax
irene = lesbian or woman lover
ortho = poison spray
orthus = 2-headed dog
estradiol = steroid or testosterone
atempo = normal time
aternus = eternal
atomit = atohu or atohufey
atohu = atohufey
atohufey = atomic sized being that is a natural shapeshifter of any form able to hide anywhere with energy manipulation skill plus aids humanity at will showing themself to wizards and sorcerer only and malicious to abusers
atlanata = mystical place or mystical being
atlantia = atlantis
atleantian = atlantian, sea elf or species of the sea
etas = gaseous vaper or ethers
etasa = ethersa
etasoi = ethersorang
etaia = phantom
etoil = star
etoile = shooting star or bright star
etoiless = in-between, suspend, sooth or nothing
ether = etherial or spiritual
ethers = gaseous vapor, gasoline or gas
ethersa = hot gas or combustible
ethersorang = orange gas or orange gel morph gas
etheria = phantom
etacap = ettercap
ettercap = human spider mutant
oto = poison spray
othel = possession
askela = natural command or ask anything
asmuth = weather or ozone
asmuthace = good weather
asgard = discard bad ideas or gamer
asert = assertive
eschew = screw
eschewi = screw-in
esserb = essential oil
esserbemu = emu oil
otaune = a mysterious unkillable many ability force once called will do as the summoner asks or serves justice to those who deserve
avalon = druid home, underland or land beyond
avalonian = druid
avolon = pact, foreswear or swear
avemi = dream walker or ultra rich
avert = knock aside
averte = aversion or evasion
evani = in the evening
evany = undoing
evali = unwoven
evil = evil
evhu = everyhuman or human woman male that represents both sexes with 4 arms perfect womanish breasts both sex organs 4 legs high intelligence all time linked ambitious and manipulative
evmi = everyman or human male that represents all maleness with 4 arms 4 legs high intelligence all time linked and ambiguous
evwui = everywoman or human female that represents all femaleness with 4 arms perfect double busts 4 legs high intelligence all time linked ambitious and enigma
ivory = cast off tusk
everard = ongoing or everpresent
uvalacorrant = phasics or power physics
awk = hawk, gawk, look or awkward glance
azur = azure or binding
azam = phoenix cycle, rejuvenate, renew, youth, sicken or rebirth
aubrey = full breeze, open display
agate = negate effect
ogham = celtic written language
ahkbar = fake good, falsity or false
eheh = subtle laugh
akuma = ma, toori akuma or coal eyed enormous flaming head fying creature with sword
eklots = make substance or made substance
okane = money
oke = add to fight
okepete = swift-flight
ukori = undevoted or new concept
alan = mischievious human bird creature, ingenious manipulation or duplicatus
alic = alicorn, strengthen, strong, aligon or unicorn human
alice = steel strength, steely strength, two-horned human or bulrathi
alicorn = single horn
eolh = fortunate influence
alig = alignment or align
aligorn = human shifter unicorn human with normal strong human body single forehead horn hooflife feet 3-fingered hands or normal hands horn amplied psi ability and horn grows back plus thier presence brings life to all near it and purifies all substance
alchemy = transmutation science or chemistry physics
allg = great hall
ecchibi = winged cat
ehu = energy human or energy being
elebra = striped donkey
elem = elemental
elemio = elemental angel that is capable of angel strength human activity with shapeshifting energy body and appearance of anything
eliot = relentless or undying
elita = enlighten or knowledge expand
elitta = cat litter
elysian = lesion, liesure or death
elysianyal = lesion field, elysian field, liesure field or death field located at
antarctica that was eden
eldiot = riot or significant
elliot = outlast
elminster = magical correspondence, wild mage or magical might
elninio = warm season
ilidium = destroy enemies
iladium = aerial servant
illadium = pillared hall or hall pillar
illithid = deep one or mind eater psi manipulator
ilnea = illness removal
amadan = paralysis touch faery
amanda = respectable or friendly face
amatur = amateur or natural beginner
amater = newly begin
amaterasu = shapable mold or cast
amino = life make-up, blood or life fluid
amul = amulet
imymn = impossible
amb = amble or ambassadore
amba = raw amber or healing tree sap stone
ambassador = embassy personage or foreigner
ambidex = ambidexterity or both hand expertise
ambidexter = ambidexterity
amc = entertainment or family enjoyment
ammut = creature with crocodile head lion body hippopotamus back end
amphisbaena = 2 headed lizard or goes both ways
embarkta = ape men
embarta = peaceful impart, peaceful partake or peace gift
embassy = ambassodore
emfazima = food poisoning
impro = improve, improvement or improvise
omnip = omnipotent
omnipont = omnipotent or know it all
ymeoa = immediately or immediate
animos = animosity or animal harshness
androsphinx = human headed lion
annex = far away mission
ankh = eternal life
ankl = ankle
anklosteo = ankle bone
enersal = battery or soul energy
enviro = environment
enward = inward or spiral
inebri = drunk or drunken
inebriat = drunk or drunken
incex = extra explosive or extra explosion
inji = indian
inju = injure
ingua = language
inguaheb = translate language
inperaa = emperor
inquest = eploration or inquisition
insinc = spirit body action
invisi = invisible
ivei = invisible
onus = for free
onc = ounce
uhnruh = animal instinct or fearless animal
umaresis = summon resistance or summons energy protection
unela = uneligable
uneschew = unscrew or undying screw
unie = universal energy
unielmer = universal glue
unic = unicorn
unigorn = unicorn
unyf = uniform
unbloka = unblockable, breakdown barrier or unblock
unrak = unbreakable
unsoziuesaz = ensnare
untuo = unturn or forever turn
unneschew = unscrew
unno = don't know or unknown
unnoevas = unseen event reverse
unnothel = unpossess
unntuo = unturn
unpervert = uncorrupt or purify
espaniol = spain or spanish
esperanto = esperanto or ease of use
astas = world globe
estet = evening
atada = atilda, almost like, similiar, invert or ~
etuay = artillery, fire arm or weapon
etuary = passage or way through
isic = spirit body action or astral projection action
ismerelda = negative witch
ismalda = negative witch or why bother
ismy = influencer or supporter
ishal = is
ishaln = isn't
ishalna = shall not
ishmal = influencer or supporter
ispy = spyer or onlooker
ostn = rememberance or remember
uspecw = unspecific or unspecified
atlas = world map
atham = magick dagger
atriu = attribute
its = obtuse, over pronounced or extra large
aaron = conspicuous guidance
aaront = guide or spymaster
obscuro = darkness
ahria = fresh air
aheria = mastery
ehre = dejavue or repeated moment
eliet = exobiologist
eliy = exobiology or other form study
argonesti = elven dragon shifter
italy = italy
italiano = italian
itu = fire antler
evict = evict or made to leave
everlyn = never ending or ever living
iwilt = i will try or make attempt
avu = pointer
ivvy = ivy
ethiopia = perfect civilization, distracted in thoughts or land of luxury and beauty
apad = computer notepad or magical notepad
epistl = apostle, cult member or religious follower
opium = immortality drug, pain killer or vision flower
aqodo = sharp or sharpen
atlaqodo = sharp knife
aquaduct = waterway or sewer
aqoduct = waterway or sewer
ariojyyl = successful test
arumet = sweep area
archer = on target, bow man or accurate
arguspanoptes = all seeing or the human male with eyes all over
assholl = asshole
aspares = water foul shifter gorgeous water nymph
eric = sweet nature or calm repose
erik = trouble
arti = artifact
articul = target, word pronounciation or suspician
articula = pronounciate or speak clearly
erised = event erasure
arbiter = mediator, negotiator, moderator or contractor
oracl = prophet or event predictor
oraclar = prophetic reading
urati = irradiation or cold radiation
urown = your own or yourself
urisk = man goat faerie or your risk
urse = yourself
yrit = alright
aspe = atempo or normal time
ise = yourself or whimsy
epona = fertility goddess or mature woman
oprssl = felt down or down feeling
ostrich = large flightless winged head-in-ground healing backfeather backward walk bird thats backfeather produces emu oil plus dodo cousin
utary = uturus or womans pee organ
utry = uturus or womans pee organ
ury = jury
ezh = lbs, # or pound
uqz = ice
uqzbarr = iceball
uwo = fish
uwwarahz = fire enchant
exa = examine
exers = exercise
exud = scent or smell
exhasti = inexhaustible
expayns = experience
expin = experience
explan = explain
explicitiv = self-explanatory
extinct = no longer existant or not existant
azeman = counting obsessed night animal shifter day female human shifter vampire race who ye can fool by using scattered seed or a broom across the entry
aziza = good forest fairy who aid hunters and give knowledge with advice
uzhzaf = meteor
uayaf = major
uuiaf = minor
yax = intelligent jinx
yeah = hearty agreement, hesitant agreement or absolute agreement
yean = not agreement or woman shift
yeas = slow agreement or thoughtful agreement
yet = you there or you okay
yav = why have or why've
yev = you've
yiffa = yiffer or stripper
yogidaphum = many organed shapeshifter pleasure being
yukifey = small 3 feet tall old clothed snow fairy that aid people lost in the snow and they live in snow burrows plus they guide people thru blizzards
ydsnd = wits end or frazzled
ydsnds = sound listening or naturally hear
ydsend = natural conclusion or conclusive end
ydsends = naturally concluded, thought out or natural sound
yfit = elephant
yfogh = frost
ytorelnzkz = freeze
ynfom = win one for me or get a win

b = back, be, focus, beat, boron, bitch, base, is/are, am/was, bee or force into
c = charge, see, sea, carbon, ash, cold, copy, 100, yes, chair or one hundred
d = obliged, bound (to pay), condemned to pay, sentenced, deduct, down, 500, five hundred, the, do, direction, date or destroy
f = family, son, daughter, time, fluorine, if, fuck or effect
g = great, gee, get, got, give, gotten, go, grand, money or good
h = heat, enrichment, hydrogen or energy
j = justify, go, march, advance, pass, flow, ride, sail, jail or jay bird
k = ok, cut, hew, chop, strike, smite, murder, slaughter, sodomize, potassium or kill
l = location, last, long, line, 50 or fifty
m = month, metric, me, one with bad luck, my, 1000, I, myself or one thousand
n = no, not, nah, number, country, nitrogen, and, in or to
p = people, nation, applied power, pea, pee, phosphorus or force
q = silence, qeue, quiet, 5th, quick, question or fraction
r = movement, move forward, are, lesser, red, ruddy, remove, your or move backward
s = sex, slow, sulfur or weight
t = person, he, she, it, tardy, titus, classic, try, thing, tee, tea, thing, there, that, this, those, of, time, ten or tough
v = view, very, five, vanadium, glue, paste or 5
w = coat, wax, protection or layer
x = extra, generate, exact, cut out, 10 or ten
z = zone, transfer, teen, frenzy, zero, the or teenager

bb = recovery, messenger call or pellet ball gun shot
bc = focused charge. seen, be sea or 100 years
bd = accrument, below deck, torment, below, contractual, condemn or destruct
bf = family trust, time place, abuse or strengthen focus
bg = supportive, gravity, better, box, beat up or blackmail
bh = heat buildup, enriched, heating, energize, power blow, overload, bohrium or enthrall
bj = testify, tactical retreat, double back, fall back, backway, feedback, go back, begone, advancement, passerby, ridden, drive back, refusal, browbeat, windblown, or forced march
bk = fine, backstab, backhand, revenge, slit, struck, assasinate, assault, murdered berkelium or sadistic bl = same place, remain long, back row, be there, last place, belong, strung line, focal point, be last, meditate, devastate, last in line, stretch or 50 years bm = back order, backing, support, 1000 years, bi-monthly, scale, unlucky, measure, scrutiny, schedule, math, train or 1000 percent
bn = not back, restrict, imaginary number, 3rd world, don't be, counted, hopeful desire, wishlist, unfocus, focus on or offbeat, peaceful, rememberance, remember or conqeur
bp = bipolar, backwater, short, urinary disease, back flow, populace, position, enforce, desirous, of one mind, circuit, fight it out or win
bq = quietness, active list, 5th place, be silent, broken silence, inactive, out of place, made actice or put in place
br = back away, back now, reduced, red phase, moving back, removal, move, being, shamefaced, moved back, reduce, shame, beaten, bromine, run away or go forward
bs = bullshit, slowly back away, backing weight, sexual, sluggish, weighty, rape, torment, overweight or overeat
bt = backup, lateness, classical, tried, tougheness, be yourself, in late, trial, focuser, class act, shameful, oldie, embibe or hold back
bv = rearview, hindsight, now back, 5 years, viewable, feeling down, very beat, or miraculous
bw = bulwark, fur, wax buildup, outer layer, bee wax, layer, sheen, focus point, hurry, wax mold, tanner hide or coerce
bx = extra charge, taxation, olden, 10 years, generation, accurate measure, mantra, near death or exacting
bz = take back, return area, backtalk, backstage, chatty, moody, shrine, achiever, fight arena, compliant, prison, school

cb = refund, focus device, crystal, power fist, expunge, past view, view, cost water bowl, watch beat, overlook. sea level, sea straight, cash back, carbon base or 100 years back
cc = carbon copy
cd = buying, purchase, redemption, treason, rebate, drain off, destructive impulse, see it done, intuition, push down, tempest, storm, seek destruction, company, cadmium or disband
cf = embezzle, time machine, empower, honor, time gate, school, observe, timeless, corrosion, nominal, californium or 100 percent
cg = contagion, contagious
cl = chlorine
cm = curium
cr = chromium
cs = caesium, cesium
ct = crystyllium, seer or power stone

db = dubnium
dd = duplicate
dn = dendritium or light stone
dm = denubium or beam stone
ds = unnunillium

ff = crazy
fm = fermium
fr = francium

gd = gadolinium
gg = come before
gr = geranium

hf = hafnium
hg = mercury
hh = mesmerize
hl = heal or heel
hs = hassium
hq = headquarter

jj = shove around or business owner

kk = knock dead, cut off, cool or accept
kr = krypton

lb = lose
ll = double lump or long lasting
ln = line or io
lm = delimiter or description
lr = lawrencium

md = mendelenium
mg = magnesium
mk = make
mm = considerate
mn = manganese
mt = methnerium

nb = unlost, unlose or nibodium
nd = neodymium
nn = knowledge of
np = neptunium

pb = lead
pc = computer
pd = palladium
pm = promethium
pp = power action, potty or power projection
pr = praseodymium
ps = partisanium or particle element
pt = platinum

qq = utmost quiet
qx = quexillium

rb = rubidium
rf = rutherfordium
rh = rhodium
rn = radon
rr = relax

sb = antimony
sc = scandium
sm = samarium
sg = seaborgium
sn = tin
sr = strontium
ss = service, share alike, super slow or weight creep or sluggish
sw = sword
sz = one horn deer

tb = terbium or tuberculosis
tc = technitium
th = thorium
tj = personal reason or alibi
tl = thalium
tm = thulium
tt = improvisation
tz = privacy area, private material, trash dump, beserk, nothingness, nothing, self-contain, these or practice area

vv = highly profile

wr = steady or steadyness
ww = high detail

xx = extreme or monster

zn = zinc
zr = zirconium
zz = specialty


ba = street, batlike, barium, soul or bat
be = create, beryllium, beat, are, is, am, was, bio, alive, base, bioenergy or become
bi = divide, bisexual or bismuth
bo = bow
bu = talent or my
by = rail

baa = float up
bea = infusion
bia = pull to yourself
boa = snake
bua = thrown
bya = a distance beyond

bae = bay
bee = becoming
bie = wall
boe = blade
bue = bastion or place of safety
bye = goodbye

bai = bide
bei = dismiss or drive away
bii = seed or greed
boi = erase
bui = floating or go easy
byi = access

bao = baby
beo = prophetic
bio = bioenergy
boo = bowels or internal
buo = floatable
byo = biological, biology or bio

bau = lovely
beu = hide in plain sight
biu = by intent, vile pus boils plague, black plague caused by feeder fleas
bou = bound towards or moving
buu = undesirable or in service contract
byu = done by you

bay = a bay
bey = beyond or be honest
biy = truth be told or truthfully
boy = your charge or vampire
buy = distinguish or purchase
byy = note to self or confimation

bab = babe or bitchy
beb = will return, barb, spike or has returned
bib = separate or divorce
bob = nod, head dunk or return bow
bub = stranger or person
byb = knock off, off center or off balance

bac = back
bec = because or beach
bic = bicep or arm muscles
boc = jewel clasp
buc = buckskin, buck, buckle, dollar, bare naked or $
byc = bicker or argue

bad = command or good
bed = bedding or a bed
bid = wait your time
bod = physical, abode, bandaid or body
bud = budding or flowering
byd = full figure

baf = barf or baffle
bef = beef
bif = stand in or boyfriend
bof = bowl full or loaded bowl
buf = buffed up
byf = sentimental

bag = bagel, sack or bag
beg = fight prepration, begin or to beg
big = bigger
bog = swamp
bug = trumpet, a bug or to bug
byg = enlarge

bah = disliked dismissal
beh = placed behind you
bih = bio hazard
boh = bohemian or monsterous
buh = but (excuse)
byh = handy

baj = badge, baja or bad person
bej = beige
bij = large in body
boj = past errand or master
buj = viewed badly
byj = disliked

bak = bake
bek = beak
bik = bike, skimpy or lessen
bok = bowstrike
buk = rebuke or book
byk = bounce

bal = negative or balance
bel = great or arch
bil = vile
bol = tree or bottle
bul = defense or bulwark
byl = curled up

bam = impacted
bem = beam
bim = instructs
bom = bombard
bum = ass or bodily behind
bym = get up

ban = bane or ban
ben = been or am
bin = bind
bon = joy, bone
bun = attribute or copy
byn = had been or premake

bap = nose hit
bep = a beep
bip = bipolar, biolocate (more than one place at same time) or of two minds
bop = a bop or hit in head
bup = blooper or happened mistake
byp = bypass, bipedal or with two legs

baq = backing
beq = beckon with help or guidance councillor
biq = bicycle
boq = floral, bouquet or flower arrangement
buq = rebuke
byq = bequeath or bestow

bar = bare, onrush or night movement
ber = bear, beer or likeness to
bir = buyer or birch
bor = bred pig, drill or boring
bur = burly or burial
byr = spreading warmth

bas = base, basic or basis
bes = bees
bis = bisect, so, until, bias or by
bos = boss
bus = mass movement
bys = relief or abysmal

bat = bait, a bat, battery or batty
bet = beat, beet or a bet
bit = bite
bot = a bot, without or robot
but = argument for, boot or butt
byt = data path

bav = bavarian
bev = beaver
biv = with two values
bov = above or bovine
buv = abuse
byv = by view

baw = bawling
bew = beware
biw = bioware or bioaware machine
bow = to bow over or bowl
buw = bound
byw = business

baz = sell or sale
bez = lot or land area
biz = renting or a fee
boz = strange
buz = strong drink or potent
byz = prosperity

bca = because, became or becalm
bce = decieve or cleverness
bci = bikini or skimpy clothes
bco = become
bcu = be cool
bcy = bicycle or beside

bada = bade away
beda = bindings or stringed
bida = bide your time
boda = forebode
buda = peaceful intent
byda = soothed feelings

bade = command you
bede = beaded
bide = waited time
bode = vision warning
bude = building partnership
byde = bid goodbye

badi = stranding beads
bedi = bead work or bead neckelace
bidi = good tidings
bodi = bodice or great body
budi = increased appeal
bydi = very pretty

bado = desirous appeal
bedo = bend down
bido = control desire
bodo = give into desire
budo = decrease desire
bydo = appear happy

badu = focused sound or sonic
bedu = control yourself
bidu = apply yourself
bodu = temple
budu = folded leg stance
bydu = levitate off floor or reinstating

bady = concern for self
bedy = self style
bidy = seek alone
body = body awareness
budy = conscious awareness or beautiful
bydy = self secure

bads = bades or give command
beds = pearl beads
bids = make proposal
bods = respects
buds = buddy
byds = bidding

baff = baffle or confuse
beff = herd, dinner or healthy
biff = stand-in or replacement
boff = scoff or laugh
buff = strong man or exercise
byff = concern or family meet

bagg = quality bag, purse or leather bag
begg = beg
bigg = grown or big
bogg = swampy
bugg = bug or error
bygg = bygone

bakg = baked goods
bekg = good size beak
bikg = good bike or skimpy good
bokg = accurate arrowstrike
bukg = got rebuked, constructive criticism or good book
bykg = forced out or good bounce

bang = a bang
beng = living being
bing = a bing or light tone
bong = a bong or a resonating sound
bung = a medium tone sound
byng = a high pitch sound or tinny sound

banj = corral guitar or banjo
benj = overdoing it on
binj = a binj or eating junk
bonj = bonjour
bunj = stretchy cord
bynj = junk food or snacks

baaz = hidden danger
beaz = bean
biaz = bias
boaz = boat piers
buaz = boing
byaz = childish innocence happiness

baez = beg
beez = bee
biez = become
boez = go away
buez = definite no
byez = killing

baiz = compell
beiz = mental control, conjole or conjuration
biiz = enslavement
boiz = slavery
buiz = slave master
byiz = pleasing or comely

barr = ball, long piece or barring action
berr = fruit
birr = bearer
borr = borrow
burr = cold shaking
byrr = spreading cold

barz = barring the way or vertical shafts
berz = bears or bearing
birz = willing to buy
borz = cut hole or drill
burz = caskets
byrz = holding place

baal = balrog
beal = peals of laughter
bial = bile
boal = bowl
bual = pent up or contained
byal = reallocate or relocate

bael = demonkind or demon
beel = beat upon
biel = spiel or idle chitchat
boel = bowl
buel = cruelty
byel = set upon me

bail = pay something
beil = bezerk
biil = woman
boil = hurt me or bode ill
buil = build upward
byil = working towards

baol = goal of
beol = old aged, antique
biol = musical instrunment
bool = choice
buol = determination of
byol = setting off

baul = worshipper
beul = believer
biul = worship ritual
boul = shrine
buul = fault or fault line
byol = too much strain

ball = ball
bell = bell
bill = bill payment
boll = hole in tree
bull = bull
byll = sleep

batt = bat (any) or battery
bett = bet
bitt = bitten
bott = automatically
butt = buttox
bytt = data burst

bavv = monstrous
bevv = bevel or beaver
bivv = with two values
bovv = troglodyte or three-legged mammal
buvv = violence or violent
byvv = impact or memorize

bla = too much
ble = curse or hex
bli = bleed or blood
blo = blow up
blu = blue or tinge of blue
bly = blight

bra = force movement or bray
bre = debree
bri = brick
bro = brother
bru = brew or stew
bry = enforce or enforcement

bath = a bath
beth = bathroom
bith = blither
both = choose both
buth = booth
byth = ignorance

batt = a bat
bett = bet
bitt = sour
bott = machine
butt = buttox
bytt = take a bite

bard = musician
berd = beard
bird = customer
bord = board or bored
burd = buried
byrd = bird

barn = large storage
bern = behind you
birn = have earned, birth or bairn
born = birthed or born
burn = fire destruction or burn
byrn = start fire

bass = white fish, shark meat or bass
bess = best or bless
biss = bliss
boss = head worker, gang leader, bossy or boss
buss = bus or bust
byss = bias

braa = to succumb to
brea = breeze, quality or praise of
bria = sticky
broa = broad or large
brua = to brew a drink or priest
brya = preaching

brae = break or boast
bree = wind
brie = proprietory or owned
broe = grow
brue = inconspicuous or blown up
brye = rotting slowly

brao = brave or deed
breo = have skill of
brio = bring up or defend against
broo = long stick or staff
bruo = honorary
bryo = agreement of terms

brau = brawl
breu = bring to you
briu = make flames
brou = protect from
bruu = release in gratitude or make guilt
bryu = bring to

bray = braying
brey = berating
briy = departure by force
broy = embroiled
bruy = loner or by yourself
bryy = where are you at?

brad = defect
bred = breed
brid = bridle
brod = brood
brud = troublemaker
bryd = inter or make understand

bran = brain
bren = national growth
brin = brine
bron = bronze
brun = brown
bryn = brink

brak = brake or stop slowly
brek = tolerate or break
brik = brick
brok = broke
bruk = brook
bryk = positive feedback

brat = nuisance
bret = indestructible
brit = bright
brot = defender
brut = spawn or come back
bryt = enforcement

batta = batter
betta = better
bitta = spicier
botta = bottle
butta = buttler
bytta = bitter

batte = batty or crazed
bette = beating
bitte = please
botte = body
butte = butty
bytte = has a bite

batti = battling
betti = betting
bitti = small
botti = automaton or android
butti = butting in or rude
bytti = abiding

batto = battalion or soldier
betto = betting for
bitto = a bit of
botto = open bottle
butto = butt out
bytto = data connection

battu = fighting you
bettu = choosing you
bittu = bitten
bottu = operation
buttu = sitting down
byttu = binary or switch operated

batty = insane
betty = stable beauty
bitty = tiny
botty = like machine
butty = large buttox
bytty = data rate or timed rate

bfa = beforehand
bfe = buffet or all you can eat
bfi = befriend or friendly
bfo = before
bfu = confusion or befuddle
bfy = butterfly

brass = top measure
bress = breast
briss = bristle
bross = brush
bruss = knocked down
bryss = slow to understand

b-co = storage or gradual increase
beau = beautiful
bureau = government
baafa = bishop fish or mitered shaven head, scaly body, claw-like arm fins,
beul = good
bean = supernatural
bean-nighe = washer woman or riverside woman who washes bloody clothes and the if seen first makes life certainty for the viewer or if she noticed first then certain death
biele = building or structure
beip = biolocate, more places at a time
bioloc = more places at same time
bayard = shape stretching talking horse
baboon = magical ape men
babu = baboon or magical ape men
bakarmtuog = good karma changeover
bco = become or biocell
bcou = regenerative biocell
bedlam = absolute disaster
beka = beaker or substance holder
buad = bandaid
behni = kneeback
behnicutt = hamstrung
baka = fool
bakau = back at you
bakayarou = asshole
benu = purple heron, palm tree or phoenix
baton = striking rod
batist = baptism or baptist
batl = battle
batlord = battle orders
batlbad = battle command
batlcry = distraction battle cry
basil = basil or energetic herb
basis = element
basbevl = elementary or basic level
baschobevl = elementary school
beta = better or process
betas = better test, radioactive or radiation
beted = bastard or bettered
bevlj = advanced level or high level
baeta = bait
baeliv = white demon or law demon
baelgodd = demongod
baelgud = good demon or deva
beasto = beast transform
beastro = spell book
beorc = true home
bei = being
beig = beige
beiwpoxk = raid bomb or roach poison bomb spray
beos = snack time
beut = beauty
beuty = beautiful
becucot = biocircuit
binns = history
boeatla = sharp blade
boot = boot or kick out
bouldr = boulder
badda = baddy or bad one
baddagrex = bad greek, enemy greek or smelly greek
bodakuma = ward, warn away, deflect or tempermental
bodeta = physical spirit or astral projection
baginis = female animal human with claw-like fingers and toes who rape captured men then let them go
bahamut = land fish
behemoth = elephant sized hippopotumas or great beast
behest = request
baku = evil dream eater creature with lion face horse body tiger feet cow tail that
bakru = half child size oversized head human wood people renders evil dreams harmless
bokarticl = magazine
balrul = negative instruction
balthazour = bad thought harbourer
belengel = archangel
bellodona = deadly nightshade or beautiful lady
belmagus = archmage
belmaj = archmage
beltenshi = archangel
bilg = mucous buildup, shit, throw up or buildup
budis = an exception or except
bulb = bulb or bulbous
bulbauro = lightbulb
band = music group banshee = beansidhe or sunken nose scraggy hair hollow eye socket fiery weeping red eye white sheet wearing cadaver woman who warns of an impending death only for old family by wailing outside a house or outside a door
baron = overlord
barb = frozen
binnet = dust bin
barbegazi = shy "frozen beard" large feet gnomes that avalanche ride and come out at below zero temperature plus they aid humans as they live at moutain peak tunnels
barbituat = slowing drug
barby = doll figure
barbyliv = living doll figure
barjuchne = bar juchne or giant bird
barm = dreaded backward knee colorful bird that picked off targets at will
barmotez = barbary sheep, tartary or tree vine attached vegetable lamb creature
bart = barter or burp
berbug = bugbear
bevl = bevel or level
bank = riverbank or bank
banks = delta or vault
bemay = biometal
bielyn = building
bielynuir = building site
bielyncod = building code
bielynkouvam = building inspector
binns = history or repotoire
berliner = jelly filled donut or german native
bepcod = norse code
basimpl = simply or basically
bush = shrubbery
bushed = tired
bevins = chew up or buildup
bevvedg = bevel edge or straight level
bevvedgatla = bevel edged knife
bosun = headmaster
bisq = biscuit
bisquit = cookie
boamp = bottle imp or genie type spirit that grants owners unlimited wishes plus the only way to get rid of it be to sell it for less than you bought it for.
boar = boar or war pig
bois = wood
boise = energy wood
boisehu = energy wood being that protects households
bout = about or moment on
bukno = knowledge book or answer book
bombeunn = disarm bomb or short out bomb
band = headband, head scarf or bandanna
benzen = knock out drug or aromatic
benin = benign or safe
bind = binded to ideal
bign = benign
binzi = frenzy or silent insane
boudole = bottom dollar, best price or lowest price
bounda = boundary
bounder = boundary
bordery = shelf or shelving
borderydepot = storage rack, seller rack
bordmet = board meeting or staff meeting
batuo = turn bad
bottaink = bottle of ink or ink bottle
bottomdollar = best price or lowest price
bubli = bubbler, bubble, bubbly or out of air
bucca = teleportive hobgoblin useful to sailors
bucsu = good-bye
bodach = nightmare inducing child stealing bogie or old man
buda = peaceful wandering
budism = peaceful participation or way rite
buggane = goblin shapeshifter often seen as a horse, calf or wild looking human near a waterfall
bona = satisfied, satisfaction or boner
bonafied = cooking oil, quality approved or proof tested
boner = sex pleasure
bunyip = hippopatumus shaped amphibeus creature, precatious or precaution
bogi = bogie or dark closed up area shapeshifting wicked spirit creature are daylight harmful
boggart = dark hairy dusty clothed household spirit formed from peoples misuse found by house mishaps
bogl = criminal mischief hobgoblin on victim behalf
bugbear = bug bear in the shape of a bear
burak = man face voice, ass ears, horse body, peacock wings tail, bright blue eyes, in between the size of an ass and mule
burgher = merchant
burs = graves or burst
burnou = burnout
burnuo = quickburn
burnuofud = quick food cook
busl = bushel
busm = busom
busom = woman breast
buta = butane
butan = heating gas or blue flame
butane = natural gas
bawb = baubal or jewel
baub = baubal or jewel
buinutbgull = negated gravity float or levitate
bgi = begin, began, begun, begins or beginning
bhiae = rage
bleu = blue
bleer = bleeding heart or open love affair
bliar = bleeding heart or open love affair
blac = black
blachol = blackhole
blanc = white, blanc or blanched
blunderbor = blunderbore or giant legend
blur = blur or mesh with background
blus = blush
blak = black or blackened
blakanka = giant undead unkillable roc-like phoenix with 1700 year lifespan of shadow half life and does not need to eat
blakannis = black annis or hideous cnnabalistic on capture one eyed blue skinned old hag
blakdawg = black dog or calf-sized black hound that upon site or speaking the viewer is death doomed or illness and death be foretold
blakhol = blackhole or singularity
blamer = place blame
blas = blast
blasicx = ice blast or ice shatter bolt
blimud = mudblood or mudsang
blo-idonu = blast-ended newt
blozard = blow hard or high wind
blozed = blizzard or freezing ice storm
bluta = blaster
blutas = blaster
blutaz = blaster
bno = negated gravity float or levitate
bjala = room protection demon
brau = pre-existant or pre-existance
brae = whole arm
brac = bracer, hand protection or brace
brag = horse shape-shifting goblin that leaves a rider in terror or very good story
branreparo = regenerate brain
braquach = hydrobromic acid
braven = revenge
bravenokake = vengeful spirit or revenge spirit
bravura = braveheart or courageous
breqs = pre-requisite, pre-require or back order
breqsp = pre-requirement or necessity before
broasu = twin brother
bree = windy hill
breh = breach
bri = ostrich
briou = ostricize
brich = ostrich
brita = clean water
brihu = ostrich human with forward walking backward legs but the rest of the body humanlike
broobielyn = building staff or store staff
brood = vampiric meet or moodyness
broomet = staff meet
brog = dialect
bron = kitchen or useful
bronsik = kitchen sink
brossdet = toothbrush
brownie = small hobgoblin of ragged brown clothes pinhole nostril flat faced enjoying human harmony
bpcutt = shortcut
bphew = shortcut
bqaruo = implement
bwax = bee wax
bwuin = deck
bwuinhoyl = card deck
bwca = household spirit that does tasks when appreciated and destructive when offended
bzagh = beast


ca = caramel, can or calcium
ce = quietness, chair or cerium
ci = shape or diameter
co = willingness, cobolt or allowance
cu = cup, copper, colon or goblet
cy = drink

caa = carve or can actively
cae = can explain
cai = cain
cao = chaos
cau = caution
cay = decay

cea = cease, carat, combine, combined with or ^
cee = seeya
cei = cieling
ceo = head boss
ceu = I failed you
cey = thorough halt

cia = intelligence angency
cie = spasm
cii = see or sea
cio = sight
ciu = see ya
ciy = eye to eye

cya = good-bye or farewell

cab = public translocation or phase shift
ceb = brain
cib = bioelectrical
cob = overspread oe web
cub = cube or cubical
cyb = neural network, cybernetic, sibling or pathway

cac = hideous or hide bound
cec = traditional
cic = wheel
coc = grinded or coerce
cuc = placed in position or crucial
cyc = pattern movement

cad = cart or wheeled holder
ced = cedar wood or cedar tree
cid = mulled
cod = code or cypher
cud = could have
cyd = experts

caf = serve
cef = tell me
cif = decoded
cof = addictive
cuf = cuff
cyf = sift

cag = cage or trap
ceg = baited lure
cig = smoked tobacco
cog = spiked wheel or made aware
cug = cougar
cyg = signal or signet ring

cah = soothing
ceh = high whistle
cih = semblance of form
coh = other workers
cuh = rank
cyh = slotted

caj = smirk
cej = join the mainstream
cij = sludge or pavement
coj = worker
cuj = quell
cyj = advice

cak = cask or cake
cek = running water or creek
cik = dessert
cok = drink
cuk = cook or grill
cyk = endorse

cal = counted
cel = container
cil = gahering
col = hardened, cold or tall
cul = achieved, very nice or cool
cyl = cycle

caba = transit or bus
cabe = can be
cabi = shift
cabo = offbeat
cabu = movement
caby = arrival

cyba = sidewalk or data link
cybe = cybernetics
cybi = inner space
cybo = outer space
cybu = technician
cyby = body or working person

cabl = cable or carrier wire
cebl = large brain
cibl = biochannel
cobl = overdue or spread out
cubl = prism
cybl = cybernetic channel or long road

calf = baby cow
celf = trembleclef
cilf = elf
colf = golf
culf = engulf
cylf = sythe

claf = clatter
clef = trebleclef
clif = cliff
clof = cloven
cluf = dove
clyf = clipped

cag = crag
ceg = siege
cig = intoxicating
cog = gear
cug = cudgel
cyg = cigar

cam = camel, view, camera or makable
cem = cave, solidity or charm
cim = sense, premonition or prescience
com = conclude, concluding, brush or comb
cum = come to, accumulate or bring back
cym = clash or similar result

can = fire, cannot, can't, cane, or leg support
cen = scene or active area
cin = ash layer
con = cone, pro or for an idea
cun = cunning, outwit, colon, menu, item list or :
cyn = evasion or ascend

cant = cantrip or spell
cent = 100 or hundred
cint = made into
cont = its allowed
cunt = seat
cynt = library or knowledge pool

cama = camel or disposition
cema = cement
cima = moving picture
coma = death sleep
cuma = accumulation
cyma = slow progress

came = award or medallion
ceme = segments
cime = climatic or temperate
come = beckon to or suggest to
cume = well based
cyme = good approach

cami = shy away
cemi = steamy
cimi = curve
comi = humorous
cumi = fearless or prideful
cymi = stymied

camo = hide or blend in
cemo = seal
cimo = trust
como = go away
cumo = suggest
cymo = symbol

camu = camoflaug or hiding by blending
cemu = remove seal
cimu = stimy or cover up
comu = come out from cover
cumu = account for
cymu = present situation

camy = convention
cemy = convene
cimy = discussion
comy = comedian or light heart
cumy = comfort
cymy = professional

cap = cloak or over clothing
cep = remember
cip = castle
cop = cop, handler or adapt
cup = chicken coop
cyp = chicken

caq = harsh cough or hacking cough
ceq = find relief
ciq = psyched out
coq = herbal relief
cuq = cause cold or chill
cyq = complete recovery

car = care, chair or character
cer = skill
cir = part or partial
cor = core
cur = curative or cure
cyr = restore or restoration

carr = moving vehicle or car
cerr = soothing
cirr = circulation or cirrus cloud
corr = relaxation
curr = flexible
cyrr = relaxative

cas = holding case
ces = cease
cis = laboratory
cos = coaster or course
cus = original work or cuss
cys = research

cat = provision or cat
cet = viable
cit = speech
cot = coat
cut = very cute
cyt = stop function

cav = cavern or cave
cev = sever
civ = civilization or civil
cov = covering
cuv = cave entrance
cyv = tunnels

caw = raucous cry
cew = decay, crow or carrion eater
ciw = death eater
cow = cow
cuw = chew it up
cyw = bone

cawa = cry out
cawe = pleading
cawi = angry voice
cawo = outspoken or outcry
cawu = rousing speach
cawy = a cause

cewa = a remark
cewe = crow attack
cewi = mental link
cewo = soul carrier
cewu = antithesis
cewy = deliverance

cax = mentally torture
cex = mental rape
cix = control from without
cox = coax, courier channel, made allowance for or channel through
cux = make crazed
cyx = psych, spook or trick mentally

caz = special
cez = difference or cease
ciz = action
coz = cousin or relative
cuz = excuse, cousin or because
cyz = failure or fail

cha = charisma, charm, observe, hold together
che = tribe
chi = life force or hi
cho = select
chu = hollowed or compared
chy = enacting thought

cla = declare or clay
cle = clay mold, business or club
cli = climate, close or temperature zone
clo = clone, duplicate or perfect copy
clu = clue or clue in
cly = cling

clap = hand clap
clep = clay bake
clip = clip or terraform
clop = wooden shoe meant to drive away demons
clup = clup or insight
clyp = residue power or static cling

cra = pigment color, color or crave
cre = crede
cri = judgement or judge
cro = motion or crow in flight
cru = crew, crush or pressured hold
cry = to cry or invent

craz = craze or zealous need
crez = attractive idea
criz = be calm under pressure or crisus
croz = fly like a bird
cruz = cruise or motion to browse
cryz = location of desire or crying about

calt = religion
celt = people
cilt = god
colt = harnessed, wildness, gun, pistol or horse
cult = follower or religious organization
cylt = odin or ecstecy

calq = calculus or advanced math
celq = hypnotic roof or calming effect
cilq = guickly gather or quiet crowd
colq = quickly cold
culq = quickly cool
cylq = quick cycle or quickly cycle

camb = chicken soup or chicken broth
cemb = foundation
cimb = prescience
comb = bee hive
cumb = crumble or crumb
cymb = cymbol or symbol

camp = camp or outdoor rest
cemp = warlord, purpose or variant
cimp = simper or soothsayer
comp = computer or compute
cump = come up with or plan out
cymp = symbol player

canq = cacerous sore
cenq = sink in
cinq = five
conq = conquer
cunq = determination
cynq = sink

capa = capable or potential
cepa = picture, cheaper, depiction, grass mat or carpet
cipa = safe or secure
copa = insecure or unseemly
cupa = culpable or suggestable
cypa = suggested warning

cape = point of or tip
cepe = seeping or leak
cipe = reinstatement of or place in again
cope = adaption to situation
cupe = mark for
cype = tracing

capi = head or state capitol
cepi = form
cipi = ruling or governance
copi = land
cupi = corrupt or benign interference
cypi = leakage

capo = keeper or house keeper
cepo = sea or snake
cipo = wisdom
copo = burrow or home
cupo = sanity
cypo = saintly or favored

capu = paint or change
cepu = frame
cipu = capture
copu = self-adjust
cupu = illuminate
cypu = greater understanding

capy = capitan or captain
cepy = election
cipy = insipid
copy = duplication
cupy = cheating
cypy = remove tongue

capt = captive, caption or lettering
cept = reasons or excuse
cipt = insightful
copt = twirling
cupt = recuperate strength
cypt = reciever

capl = capable
cepl = keepable
cipl = fortess or long term
copl = tenderness or tender
cupl = couple
cypl = disciple or follower

carr = car or carriage
cerr = advance
cirr = cloud
corr = correct
curr = curative
cyrr = recharge

casm = criticism
cesm = cease moment
cism = size up
cosm = universe/universal
cusm = excuses
cysm = crack or cave in

catt = cattle
cett = kettle
citt = sit
cott = cottage or cot
cutt = cut
cytt = ambivalence

cava = sensing or new feeling
ceva = ship or craft
civa = demon or chip
cova = conversion or turn against evil
cuva = covert or secretive
cyva = time out

cave = collapse
ceve = sieve or blood flow cut off strip
cive = side with
cove = docking area for ships or small beach
cuve = cure or heal
cyve = cut off flow

cavi = assail, assault or sell
cevi = identifying mark
civi = civil or humane
covi = covering
cuvi = change from within, conveyance or self adapt cyvi = to notice change

cavo = hole or bad
cevo = recieve gift
civo = civilization
covo = convulsion
cuvo = decapitation
cyvo = bleeding to death

cavu = bring back or unkill
cevu = undeath or vampirism
civu = reasoning of
covu = seance or spirit command
cuvu = soon to be
cyvu = supernatural or super

cavy = reunion or raising
cevy = catalyst
civy = send energy
covy = pulled to life
cuvy = flashback moment
cyvy = risen

craa = lock jaw
crea = cream
cria = critical or crucial
croa = croak
crua = active duty
crya = holding

crae = desiring
cree = devotion or creed
crie = action
croe = feeling
crue = pain
crye = cry out or wail

crai = curious
crei = propaganda
crii = notice
croi = watch
crui = cruise
cryi = cry

crao = deselect
creo = religion
crio = cold storage
croo = distract
cruo = other interest or other
cryo = optional or instant freeze

crau = crowd or griping
creu = swept forward
criu = preen or consideration
crou = crouch or paused
cruu = cruelty or vicious
cryu = emotional release or cringe

cray = computer or crayfish
crey = parts or objects of computer
criy = career
croy = repairing
cruy = upgrade or replace
cryy = working state

crah = crash
creh = event or happenstance
crih = critical
croh = rise
cruh = mechanized or power blow
cryh = power source or energy leak

cram = cramming
crem = creme or cream
crim = crime
crom = chrome
crum = spoiled
crym = period

cras = weakness
cres = crease
cris = power turn on or christ
cros = cross
crus = observer
crys = broken hold or crystal

crat = crater or impact
cret = villionous
crit = meteor or critical
crot = huge hole
crut = very important
cryt = detailed

crass = crass or harshness
cress = alleviate or crest
criss = contaminate
cross = come across or cross
cruss = crust or crusty
cryss = slow developement or slowly develope

cyra = freezing
cyre = frozen
cyro = ice
cyri = cold
cyru = catch
cyry = hold in

cattl = cattle
cettl = kettle or settle
cittl = cat litter
cottl = cottlefish or pamper
cuttl = cuttlery or cuttle fish
cyttl = coldheart, recital or uncaring

chac = chase
chec = check
chic = strengthen life
choc = choking death or strangle
chuc = throw to, chuck meat or test
chyc = act on, woman or chick

chacc = radiance pool, trace or tracer
checc = credit check, checkout, sealevel or checkmark
chicc = energy focus
chocc = strangle or bottleneck
chucc = throw overboard, chuck roast, rush, pride or probe
chycc = active duty, reaction, active or seer

chack = kill trace, follow or evasion
check = verify, checkup or snip
chick = lady, allowance, allow, let, chicken or weaken
chock = load, stranglation, mangle
chuck = cook meat, roast meat, affirmative, affirm, unburnt or destructive
chyck = survival, survive, passable, cute, unstable or conspirator

chak = lose attention or remove charm
chek = cheek
chik = kill life
chok = targeted kill
chuk = contemplate
chyk = assasination

chakk = gain attention or restore charm
chekk = cut cheek
chikk = assassinate, rejuvenate, revitalize, resurrect, terminate or restore life
chokk = cancel target, permission grant or roger
chukk = murderous, contemplation or termination
chykk = permission, victim or murder weapon

chan = chain
chen = war nation
chin = china
chon = destined
chun = national review
chyn = international

chap = person
chep = cheap
chip = soul
chop = a chop
chup = shot upward
chyp = chip

char = chair or character
cher = advancement
chir = transcend
chor = chore
chur = churn
chyr = enacted thought

chat = talk or family time
chet = cheat or swindle
chit = credit or money value
chot = stiffen
chut = chute or long tube
chyt = coinage, dollar or $

chatt = idle talk
chett = swindler or cheater
chitt = credit, coinage, bank note or dollar
chott = cadaver or dead body
chutt = escape pod or carry device
chytt = value or valuable

chras = craft
chres = weaver
chris = cosistent, erasure or consistency
chros = dissapear or dissapearance
chrus = dissapointment or crucify
chrys = trademark

cma = may see, you see, seem, saltwater lake
cme = see me or look at me
cmi = interrogate me, curiousity, cement or see interest
cmo = see more, spraypaint or saw more
cmu = see much, seen much or saw much
cmy = see myself or saw myself

c^esky = czech
c-bnym = remote computing or remote control
c-co = alien or mystery
caot = chaos mage or chaoticist
ceuoalo = cow hampster duck kitty creature with cow size hampster forepaw legs
cat feet backlegs cow torso, duck billed head and fluffy tail
coolsbrow = cool forehead
cotu = carbon dioxide
caem = to study
caucamo = caution or suspician
caut = caught or caution
cea = power create, creature or living creation
ceasg = human salmon of salmon lower human top half
cuandillar = heart stone
cyian = 100 headed unsleeping dragonlich
cyas = slow farewell
cabochons = moonstone
cabokons = moonstone
coblynau = guidance mine fairie
caco = cacofiend or round eat anything floating ball demon
cacitraen = concentration or mental clarity sphere
cycat = concert
camwa = came away
capon = gang, work gang or union
capone = gangster
caput = chapter
cepiw = wax figure or wax form
coqu = shell
cabal = self organized organization
cabikou = physical shift
cacao = cocoa
cacaomix = cocoa mix
cacaomixsa = hot cocoa mix
cecrops = serpent tailed human was the first athen king
cucot = circuit
cucotcort = circuit court
cokkai = shit
caday = cadderly or fatherly
cadet = a cadet, training soldier or soldier in arms
cadoit = done adroitly
cadsuane = persuader or persuasive
caffilet = server
cahay = concert music
cajy = cagey, practical or mentally acute
celaeno = storm-dark
codareactor = radiative power generation
cameleopard = camel leopard the size of a camel but the skin of a leopard with 2 large curving horns
camp = campground or camp trip
cemore = purity or metre
comne = come near
comtinua = get on with it or come to think
conechwa = hello
canon = cannon or propelled forward
canola = canola oil or sunflower oil
caniv = cunning
carny = festival or faire
carat = combine, combination with or ^
carta = caretake or take care
cartu = care to or also care
casey = pleasant or stamina
ceilidh = (kelly) musical meet
cerburus = go to jail or significant
ciao = hi or bye
ciaon = dismissal
cirim = impart or impartial
cortymaj = high mage court
cortmaj = mage court
coniv = connive
cannon = taught discipline or basic belief
canta = cast
continua = continuation or continue on
ciel = cieling
ceuetiet = ashes to ashes dust to dust
cium = mineral
coif = slap or gathering place
cuick = circumference cut, circle cut, circular cut or pipe cut
caeykes = underlay
caseykes = relay, steady progress or endorphin
cataua = big cat that is of tiger, lion and other
catokla = shapechanging ancient cat
catoblepas = that which looks downward or iron cladded head bull that can kill with
its sight and moves sluggish eating poison bush
catl-f = shapechanging ancient cat
catleg = great cat the size of buffalo
catro = control
catropafu = control perfume
catruit = roach ant cat
cetus = dolphin headed forked tail greyhound headed creature
citro = lemon
citroesserb = lemon essence or lemon essential oil
ciryea = partial agreement or soso
ceqmcsq = c=mc(squared) or lightspeed
cereb = cerebrum
cerebo = snake head dog head human dog on all fours that has paralyzing stare
cerebus = forebrain
cerebrum = brain focus or brainal channel
cora = coral
carb = carbohydrate or starch energy
carba = carbonate or carbonation
cerberus = 3 headed dog
corrant = power or hate me
corrunt = coruption
curdop = antidote
cyrrauto = automatic recharge
calam = fire or calamity
cale = challenge
calygreyhound = antelope body eagle claw forlegs ox hoove hind leg
cigryhond = calygrayhound
coge = cougar
cogsaet = saber tooth cougar
colaa = innate ice mastery or cold resistace pass-thru
culio = cool down or quick cool
culd = could or will have
culdn = couldn't or will have not
cometh = comes of or come to
comke = call key, desirous key or come unlock
compet = compete or competing
complet = suit or complete
compleat = complete or perfect
cnotaf = cenotaph, cemetary or grave site
coniin = amines acid
congrat = celebration or congratulation
cinq = five or 5
contessa = queen or duchess
conqestador = conquest
convo = converse or conversation
cepltia = carpel tundrel
copicilf = land elf
copte = helicopter, copter, computation or machine
coppa = copper or cop
cops = corpse
copsehhed = exploding corpse
carm = charm
corc = coerce
cors = course
corrupt = corruption or corrupt
curschizm = schitzophrenia cure
cavuasmuth = bad weather
covorto = convortion
cuvilusu = self-renewal
cuvulusu = can't compete
cevyey = cataract
cupicorrant = corruption
cupla = couple of
catarak = spider cat that has 8 legs and the body of a cat plus it eats dead meat and abilities of both
catuar = warcat or demon cat
cuttbeh = backstab
cuttnibeh = hamstring or cut behind knee
curs = curse
cuqyxemo = chilling armor or ice attack ranged assault armor
cycl = cycle
cyclo = cyclic or circling movement
cyclon = tornado
cyclonc = hurricane
cyclops = one eye storm giant
corrigan = faerie druidess able to steal children
cyroeraeth = banshee like spirit woman who gives death warning by a water splash near a crossroads or near a river
cystu = cystic, large growth or mature
cytro = control
cyvuelmer = superglue
cyvutn = conviction or group purpose determination
cyzun = unfailing
cyan = light yellow
cilfc = sea elf
cilfark = dark elf
cbauricl = crystal bird dragon oracle thats a prophetic dragon sized crystal bird
cbarr = crystal arrow
cboracl = crystal prophet or crystal being prophet
cdarlit = starlight
cdajcraft = stagecraft
cdcorrant = powerstorm or lightning storm
cdcorrantt = powerstormer
cdmit = powerstorm or lightning storm
cdmitt = powerstormer
ckin = choke or without air
clair = light
clairauro = glowlight
claire = glow or inner beauty
claquach = hydrochloric acid
clarity = removes and protects from mental afflictions
clairs = lightweight
claus = escape
clause = evasion or avoidance
cle = clair, enchant break or light
clar = declare
clarie = declare or overreact
clary = declare or overreact
cler = clear
clerup = clear up
cloaks = disguise or invisible
clan = family structure civilization
clans = many clans
claw = claw or curved rigidness
clawunt = clawhammer
clever = momentary insight action or insightful
clic = sealance
cliflep = cliffleapr lizard
closea = close up
clotin = clothing
clotz = clothes
clyntel = clientel or client
clb = close or closure
cmor = further on
chair = flesh
chocobo = pony sized wingless riding bird
chaff = confusion or metallic attractor
changeling = left in place deformed shapeshifting faerie children of human babes
chapitr = chapter
chapt = chapter or chapped lip
charles = independent
chart = a chart, graphing or charting
charta = charter
charter = rules list, ruleset or organization rules
che = car or vehicle transport
chehtah = human cheetah cat that can shapeshift into any form between human to
chernobyl = grand scale accident
chile = hot pepper
chiles = atlantean messenger pets
chili = chilli
champ = champion or champ
chichevache = thin bodied human face cow that fed on faithful wives
chimeras = she-goat or goat bodied lion head serpant tailed fire breathing creature
chinfox = an extroadinary fox with 800-1000 year life span fire striking tail future sight shapechanger that appears as a old man, young girl and a scholar plus counted as a trickster
kwa = chocolate
kwasa = hot chocolate
chlor = chloride
chlorium = chloride acid or clorox
chroma = shining surface or chrome
chrono = related time
chronom = chronometer or time meter
cmoisant = seem famous or movie star
craycod = computer code
cran = crane, cranberry or lift goods
creevy = obsessive
creevey = obsessive
crep = crisp or crispy
cretin = creature
criesef = automatic
criolok = cryogenic storage or cold storage locker
criolokmet = meat locker
cresfix = criosphinx or ram headed lion
crisps = chips
critiq = critique, review or overview
crahgau = crashguard
cranium = skull
crook = criminal or niche
crocotta = wolf dog size of a bull
crocottahu = human wolf dog that is extremely strong plus stands on two legs with thin grey wolf hair covering body and a wolf tail
croft = seeker or treasure
crok = butter
cruk = crook
crono = time
cronoli = timeline
crucry = critical event or momentous event
cruno = class or classroom
crunu = negative event
crusie = cruise or travel
crysauro = light crystal
crypt = cryptology or encryption
crystri = critical strike
cryt = craft or crypt
cryv = charged bolt or core shock ground travel electrical burst
cryekideth = banshee
crysalis = crystal creation
csst = cessant or ceasing action
cthuloid = mind flayer or illithid who live in deep places that have great mental powers, they would eat the minds of their victims( warshippers) but they also controlled the minds of key people so that they could one day call Cthulhu to return plus their greatest threat was in making anyone who met them go insane and you can get rid of them but not if they consider you a threat thru resistance
czajcryt = stagecraft
czarlit = starlight


da = day, sun, dart or that
de = the, deal, emphasis on, of or compromise
do = money, does, do, $ or objective
di = eat or consume
du = pay, down, dash, shake, duh or due
dy = make talk or dysposium

daa = father
dea = enforcement
dia = measure of
doa = a dare
dua = work or dual
dya = beget result or any idea

dae = day
dee = deed
die = dying, fate cast or dice
doe = female deer
due = due date
dye = just left

dai = kill
dei = die
dii = down
doi = disturb
dui = destroy or drive
dyi = unclear mind

dao = mantra that clears the mind or detection
deo = done with
dio = diode
doo = doable
duo = matched partnership
dyo = paired

dau = taunt
deu = duel
diu = indirect action
dou = pull down or decoy
duu = indecisive
dyu = beaten

day = a day or sun energy
dey = dazed or warmth
diy = next day or daily moments
doy = draw people and beasts, bring to childhood or childhood memories
duy = daybreak or working at
dyy = affects the future or brighter

dra = dray, draw or drab
dre = dread or nightmare
dri = ten parts
dro = droves or drove
dru = drew
dry = very dry

dab = dabble or spare time
deb = arguement
dib = end
dob = loafing around or waiting about
dub = record
dyb = dismiss

dac = succumb
dec = decease, decrease or nine
dic = author or authority
doc = informative writing
duc = flexible
dyc = softening

dad = father
ded = dead
did = don't or didn't
dod = stonehard dead
dud = deadly
dyd = killed

daf = daft or off kilter
def = defending or sleight of hand
dif = different or measure difference
dof = drink up
duf = misunderstand
dyf = idiot or provoke fight

dag = point or homosexuality
deg = number
dig = move into or site
dog = dependable or dog
dug = dig into
dyg = see thought

dah = that thing
deh = the idea
dih = dreaded thought
doh = my mistake
duh = exageration or stupid
dyh = feel guilty

daj = impale
dej = broadcast music
dij = dive to ground
doj = dojo or learning compound
duj = false vision
dyj = dejected

dak = leader
dek = dock
dik = dike or is dyke
dok = doctor or dr
duk = duke
dyk = dean

dal = dale or inhabited valley
del = deal
dil = in water or dial
dol = hands out
dul = duly or untiring
dyl = dilute

dam = lady or high priestess
dem = quality or inspect
dom = shield, shell, stupid or container
dim = darken, dime or dim
dum = doom
dym = make dim or cloak

dan = danish soldier or than
den = place of living, habitat or then
din = eat, didn't, did nothing or thin
don = make allowance, condone, done, don't or place on
dun = don't understand, didn't or ordinance
dyn = dynamic

dap = pleasure
dip = felt, burned
dep = feelings
dop = dopamine, pain killer or drug
dup = trick
dyp = lowering

daq = fruit alchohol drink or dacquiri
deq = dequed or removed from list
diq = dike or steep dip
doq = docked
duq = prince
dyq = dick

dar = dare or daring
der = there, dear, off to or deer
dir = dire
dor = door
dur = during or durable
dyr = key in

das = lead astray or thats
des = misfortune or these
dis = this
dos = measurement or those
dus = dues, escape, thus or dusk
dys = disjunction, make turned, or leave behind

dat = daytime or that
det = teeth
dit = small
dot = a dot
dut = dud
dyt = animal king

dav = guidance
dev = deviation
div = dive in or dive
dov = dove in or dove
duv = do again
dyv = division

daw = dawn or father
dew = mist or moisture coating
diw = amongst or with
dow = endow, empower with
duw = forseen or divined
dyw = fate

dax = ax cut or death blow
dex = dexterity or agility
dix = ten, 10th or tenth
dox = howl of pain
dux = dukes or punches
dyx = bodily remains

daz = daze
dez = these
diz = dies
doz = doze or fall asleep
duz = dues
dyz = description

dna = genetic makeup or genetic pattern
dne = dinner
dni = magical book writer or magical human
dno = dinosaur
dnu = denude or marked importance
dny = deny or denial

dact = wyvern
dect = sediment
dict = dictionary
doct = ship pier
duct = pliable or ductile
dyct = softener

dadg = significant point
dedg = dredge or important death
didg = forbidden
dodg = dodge
dudg = drudgery or hostile
dydg = deadened

dadn = foster father
dedn = alive
didn = did, have or am
dodn = vibrantly alive
dudn = undeadly
dydn = unkill

daff = crazy or wierdo
deff = defence
diff = difficult
doff = drinker
duff = beer or mouth water
dyff = stupid or idiotic family

damm = dam, damn or water blockage
demm = mourning month, oath month or lent
domm = shield device, collection, collect or large storage
dimm = fast memory chip, fast memory module or dimmer
dumm = dummy or dumb
dymm = dime or cloaking month

damn = damnation or tramp
demn = condemn or disbelieve
domn = unshield, unshielded, domination or no storage
dimn = slow memory chip, slow memory module or brighter
dumn = intelligent or intelligence
dymn = diamond or moment

dana = high priestess or dangerous to have
dena = dinner
dina = pigmy elephant
dona = put on or don't have
duna = sand dune
dyna = dynamic

dane = soldier or dangerous possibility
dene = decide to or whim
dine = eat/ate or belief
done = allow, let or don't even
dune = cliff rise or hill
dyne = instant relief

dani = danish soldier or dangerous intention
deni = refusal to believe in
dini = might of person
doni = donation of or don't know
duni = betrayed
dyni = paralyzation

dano = coverup or too dangerous
deno = denoting of events or gene
dino = dinosaur
dono = unkowing or don't know
duno = do not
dyno = didn't know

danu = a dark druid god, destruction god or usually dangerous
denu = delusion
dinu = very little
donu = sweet pastry or don't usually
dunu = forbidden or don't use
dynu = a lot larger

dany = denial
deny = to deny
diny = not do
dony = don't lie or don't know why
duny = tonight
dyny = wierd or why dangerous

dann = then, so or long
denn = uninhabitable or den
dinn = dinner
donn = unprepare
dunn = glimmer, sloppy or unorderly
dynn = flat

dasp = miscontrue or mislead
desp = desperate
disp = display
dosp = meter
dusp = lead out
dysp = shortage

dast = destined or dastard
dest = very
dist = distance
dost = concerned focus
dust = fate
dyst = succesful

dath = moved to motion
deth = death or deceased
dith = dither or wait out
doth = does
duth = ashes
dyth = lions

dala = wise one or druid
dela = daily or delay
dila = dilation or expansion
dola = dole out or pay more
dula = duration
dyla = long lasting

dale = enclosed area possible to live in
dele = remove from site
dile = crocodile
dole = lounge about, dollar or resting
dule = duty of the moment or momentary duty
dyle = go hunting, go with respect or hunt

dali = doing nothing
deli = open market, food court or delivery
dili = while the
doli = moon
duli = dullness
dyli = boredom

dalo = day is over and night falls or daybreak
delo = deal with
dilo = call out
dolo = deal out
dulo = misty or call mist
dylo = manifest

dalu = overwhelm or deluge
delu = lead falsely or lead astray
dilu = dilution, dilute or purification
dolu = find things or locate
dulu = to overcome or overcome
dylu = strengthen

daly = chat about or daily
dely = deal
dily = delay
doly = fray, frayed or fraying
duly = hard work or dutiful
dyly = snappish or outrage

dall = hope
dell = pact
dill = pickle
doll = a doll or woman
dull = sturdy or dull
dyll = filter

dava = goddess
deva = angelic being or god servant
diva = diver
dova = large explosion or detonation
duva = bird
dyva = divertive

dave = invention
deve = developing
dive = diving into
dove = white dove or peace bird
duve = go for help
dyve = patronoch or guardian spirit

davi = debit or money owed
devi = devising or inventing
divi = getting into
dovi = peace
duvi = doubts for
dyvi = gentle

davo = work in
devo = devotion
divo = flee to
dovo = in flight
duvo = famed
dyvo = sympathy or refugee

davu = prosperity
devu = growth
divu = deterrant
dovu = material
duvu = insistance
dyvu = detriment or progres

dawg = dog
dewg = swept forward
diwg = dig deep
dowg = been there seen that done that
duwg = friend
dywg = becalm or calming

dhaa = rise out of or come out of
dhea = great pride
dhia = improve or increase
dhoa = hope
dhua = prideful of
dhya = feel

dhae = desire for
dhee = deem needed
dhie = grasping for
dhoe = door
dhue = necessity for
dhye = dry

dhai = dying for
dhei = beyond
dhii = seek
dhoi = travels to
dhui = options
dhyi = sacrifice

dhao = mountain or safe
dheo = pass or path
dhio = hiking
dhoo = struggle
dhuo = climbing
dhyo = erosion or crumbling

dhau = move down or safe harbor
dheu = bring downwards
dhiu = fall
dhou = gauging, calculation
dhuu = ground
dhyu = steady

dhay = on foot
dhey = day
dhiy = midnight or middle of the night
dhoy = tornado
dhuy = currents
dhyy = tide

dram = measured amount or measured weight
drem = dream
drim = dreamed up or set in idea
drom = droning on or low rumbling
drum = drumming
drym = set in dream

draw = draw on
drew = wreck
driw = ten layer
drow = dark elf
druw = drew
dryw = crisp

djan = instant clean
djen = instant enticement
djin = air being that wish grants like jinn
djon = instant departure
djun = instant spring
djyn = djinni or jinn

daafyg = fatherly
daeg = increase or growth
daovao = truth detection serum
dauta = daughter
deaf = deafness
dean = overseer, principal, coordinator or purveyer
deity = god, greater being or goddess
diamu = spacial energy shifter people that can meld any part on themselves or form any part melded on themselves who like work gangs plus are spacial gaurdians
diamuhu = spacial energy human people that can meld any part on themselves or form any part melded on themselves who like work gangs plus are spacial gaurdians
doetmi = department
doetmijus = justice department or police department
doit = make attempt
dodo = pretty feathered large wingless back leg ostrich-like bird
duiy = dictionary
dye = base color
dabbar = hectic activity or frenzy
doberman = man headed dog or calf sized dog
daxunt = blunt death blow
doze = doze off
doku = document
dokus = document
dactodet = dragons teeth or multiple attack enemy teeth
dactomern = dragon sea elf
dactonesti = dragonesti or elven dragon shifter
dactonaa = nether dragon or dragon lich
dactondlum = human dragon undead
dactor = golden dragon
dactorelm = dragon realm
dactosidh = faery dragon
dactowyv = wyvern
durouy = decrepify or brief mortality aged glimpse
datuon = polymorpher dragon unicorn with unicorn dragon true form that has dragon fear, purifying cleansing horn, psi horn amplified mind and healing aura.
detuon = immortal manticore that has hawk wings lions head eagle backfeet lion forefeet.
decor = decoration
deflam = unflammable or the flame
detanka = giant roc-like dragon sized phoenix with 1700 year lifespan and lethal breath plus dragon tail dahu = human duck or human with a duck bill mouth, webbed feet and a feathered human torso
dahuemy = animalistic duck human or animal torsoed duck headed human lower half with webbed feet plus entirely feathered human body
duwgnat = friendly nature
duhe = instinct or instinctual
duhicy = device or machine
dakuemy = animal torsoed duck headed humanlike furry lower half with furred feet creatue
slo = snake or slow
dioy = deodorant, scent blocker or clean smell
diction = dictionary
dictomy = dictionary, tell or preaching
dija = did you
dagda = inexhaustible goods cauldron
daja = inexhaustible goods cauldron
digo = market
digos = animal form
darth = dread lord
detritus = trash or litter
dilbert = food habit or eating habit
danewar = warfare
daniel = tolerant
dannym = soldierlike
dannymy = enemy
denizen = citizen or place belonger
dancer = movement flow
danny = soldier or baking
dansk = danish
danska = will you
danka = thank you
danx = thanks
dimnal = calm nerve or smooth flow
dinanniael = calm nerve
daska = pack leader
dosn = doesn't or does not
dozn = baker's dozen, dozen or raisin bread
debark = unload ship or unboard ship
decano = magic god
diactual = did actually, realization or actually
dingaling = buffoon or mistaken fool
descry = see, look upon, describe or description
despot = important figure
disapa = artistic, artist or autistic
disipa = dissipate or disappear
dati = inclusion or that includes
detox = remove toxicity or clean off poison
deutsch = germany or germanic
duergar = dark dwarf
doken = power blast
depta = cancel
deptha = cancel
dipta = dipthong or sentence
diptha = dipthong
dopily = truth drug
dozer = to fall asleep
daelan = duty master
deamek = passive enforcement
deux = 2 or two
doulod = download
doulodin = downloading
dous = douse
douz = 12 or twelve
dodge = dodger or personal dodge
dagar = man headed shark
dagon = fish man
dagaro = evil one or necromancer
daegon = shapeshifter human with 4 legs that are arms and has hand feet plus dragon magic ability or day gone by
dapluiga = doppleganger or invisible human shadow self that gives advice to friends or takes the form plus experience of the victim before it takes the victims place
doppleganger = double walker
dalienat = further example
delienat = explain further
dilyth = dylithium, power crystal or self regenerative power crystal
dilbert = food habit, conservatist or eating habit
dillon = fighter or gunslinger
dama = demand, daemon or demonic god messenger
daemon = god messenger or neutral demon
damas = overseer or important daemon
daemonius = overseer or important daemon
dema = demon or servant demand
demon = self consuming energy being
demethia = excitable pleasure
demetri = valiant
demetrius = bold
demetrikou = valience
dimansti = dimmernesti or sea-elf
dimvis = dim vision or blinding dark silence sphere
dank = dank or thank
danann = goddess danu or glorious priestess
dannyt = baker
dendan = gigantic black fish that die with human touch
dendrit = nerve
dendritunym = nervous system
dendrobates = poisonous arguement
detpast = tooth paste
dimens = dimension
dendrobites = biting down
dentin = mouthwash
dome = energy shield or magic diversion to absorb physical harm as energy.
domcb = crystal shield or spacial shield allowing the person spacial exploration
domlas = laser shield that blocks any type laser absorbing shot energy into skin
donwa - reborn
donwan - reduce, reduction, collapse, steady or steadyness
dunno = don't know
dutrod = down the road or years away
dollar = dollar, bank note or paper money
dolphinate = dolphin
dylogeb = earth force
dyns = dimension
dastard = bastard
destitut = destitute, poor or poverty stricken
depot = depot, storage, storage deployment or storage area
diheus = did he use or usage
diheusm = he used me or user
disintegrat = disintegrate or instant death
doseq = equate or equation
detaom = dragonform
detted = dlet or delete
ditwok = did it work, did that work, did the work or
did this work
dutch = date or couple
develin = forget me
devotee = devoted, follower or goal oriented
devuspe = fast growth
divoc = divorce
divavem = dream dive, dream place or mine (mineral)
divavemt = dream diver or miner
divinorum = power heightener, power herb or plant of power
divalg = math problem
divalgt = mathematician
divelg = elegance or elegant
divulg = give info
divulgt = informant
divarg = start argument
divargt = arguer
diverg = diverge, split away or divergent
divergt = repel
divurg = nudge or impulse
divurgt = controller
dovunte = weld material
dovuntet = welder
dowager = inheritor
dazl = dazzle, impression or impress
duigid = driver
duival = devil
duchec = pay check
dudu = doodoo or shit
djuqtgaie = quicksand
dhoyc = hurricane
dlet = delete or erasure
dnd = dungeons or dice game
drao = dragon firelich able to manipulate elemental fire and made of fire particles
drau = fire drake or red dragon
draupnir = drop dead
dracae = shapechanging water spirits that form into dishes that float a river to tempt women into being dragged down to the river bottom
draco = dragon will
drahiu = dragon firelich or drao
dragonsbane = creative death or dragon poison
dragonsbanealahan = artistic death or deadly artist
drak = dragon
draken = female dragon or octopus like squid giant 350' in size compatible with dragons
draku = draggy
drano = drain opener
drapeau = flag
drapeaun = country flag
drapeauvown = patriotic flag
dremi = dream walker
dremdiv = dream dive or dream place
dremdivt = dream diver
drop = drip or drop
druid = careful people helper
drasnia = drastic nature
drasnian = spying people or spy
drizz'll = relentless scourge
drizzt = undefeatable or noble warrior
dryyfaa = dragonfeather or tough fire retardant feather
dryyflua = dragonflower or tough curative flower
dvinci = inventor
dwight = incline, impulse or inclination
dwit = dwight
dwitt = dull wit or dumb
dziwozongi = forest wild women that attack lone humans while sometimes act like fairies


fa = commanding
fe = iron, feminine or fetus
fi = end point
fo = foe, for or progressive
fu = fuck, fire or few
fy = defiant, commandeer, feeder fleas or take over movement

faa = fost off, go now, father, feather or push off
fae = faring or advice
fai = faith
fao = unconvincing
fau = fault or laying blame
fay = manipulate or manipulation

fea = feast or feeder
fee = feet
fei = feint
feo = young
feu = feud
fey = fairy, sidh or faery

fia = divorce, flubber or high bounce rubberish material
fie = fiery or fighty
fii = question or query
fio = continuance
fiu = finish
fiy = disturb

foa = foal or female horse
foe = archenemy
foi = foible
foo = fool
fou = fowl or foul
foy = uncontrolled reaction or foyer

fua = sex
fue = minerals or fuel
fui = giving up
fuo = threw outward
fuu = fuck you
fuy = why this?

fya = admit
fye = dismissal
fyi = inform or informer
fyo = forbidden
fyu = present or gift
fyy = usurp or defiance

fab = fabricate
feb = feeble or weakness
fib = while or cover it up
fob = phobia, give way or fearful
fub = mistakes
fyb = make existant or materialize

fac = group or facial
fec = face or show
fic = made up
foc = area collection or focal
fuc = gain momentum or sexual peak
fyc = gain from past

fad = fade or fading
fed = feed or feeding
fid = finding
fod = folding or fodder
fud = food
fyd = incite to eat

faf = thief
fef = fifty
fif = fighty
fof = fluff or forfeit
fuf = downy or fluffy
fyf = fairy moth

fag = respect, fag or manlover
feg = baby
fig = down fall, model or figure
fog = a fog or growth
fug = bring ruin
fyg = a fig or figure

fah = deject
feh = fetch
fih = steal or filch
foh = cause
fuh = blaze, ground follow flame or follower
fyh = fib or lie

faj = fabulous
fej = metal stock, metal file or pregnancy
fij = reason
foj = phobia
fuj = fudge
fyj = defiance or group defiant defense

fak = pleasure or fake
fek = body stink odorous, pete or fecal
fik = sulk, continuance, flick, good end or fickle
fok = folk, folk tale, body, fork or bodily
fuk = sex or fuck
fyk = orgasm or deformed spirit

fal = fail
fel = feel
fil = file or record
fol = fold or fool
ful = full
fyl = lead

fam = fame or famine
fem = feminine
fim = spiritual flame
fom = foam
fum = foom or fumble
fym = traitor or long term defiance

fan = airblow or cool down
fen = fend off or ultimate defense
fin = find or end
fon = phone, telepathic or crystal communication
fun = playing around or joking
fyn = fin or fish transform

fap = flap or sideflap
fep = iron golem or iron human
fip = personal end
fop = flop or failure
fup = foop!
fyp = flip

faq = fact list
feq = frequent or freed
fiq = silent dissapearance
foq = quiet down or silencer
fuq = blue fire or magic fire
fyq = passive resistant

far = fare, fair or ones state of mind
fer = preferred to or as to
fir = firing or on fire
for = foriegn or new to
fur = furious or in hatred of
fyr = magical fire or life energy

fas = fast
fes = feast
fis = fiesty
fos = foster or come up with
fus = push
fys = fist

fat = fat or content table
fet = feet or feat
fit = fight
fot = float
fut = foot
fyt = fit

fav = favorite or select
fev = fever
fiv = cut scene or end view
fov = favor or favorable
fuv = full view
fyv = conspiracy

faw = fault
few = few
fiw = prophesy, melt or end depiction
fow = fowl, foul or bad taste
fuw = feud or feudal
fyw = death cause

fax = fake or sent image communication
fex = extra strong
fix = dragged on
fox = fox
fux = few extra
fyx = mule headed or very stubborn

faz = phase
fez = feasible or prospect
fiz = fizzle or not work
foz = to phase or foes
fuz = fuzz, fuzzy or muddle
fyz = rebellion or rebellious

fla = flaw, flame or flavor
fle = flea, fletch or flee
fli = fleeing
flo = flow
flu = mostly or flow
fly = a fly

fra = fray
fre = fret or free
fri = lost something
fro = from
fru = frustrated
fry = fry or frying

fall = fall or fallacy
fell = fell
fill = fill or fill up
foll = follow
full = fullness, fully or full up
fyll = stupidity, block or file

fana = find out
fena = phenominal
fina = final
fona = speak
funa = luck
fyna = blessing or bless

fane = fan the interest or intrigue
fene = conflict or momentous event
fine = final, finished or the end
fone = gather or collecting
fune = acting
fyne = finely done

fani = show or feign
feni = play at
fini = finding or to find
foni = refined
funi = be seen
fyni = improve

fano = fame
feno = fortune
fino = popularity
fono = physical wealth
funo = support
fyno = finals

fanu = rich or lots of wealth
fenu = personal gain or if you knew
finu = notoriety or reputation
fonu = physical gain or connection to
funu = likable or if who knew
fynu = if I knew him

fany = maniacal
feny = physical manifestation
finy = future visions
fony = phony
funy = laughter
fyny = make believable

fand = cause destruction
fend = ultimate engager or ultimate attack
find = destructive end or explosive ending
fond = desire or longing
fund = currency or funding
fynd = find

fang = fang
feng = deflect
fing = finger
fong = long range send or thong
fung = fungus
fyng = whale

fant = faint
fent = feint or fend off
fint = locate, location, track down, good attempt or grandstand
font = fount, fountain, foundation or type face
funt = tease, hang back, having fun, classic joke or play tough
fynt = fish, shark, whale or sea creature

farc = farsight
ferc = fierce
firc = explosive
forc = force
furc = furcadia, beastial or animalistic display
fyrc = fire arc or arch of fire

farn = fallen or vampiric angel
fern = palm tree or fern plant
firn = fireproof
forn = not for or against
furn = furniture
fyrn = magic flame or blueflame

furra = glamourous
furre = animal person
furri = activist or shear
furro = shed or shedding
furru = fur coat
furry = fur all over or furry

flar = flaring, warning toward or ignition
fler = no inclination or moving away
flir = flyer or runner
flor = floor or punch out
flur = sewer or underground stream
flyr = make run

fraa = result
frea = freak or indivisual person
fria = friction
froa = conflicting view
frua = change
frya = hurry up now

frae = fray or fighting people
free = fighter
frie = motion of or be a friend
froe = weapon
frue = inflictive or gouging
frye = become frightened

frai = politics
frei = player
frii = maneuvering
froi = pieces
frui = goverment
fryi = affects population

frao = frailty or fragile
freo = people
frio = uncertainty
froo = overuse or too much
fruo = going too far
fryo = fry out

frau = female, fraud, closing or push away
freu = pull to
friu = peace of mind
frou = upward movement
fruu = protection
fryu = take away freedom

fray = fight
frey = pause fight
friy = friday
froy = pieces
fruy = fruity
fryy = area departure

frad = conclusion
fred = smooth going, tweak, alfred or serviceman
frid = friday, 5th, fifth, item or lost thing
frod = intuition
frud = frustrate
fryd = confusion

fraday = day of harrying or horror day
freday = day of freedom
friday = lost things day
froday = getting away day
fruday = frustration day
fryday = frying food day or fast food day

frasc = discrimination
fresc = refresh
frisc = great risk
frosc = ice turn
frusc = great wariness
frysc = cautious

frash = thrash about
fresh = very clean
frish = skittish or not all there
frosh = frothy, frosty or froth
frush = fruppish or frustrative
frysh = fried

frask = disaster
fresk = woman transform
frisk = body search
frosk = security risk
frusk = worry or frustration
frysk = frisian or security search

friska = active body search or whisker
friske = cat or strip body
friski = cat fur
frisko = throw up
frisku = strip search
frisky = dry cat food or cat nip

fiaum = fanaticism or group zealous strike
feak = freak
feat = a trained ability
fehu = radiation, cattle or material wealth
felina = active cat
feline = energy cat thats true form be energy but appears normal or astral cat
felini = cooked cat
felino = demon cat that projects horror vision in minds with alternate demon wraith form
felinu = feline buttox
feliny = wild ninja cat shapeshifter of fey birth in human body that takes shape of any human the size of a small child with cat features
foiund = wrongfullly understood or miscontent
fyia = fignia, figment or figurative
faery = dark faery or dark fey that love causing fear and disruption
fain = king
fairy = light fairy or light fey that work to aid humankind
faun = deer legs ears tail and handsome male face body
foeva = forever
faelc = hawk sight, sighted hawk or hawk sighting
faelk = dead hawk or dying hawk
faelp = hawker or hawk handler
faelsky = skyhawk or hawk flight
faelt = hawk prey or hawk target
fail = failure or stone
foil = foil or thin metal sheet
foilal = aluminum foil
foot = pay for
fouet = whip
fiance = engaged woman or bride
faction = society group
feda = feeder
fedafle = feeder flea
faqt = rock
fachen = feather tufted chest center mangled hand growth angled leg body growth forehead center eye creature from genetic mutation that kills victims
fich = thief
foci = focus
fehoc = iron maiden or self infliction of targets attack
fuhu = human phoenix that has human legs and webbed feet, vibrant winged small feather covered human torso, human head and arms with clawlike human hands, asexual and phoenix-like ability to come back plus healing tears and regeneration
faka = fickle, thank, slimeball or fuckoff
fakau = thank you, go fuckoff or your fickle
faktes = fictitious
fawk = forest hawk
fawke = phoenix
fekai = you, your, odor eater or stinky
feta = feather or feature
faales = featureless or featherless
faalesbud = featherless bird or skin bird without feathers
faaleshedd = feather molt or feather loss
fokua = poke
fuey = martial art
fuin = exception, gift or rarity
feyark = dark fairy
feyc = sea fairy who take any typical fish, dolphin form to aid ships and are fed some fish off the boat
feylor = fey knowledge
fallen = fallen vampiric angel
felin = cat
felinaua = big cat
felouny = cat that steals anything it gets near of value to collect in private hoard or cat burglar
felintoad = toad cat that has poisonous underbelly excretion
fillatly = fill again or refill
foll = folley or foolish mistake
femajik = antimagic
femell = female
femine = feminine
femur = leg bone
faiki = mastermind that is a formless many body part demon capable of absorbing other beings to reform them as puppet forms at will
fantine = friendly farmer fairy
fenoderee = supernaturally strong faerie house servant man-sized
feng-huang = three legged sun alive phoenix with pheasent head and peacock feathers
fepe = energy iron golem from any scrap metal
figur = figure, possible form or form
figurt = figurine or miniature statue
filet = network
fire = firey or glare
foyer = closet or drawer
fuil = fire will or fiery temper
fuyh = rift
fuyhpyro = fire rift or firegate
fuhou = heed me or obey me
fully = more fully
fulst = first
feriss = building instruction
fomlu = formless
fulu = formless
forte = expertise
fotyi = fortitude, armored protection, fortune or fortification
fowl = fowl, bad tasting bird or bad taste
fumee = smoke
fumeeuyf = smoke scent
finipotn = find potion
finit = end enchanment or find item
funykou = comedian
funypag = comics
fynaunt = undead kill returning spiritual hammer
fynaim = blessed aim or spiritually guided hit
fupy = firepit or frumpy
firfyr = electrical fire
fury = furie or furious
furcseh = furcadia client or animal display client
furcserv = furcadia server
furr = fur or animal skin
furreseh = animal person client or furcadia client
fyrbarr = magical fireball
faat = fatherly
fata = father
fatta = rotound or fatter
futon = furniture, couch or chair
favour = raw metal or ore
fuvap = fire vampire
flaa = increased energy potency
flae = flare
fleu = pneumonia
fli = flock
fliluky = flock together or gather together
flua = flower
flag = flag
flamel = inventor, invention or wild flame
flammel = flammable
flammelunn = unflammable or not flammable
flakes = worsen, make favor or make flaw
fleur = flower
flubber = buoyant bounce or high bounce universal power material like rubber
fluden = flood
fludl = flood
fludplan = floodplain
flunie = universal energy flow
flur = floor
flurpli = floorplan
flusip = fellowship
flush = suck down
flusher = suction
fract = fraction
fracta = fractional, dimension shield or break apart
fractal = world within world, dejavue or same pattern repeat
fractas = crumbly, crumble or resistance
fractos = repeatable pattern
francais = french
frande = candy
frazl = frazzle, distress or disturb
frazldazl = fractious scenic display
francin = abnoxious voice
francine = abnormal voice
francinn = pleasant woman voice
freao = cold or freeze
freborn = born without tribe, elf wanderer or land elf
fric = french
front = up place, up close or in place
frontier = interactive wilderness or new frontier
frien = friend
friandis = candy
frodo = self-creative, self-inclined or self-adaptive
froga = frog, frogger or toad
frogger = jumper toad
fros = frost
frosnov = frost nova or large group slowing ice cold expanding ring
frli = freely


ga = ingenious, gubraithian, everlast or gallium
ge = get or germanium
gi = practical or geas
go = guide
gu = project
gy = fame

gaa = concern or gather
gea = geas or control
gia = guidance
goa = interaction, business or go away
gua = make up
gya = star

gae = life
gee = happy
gie = relaxation or relax
goe = eating out or go away
gue = worth or worthiness
gye = shame

gai = gaudy
gei = gay or happiness
gii = spirit guide
goi = guardian
gui = interface or talk
gyi = infamous

gao = gaol, medieval jail, gator or dungeon
geo = prisoner, world or planet
gio = imprisionment or arrest
goo = garment
guo = torment
gyo = infamy

gau = cop, police, guard or guarding
geu = enforce or up keep
giu = keep peace
gou = gout, gouge or niche
guu = catch in the act
gyu = philosophy

gay = happy
gey = geyser
giy = practice or gallon
goy = go away or gargoyle
guy = projection
gyy = infirmary or hospital room

gab = gay girl, happy girl or lesbian
geb = earth, dirt or ground
gib = inner glow
gob = roundish
gub = grubby
gyb = light within

gad = genious
ged = reduced
gid = guide
god = gode stone, find (source, place, location) or divine
gud = good
gyd = request reduction

gaf = old one or elder
gef = directions
gif = well located
gof = guided to
guf = mental image
gyf = tourist attraction

gag = to gag
geg = earn
gig = sturdy or billion
gog = destiny
gug = grandeur
gyg = grace

gah = gasp of horror or give up attempt
geh = heat generation
gih = heat
goh = heat duct
guh = heat blast
gyh = melt

gal = gale force
gel = compose or made up of
gil = persuasive
gol = set purpose or goal
gul = ghoul or paralyzing
gyl = gills, goodall or breath water

gan = gain, going or gaining
gen = birth
gin = birthplace
gon = gone
gun = goon
gyn = shot, bullet or shooting

gap = gap
gep = get up
gip = gripe
gop = goto place
gup = goop
gyp = power user

gaq = astute
geq = astound
giq = indicate
goq = prod
guq = pause
gyq = high up

gar = daring or guard
ger = raise
gir = plot
gor = gore
gur = gurney or plan
gyr = expect

gas = brilliance or go
ges = geese
gis = geiser
gos = goosebump or ghost
gus = goose
gys = gist or nuance

gat = gator or gate
get = get or giant
git = move on, idiot, glimmer or glint
got = goat
gut = gut or good
gyt = famous

gav = gave or gavel
gev = given
giv = jive or living place
gov = govern or governer
guv = groove or groovy
gyv = give

gaw = gawd
gew = gewy, jelly or gel
giw = give warning or alert
gow = family meal or gown
guw = green house or guru
gyw = fairly warn

gax = evil, inimical or omnipotent
gex = geek or computer specialist
gix = extra effort or more effort
gox = gawk
gux = extra project
gyx = extra fame

gaz = gaze or stare at
gez = geez or give a break
giz = guise, concealment or disguise
goz = goes or gone
guz = guzzle or drink down
gyz = gizmo, device or devise

gla = glaze or grazing field
gle = glee
gli = glitch
glo = glow
glu = glue together
gly = lose experience

gra = gray or gram
gre = increase or greed
gri = grievance
gro = mature or grow
gru = give sign
gry = given freely, garage or inside parking lot

gadd = gad!
gedd = alleviate
gidd = councillor
godd = god
gudd = duty
gydd = slack, reduction or adjust down

galp = gallop
gelp = makeup
gilp = persuader or conniver
golp = personal desire
gulp = swallow
gylp = human gills or water breathing

garm = clothes or garment
germ = germ
girm = statistic
gorm = issue
gurm = schedule
gyrm = expectation or exploit

garn = garnet
gern = flat
girn = senseless
gorn = horn
gurn = ground laid or wounded person carry
gyrn = directionless, uninvite or unexpected

gash = cut
gesh = might
gish = good luck
gosh = shame or shameful
gush = rush out, free flow or overflow
gysh = provoke, provacation or told

gras = grass
gres = grease or slick
gris = grey
gros = gross
grus = slow growth
grys = slow motion

gran = wheat
gren = green
grin = grind
gron = groan
grun = ground
gryn = grin

glab = pasture
gleb = tension
glib = not evident
glob = world
glub = pieces
glyb = restoration

glac = glacier, frozen solid or glacial
glec = creep or onrush
glic = scrape or scoop
gloc = blocks or solid ice
gluc = break down, good luck or sugar
glyc = glimmer, powerful one or crack

glag = choke
gleg = gleeful
glig = expect
glog = light
glug = drink or consume
glyg = great loss

glak = ruined land
glek = perky
glik = solution
glok = die out
gluk = good luck, certainty or greeting of acknowledgement
glyk = seal

gath = give and take or sybolic
geth = get from
goth = construction
gith = gain entrance or elven warrior
guth = gain from
gyth = gryphon

garl = garble or gargle
gerl = bad girl or gerble
girl = lover, girlfriend or love
gorl = gorge or stuff yourself
gurl = girl, good link, working link or guerilla
gyrl = point location

gawn = midday or day gone
gewn = strewn about or wreck
giwn = undeclared or unwarned
gown = dress
guwn = goon, bad boy or bad example
gywn = owner or unfair advantage

gaaa = gaffer or old person
gaie = sand
gaik = roc-like giant hawk
gael = gaelic
gaelic = gaelic or druidic language
gaud = gaudy or extravagent
gayaa = planetary ship
geac-b = remote control or distance control
geed = greed, merchant, depth or greedy
geoi = high gravity
geu = low gravity
geuo = medium gravity
geuoy = medium-high gravity
geulo = medium-low gravity
geop = population or populace
geoss = time sphere
giau = gold god or immortal
goober = idiot
guil = guile, deception or deceit
guikidd = parent or indecent
gabrielle = angel or angelic
guba = idiot
goddwib = god focus
goddwibt = paladin or god channeler
geko = gecko or lizard
goku = child leader or natural leader
gala = galactic
galen = sword or blade
galenvamp = vampiric sword
gang = street group or work group
gelopin = old latin
geld = money
gelding = bank note or coinage
gall = pleasure
golem = golem or live magical material construct
golembli = blood golem or self-replenish owner refresh life share golem
golemt = atlantean government
golt = atleantian enforcer or golem
goltbli = blood golem or self-replenish owner refresh life share golem
gemynat= naturally understand
genuf = good enough
genum = dna structure or genetic structure
gomen = your pardon, declining, dismissal (something) or permission
gara = able mind
garag = garage or inside parking lot
garen = guaranteed failure, unique or unpredictable
garion = innocence
gary = open, openess or misconcept
garysodiar = open heart
garret = choke cord
geran = , geranium, transfusion metal, transphase metal or radioactive metal
geranium = transphase material
geranach = geranium acid or transphase acid
gerard = restorer, repairer or restoration
geroff = getoff or drive away
giraff = horse deer with long neck horse torso deer head creature
gusher = rapid flow or guyser
gata = gather or gater
gater = enact action
gato = gator
gator = aligator
gatll = open gate
gatt = gattling gun, achieve or achievement
ganuevar = planar large cat that lives in the primal plane of existence at the masters whim and in any large cat shape plus it acts the guard
ganyuer = get anywhere, achievement or achieve
gantika = human giant phoenix is 10 feet tall with giant vibrant wings giant feet human body torso and legs plus two arms ending in clawlike hands, this giant can come back to life after it dies reborn of itself and regenerate
gatsca = scapegoat, person excuse or blamed person
gytrash = road spirit
gazon = lawn
geldoxt = financial
gollum = treasure seeker
gulon = fox tailed lion hyena
gamma = gamma radiation
gemy = understand
gimbold = calm during chaos
gimly = forger or creative smith
gimlir = corrupted mage or magical corruption
gandalf = wandering mage or wanderer
ganryou = content
gantou = sugar content or sugary
ginny = virginia or purist
genesis = artful creation
genno = generate oxygen
gend = make truth or wrend
gunn = small but powerful or gun
gent = gentlemen, noble or gentleman
genkyokou = sagelike immortal time linked god servant shapeshifter with 4 arms 2 legs, womanish breast, giant strength, enigma, 1000's powers, magic immunity, high iq and anything said happens by this human hybrid
geyser = rapid spray
guyser = rapid upflow
george = dependable or gorgeous
gewebe = tissue
gewebepap = tissue paper
gifu = gift or partnership
guina = adrenal gland
goodall = thief family or goodwill
ganesha = 4 armed pot bellied elephant man
garuda = great bird with an eagles beak and wings with a human body, white face
gargantua = large giant
garm = 4 eyed blood splattered black dog scarlet wings golden body
garter = gardener
gather = come together
gorou = very hairy or werewolf
gorgon = medusa or live snake hair scaly nesck boar tusk golden handed bronze winged human woman
gyrion = strongest living man with 3 joined body, 6 arms plus 6 hands
gyrnt = unexpected result
gabezu = shark elf human
gabrezu = horse dragon human
govannen = ruler, burden or ruling party
gflyn = remember
gflynn = not remember
glabezu = glamourous being or angelic
glabrezu = being of mariad ages or ageless being
glacee = beard
gletroe = glacial spike or freezing exploding ice shard
glitroa = globetrotter or world explorer
gletroa = treasure collect
glyph = rune
gnee = genesis or artful creation
gnome = earth elemental or wise dwarf able to find metal plus meld into trees
gnosis = knowledge
ghaiz = stone
ghafw = storm
ghafwmit = powerstorm, thunderstorm or lightning storm
ghafwmitt = powerstormer or energy channeler
gjwwai = summon
gpaxf = shower
graiar = open heart
gracilf = gray elf
grach = geranium acid or transfuser acid
grad = gradient or grade
gremlin = a 3 foot teddy bear goblin like creature that reproduces at night when fed but appears very sweet natured as a pet with greenish skin or brownish fur
grandauta = granddaughter
grey = medium tone
grecian = greek
grek = greek
grekfud = greek food
grekpyro = greek fire
grendel = giant man monster who is a babylon shapeshifter
grex = greece
grios = gold collection or bank
gryf = trial by error or gryffyndor
graph = graphical
gringotts = gold collection or bank
gral = grail, drink cup or goblet
growy = wing growth
gruoz = windspeed
gruozx = high windspeed
gruui = rain
gruuica = rain forest
grtz = congrats
gsutoreln = rock spire
gteal = rock wall
gtuleht = skin dancer or skin shifter
gtuln = new skin or scab
gpuzre = shield
gpuzreunsozfol = energy shield
gpuzrecalam = fire shield
gwyllion = ugly female faery that take a goat form and make travellors lost


ha = depiction or to
he = heat, helium, hair or light
hi = marked or hand
ho = wonder, homium, how, woman, fire spirit, heliopath or wonderous
hu = heighten, human, helio, who, being or fire
hy = crossing over, find your way or high

haa = realization
hea = heal
hia = energy release
hoa = hold up
hua = balancing
hya = meet

hae = hey
hee = get a move on or open
hie = highly,
hoe = plow
hue = shade of color
hye = hyena, wild werewolf or evil trickster

hai = agree or honey ant
hei = elevate
hii = trust
hoi = throw up
hui = hurling or throw at a distance
hyi = exchange

hao = healthy
heo = heal, helio or fire
hio = hail
hoo = aim or horror
huo = minute
hyo = divert

hau = possession, good or are
heu = hour or hello
hiu = chop to pieces, chop up, shapeshifting fire being that controls wildfire
hou = how, belonging to or house
huu = ground
hyu = phase

hay = straw bundled or straw
hey = greeting
hiy = hand shake or kiss on cheek
hoy = grabbing attention, fire fey that are wild fire beings or hoist
huy = throw outward
hyy = high or highly

hab = living, lyer or hasbeen
heb = translate
hib = sleep within
hob = hobble or break on purpose
hub = see all
hyb = hide in or cross between

hac = hack, go forth, visualize or picture
hec = infrared view, explosion or light burst
hic = hick, hillbilly, explosive or painted scene
hoc = hockey, miracle, miraculous, see how, find out or maiden
huc = sense, sea storm, huck, hockey stick or raised ocean level
hyc = transition, transitional, high tide or high charge

had = duty, judgement, reduction, destruction or deduction
hed = heed, expand, expansion, focused heat, heat wave, explosion or power light
hid = hide, coin, bank note, dollar or less value
hod = hold, held, control, trial, servant, destruct, thought out, think or curious
hud = extrude, extract, sensual height, lower level, deadness or disturb
hyd = slavery, bondage, charged reduction, criminal, low price, dip. high debt, or mass destruction

haf = have or half
hef = heft or hefty
hif = fly high or highflyer
hof = hoff or scoff
huf = hoof
hyf = drug effect, high time or royalty

hag = witch shapeshifter who for being loners drives off people or manipulates them for pleasure
heg = hedge or panic pause
hig = high up
hog = hog or male pig
hug = huge
hyg = high ground

hak = not funny or dead serious
hek = dark
hik = hike, hawk or long walk
hok = hock or slightly untrue
huk = hook
hyk = hicky or skin blemish

hal = hale
hel = heal or heel
hil = while
hol = hole
hul = heightened sense
hyl = hill

ham = disparage or harm
hem = hamper or lurch
him = sear
hom = home, helm, helmet or relax
hum = being, good humor or humid
hym = ritual song or him

han = underwear, hear me out, hermion, handle or hand
hen = very or good
hin = behind or hind leg
hon = hone
hun = red hewwing fish, hoon or hewn
hyn = hint or hinder

hap = happened
hep = heaped
hip = hype
hop = hope
hup = hoop
hyp = hip

har = laughing
her = her or here
hir = hire or higher
hor = horror or horrid
hur = hurdle
hyr = adhere

has = haze
hes = murky or slowness
his = high score
hos = hose or horse
hus = slower or sluggish
hys = his

hat = hate
het = heating or branch of study
hit = height
hot = in heat or hot
hut = owl
hyt = a hit

hav = have or protection
hev = heaving
hiv = hive or connected awareness
hov = levitate or hover
huv = suck into
hyv = wilt, drying out or storing

haw = laugh
hew = cut
hiw = hail
how = bone, howl or greet
huw = pull or towards
hyw = gravity

hax = descriptive or extreme
hex = hex or extra helium
hix = upraise or hike up
hox = hoax or false
hux = hook or nature child
hyx = extra high or rare air

haz = whoozy
hez = contained helium or helium tank
hiz = hello or high resolution
hoz = hose
huz = whose
hyz = his, high altitude or high up

hagg = magi shapeshifter or haggle
hegg = patience
higg = high ground
hogg = large hog
hugg = hug
hygg = hygiene

hama = lighten or vein
hema = exploit end, gravity or life blood
hima = spread or sustain
homa = bumble bee
huma = make change or general
hyma = move across or cross over

hame = lighten mood
heme = aiding or feel good
hime = give of yourself
home = down to earth
hume = support or know it all
hyme = chorus song

hami = division or feeling release
hemi = hemitite, restriction, half or 1/2
himi = dividing or direct application
homi = disolution, seeking out or untension
humi = trapped or thinking on
hymi = inclusion

hamo = appearance or apparant
hemo = detection
himo = deign or mask
homo = hiding
humo = funny or make laughter or humorous
hymo = harmony

hamu = mana or ancient magic source
hemu = metal
himu = tense
homu = dense
humu = directed as or directed force
hymu = directed music

hamy = moved to harm
hemy = song request
himy = cast forth flame
homy = sent home or do I belong
humy = suggest
hymy = focused music

hann = male source or hang
henn = chicken
hinn = hinder or hint
honn = hon or attention getter
hunn = hunt, held blow, honey
hynn = excuse, hind, human centaur shapeshifter, help or aid

hant = put to a halt
hent = to give prospect
hint = a masking
hont = searching the grounds
hunt = hunters
hynt = a hint

harz = horrific or terror
herz = energy voltage or hertz
hirz = highly visual or brightly coloured
horz = energy bars
hurz = in pain from
hyrz = shock

hamm = ham
hemm = sewing line
himm = him
homm = joyous feeling
humm = hum
hymm = alter self

hla = snake human
hle = fire
hli = active heal or active hold
hlo = hello or healed
hlu = heal yourself or control yourself
hly = cure all

ho-oo = phoenix
hiei = hierarchy
hier = here
hierocosphonx = hawk headed lion
hioctan = high octane or energy efficient
hihi = how do you do?
huhedgoa = human headed goat
haal = make healthy
headbangs = music listen
heal = rest or meditative healing sleep
healun = undying health or incessant bad health
healunn = unceasing bad health
healy = heal yourself or self-healing
heareparo = regeneration
hearsay = false rumor or rumor
heather = heavenly or down to earth
hebrew = translate language, language combination or ancient language
hellion = hell denizen
hoen = hell denizen
huey = eye color
huoi = high fortitude, high protection, high fortune or untouchable
hairy = coarse hair, hairy or hassle
hamah = healing bird that when around will cause healing in almost everything
hameh = murderer blood drinker bird
hubbub = crowd interest or noisy matter
harry = ivestigator or fun loving
harpy = harpie, bird human thats human body feather covered intelligent and beaklike mouth plus high instinct leads the harpie female to wander and the harpie male to remain watchful hidden territory protectors that kill anyone that gets near the territory. One rarely sees a male harpy but mostly will see a female harpy for the fact they wun attack on sight.
hufy = Human fey children of fey and human mating plus the female fey will leave the child at the male mater doorstep or switch the half fey child with the human child for revenge for marrying another. If the fey was male and female human had it then no switch happens but the outcast child will remain till fey come child snatching but allowance to keep the child happens in the case of no other children.
huli = live fire or living likeness
husl = hassle
hssl = hussle
huit = 8, hack it, cut up or eight
heyqa = greetings
hiatus = geas
hoyl = card
hoylgam = card game
huyiao = human alligator with crocodile head, humanlike leathery torso, clawed feet plus it prefers to walk
huysun = shuriken
habanero = a habinero pepper
habe = have
habbo = habitat
hobgoblin = friendly human fairy
hasbeen = false presenter or pretender
hosfey = house fairy be helpful everyday house aids that serve old houses and look like old workers
hycilf = high elf
hadsu = handsome
hudra = human dragon that has a human shape but thick scale armor with thick tail plus a dragon head standing on two clawed feet
hydra = 9-headed water dragon
hydrapyr = fire breath multi-head fire dragon elemental
hydrosel = saltwater
hafta = have to do
hafto = have to
hifotyi = high fortitude, high protection, high fortune or untouchable
huff = hufflepuff or not lost hope
hagall = hail or forces outside your control
hoga = everlasting fire spirit
hogwart = large pimple
hogwarts = beginner magic school
helga = strong swedish woman
hemunte = weld or metallic combine
hermes = winged messenger
hermedical = hospital
hermion = hear me out
hermione = study well
hermy = hermaphrodite, both sex organ human or in-between sex
homethro = throw to the ground
hombjala = house projection demon
hombre = brother
homhoo = helmed horror or animated magical armor servant
horn = force, ivory protrusion or intrude
howemo = bone armor or dead bones circling armor howal = bone wall or fossilized bones wall circle
humour = energy body flow
huaqia = shark human transformer
huyfit = elephant human that is a walking elephant half the elephant bulk
hyy = heavy
hutobb = human plant or plant clone that is perfect human form on the outside but plant in the middle
hutrol = human troll looks human but can regenerate anything at will or automatic
hane = study well or hermione
hillary = motherly
hindu = pacifist
hippocampus = fish horse with webbed paw forelegs serpent tail or horse tail plus plausible back fin
hippocerf = horse deer
hippogryph = griffin head wings front legs plus a torso with horse hind legs
hyppo = elephant sized horse
histin = history
hosan = saint
hysir = high court judge or high and mighty
hath = has or have
hot = fire ant
hottie = good looking or very sexy
hotty = good looking or very sexy
haven = habitat or living place
hevy = heavy
hewup = cut up or diced
hewn = wrought or built
howgao = bone prison or imprisoning bone wall ring that imprison all enemy nullifying magic
howlug = bone spear or pass-thru bone missile that strikes in a row
howeta = seeking revenant spirit or revenant spirit that seeks out mental target or its own
huwom = human worm that has human serpentlike body worm head and neck
hsigo = winged monkey with human face
htorelnpor = tremor
htorelnzg = tree
htuotu = hydrogen peroxide or H2O2


ja = no, jab, negative or against
je = clean
ji = interchange
jo = joked or good
ju = hexed or jew
jy = bad guy or bad thing

jaa = look around
jea = postive
jia = moving platform
joa = jet or plane
jua = installment or place
jya = convince or conniving

jae = jewel
jee = gleeful
jie = jab, clean, sister or stab
joe = formable material, scalding, tough or gooey
jue = cast
jye = exploit

jai = jail
jei = jaded
jii = charm, enchant, enchantment or enchant anything you think on with choice property
joi = play, joint or statement
jui = claim
jyi = congeal or conceal

jao = jail or imprisionment
jeo = globe or planet
jio = fly
joo = glide, you or slide
juo = jump
jyo = geas

jau = join
jeu = jinx or voodoo
jiu = disrupt
jou = fight
juu = spell
jyu = misunderstand

jay = jay bird
jey = happy feeling
jiy = song of joy
joy = enjoy
juy = disappointed
jyy = jigged or snigged

jab = jab or strike
jeb = cleanliness
jib = switch back
job = job
jub = curse
jyb = enemy

jac = jack or shock
jec = beckon
jic = short or sparking
joc = prank
juc = cursing
jyc = framed

jad = jade
jed = self suit
jid = trade blow
jod = cleanse
jud = purify
jyd = steps

jaf = bruise
jef = sanitary
jif = communication
jof = dirty joke
juf = area curse
jyf = dirty deed

jag = justice, jagged, edge or cutting edge
jeg = spring cleaning, little dragon
jig = interject or dance
jog = jog, recover or good humor
jug = bad or container or liquid
jyg = magical dance

jah = observe, ahh or yes
jeh = subtle
jih = holy
joh = at job
juh = join in
jyh = hire on or hired help

jaj = reminder
jej = clear conscious
jij = philosophy
joj = good escuse
juj = wrong
jyj = powerful

jak = bathroom or jake
jek = cleaned up
jik = exchange blow
jok = unhumorous or humorous
juk = diamond
jyk = acclaim

jal = contains or keeps from
jel = jiggly or loosely formed
jil = wanted or hunted for
jol = jolly or always laughing
jul = jule, jewel or energy used
jyl = consistence or constant

jam = problem area or jam
jem = efficient or spring cleaning
jim = substitution, leap year or substitute
jom = equation or practical joke
jum = bad month or disasterous month
jym = illogical or villian

jan = bruised ego or make stride
jen = work clothing
jin = transfix or genie
jon = reputed, insurgent or betrayer
jun = cluster, spring or june
jyn = mercenary or granted wish

jap = japanese or surge
jep = clean force
jip = change source
jop = positive force
jup = corrupted power
jyp = taint

jaq = jabbed silent
jeq = cleanliness
jiq = mute
joq = silent relaxation
juq = silenced
jyq = resistance or silent treatment

jar = jar or unscrew
jer = without dust
jir = gyro
jor = tactical or good move
jur = council or juror
jyr = villany

jas = jasper
jes = lack of patience
jis = act for someone
jos = prophecy or joke
jus = justice
jys = focusing calm

jat = stab
jet = jet stone
jit = switch places
jot = write or a little
jut = jut
jyt = jitter

jav = hangover
jev = clean slate
jiv = switch views
jov = good view or hade
juv = juvenile
jyv = villainous

jaw = jaw
jew = fresh
jiw = juxtaposition or switched place
jow = jowl
juw = coven or gathering
jyw = treachery

jax = pierce
jex = appear new or extra clean
jix = exchange or jinx
jox = expert
jux = damning or spite
jyx = supercriminal

jaz = knife fighter or knifer
jez = jeez
jiz = swap or confusion
joz = sweet
juz = bad luck or jews
jyz = juvenile criminal or thief den

jaff = dishonor or family insult
jeff = janitor or clean
jiff = talk or peanut butter
joff = prank
juff = haunt
jyff = secret

jahn = increased momentum
jehn = movement
jihn = speed
john = bathroom, stunned, father or vowel movement
juhn = rapid movement
jyhn = pulsing force

j-ear = devotion or charged purpose
jailor = imprisioner
jaune = yellow
jean = sharp wit, quick mind or cagey
jiay = quick, quickly, fast or quick movement
jieasu = twin sister
jelif = charmed life
jicrukido = jiycryekideth, death song or banshee wail
jinn = djinn or shapeshift transparent fire bodied beings of good and bad nature who can grant the wish of the asker plus transport people thru sleep to another place at will and lidten to the angels speak as they want.
jinshin = earthquake
jinshin-uwo = earthquake fish or 700 mile eel
joey = disrespect or disfavor
joicorrant = power play
joesa = scalding hot
jyokou = illiterate
jabhyc = charged strike
jace = slam into wall
jaco = chair
jacob = attempt or ladder
jack = stable, air pump or rock steady
jedi = mental control master
jedil = wash
jedilarmur = washable armour
jedilplak = washing plate, untarnish silver or self-cleaning
joaplarmi = self-cleaning armour or washable plate
judy = busy or work
jiffy = quick, quickly, fast or quick movement
jagu = jaguar
jagan = grand knight
jiggtul = skin dancer
jihnx = extra speed
jake = outhouse or portapotty
jalepeno = jalepeno
jalor = jailor
julie = delight
janet = proposal
jenny = tough or indivisual
jinxh = subvert or subversion
josh = joke
joshua = psychic, ladder or build-up
joshuaid = mental assistance or mental help call
jusity = just in time or in the nick of time
jushq = police headquarters
jera = harvest or reaping of efforts
jordan = sport (basketball, baseball, etc)
jorden = hidden desire or hidden threat
jetison = eject or freely release
jethro = incredible
java = brewed coffee


ka = chi, human body or life force
ke = key or enable
ki = mind and spirit or kick
ko = do force, kill off or will do
ku = energy projection or cool
ky = momentum build, combined spirit and body or high chi

kaa = kindly
kea = persist
kia = working on
koa = cooperation
kua = accuracy or subtle defeat
kya = relentless

kae = destructive impulse
kee = projection
kie = power word kill
koe = eating
kue = unleash or unlock
kye = disruption exceptional

kai = chi focus body instant recharge or lightning
kei = undoing
kii = heightened focus
koi = hold energy, renew, boyfriend, lover or large fish
kui = drain
kyi = suspence

kao = chaos or inner wild power
keo = delay
kio = champion, kill or aid
koo = cold
kuo = chew
kyo = drain away

kau = do not be discerned or carefree
keu = show emotion
kiu = see energy
kou = vessel, object, slave, servant or person
kuu = compliment
kyu = self interest

kab = strengthen force or force renewal
keb = main channel
kib = reinforce body
kob = action channel
kub = calm down,
kyb = projection

kac = aura vision
kec = main charge or critical charge
kic = spirit move, mind sight or kick out
koc = energy movement, call death or done order
kuc = vision, heat image or respected visage
kyc = suspense

kad = harm spirit, will or life energy reduce
ked = type in, keyed, key drop or key in
kid = kid or child
kod = code, chord or restore
kud = could or wanton
kyd = eventful, resolution or anticlimatic

kaf = energy
kef = reef
kif = rife, cut life or riffle
kof = coefficient, idiot, cut off or cough
kuf = illusion or grand vision
kyf = pattern or repeat

kag = good energy
keg = barrel
kig = good mind or good kick
kog = spiked wheel
kug = cougar
kyg = efficient movement or good suspense

kah = heat energy or heat travel
keh = heat treatment
kih = mind and spirit or kick
koh = heatup, cool down or stroke
kuh = illusion or warmth
kyh = warm, combined body mind and heat or magick

kaj = cajun or hot cookin
kej = winning arguement
kij = kick jump or shift place
koj = action, activity
kuj = applied focus
kyj = deeds, achievement, necessity

kak = attack
kek = kink or kinky
kik = kick
kok = cock or cocky
kuk = craziness
kyk = dimensia or purposely hurt yourself

kal = calamity
kel = fall dead
kil = falling down a mountain or mountain fall
kol = early demise
kul = cool down or refrigerate
kyl = decomposition

kam = camera, picture, pencil or stencil
kem = unlock, keyed or chemistry
kim = spiritual or mind me
kom = brush, comb, force aside or hairbrush
kum = hard luck, psi force, cooler or projection
kym = suspense, vertigo, gravity force or failure

kan = can or fire
ken = know
kin = kindred
kon = cone
kun = racoon
kyn = dullness, kind or dull

kap = monk or martial artist
kep = keep or kingpin
kip = spiritualist, shaman or kick person
kop = power monk or mana knight
kup = projectionist or awesome
kyp = brownie point, astral proctionist

kaq = mental silence
keq = power word quiet
kiq = unseen or silent
koq = silent achievement, noisy or quiet
kuq = ghosting or unnoticed cool
kyq = slow fall or unfelt

kar = hover vehicle
ker = kernel or core part
kir = impulse or felt control
kor = revival
kur = cure all
kyr = increased potency

kas = extend power
kes = slowly key or keys
kis = extend mind
kos = slowly achieve
kus = extend energy
kys = kiss

kat = focus device or crystal
ket = key in or unlock
kit = fly high or kick it
kot = force action, renew or activity
kut = astral projection or unique
kyt = suspense or suspend in air

kla = claw
kle = kleenex or clean
kli = click
klo = clove
klu = clue
kly = climate or temperature

kna = knack or insightful behaviour
kne = kneel or knee
kni = knight or champion
kno = know, deadly creature
knu = knuckle, knew or nerve
kny = netting or net

knab = rogue
kneb = controller
knib = fellows or brothers
knob = door knob, bulbous, bulb or clairovoyance
knub = location find
knyb = stealing

kank = unconscious
kenk = concusion
kink = strike or blow
konk = knock in
kunk = paranoid
kynk = untouchable or hurtful

kadd = math calculation or mathematic deduction
kedd = destruct sequence
kidd = kid
kodd = coddle, vine core or cuddle
kudd = curdle or curse
kydd = foggy, fog or distress

kalla = bring calamity
kella = wrought death
killa = brought mountain fall
kolla = brought early demise
kulla = refrigerate
kylla = decomposing

kalle = disasterous
kelle = dying
kille = mountain fall
kolle = an early demise
kulle = cool down
kylle = decompose

kalli = likely calamity
kelli = like death
killi = like a mountain fall
kolli = like an early demise
kulli = like cool down or like refrigeration
kylli = like decomposition

kallo = low calamity
kello = low death
killo = low mountain fall
kollo = low down early demise
kullo = low temperature
kyllo = low degree decompositon

kallu = early warning
kellu = premature death warning
killu = mountain fall warning
kollu = early demise warning
kullu = cooling down warning
kyllu = decompositon warning

kally = possible calamity
kelly = possible death
killy = possible mountain fall
kolly = introspective or introspection
kully = possible cooling
kylly = possible decompositon

kablamo = lightning wall
kablastri = chain black lightning
kaiaa = lightning mastery or innate lightning manipulation
kaibu = lightning bug be bugs that light up an area
kaibud = lightning bud be a budding flower on a lightning plant
kaiflua = lightning flower from a lightning plant that placed in water will produce a bioillumination plus bioelectrical source
kaiply = lightning plant be a plant vine that gives off bioelectricity growing
kairu = lightning roach be a roach that illuminates an area with light near electrical lines or watery places and when in growth it produces bioelectricity kastri = chain lightning
kaitlin = lingering magic or magic performer
kain = magical staff or magical cane
kaoism = chaos maniplution art or mystic art
kaoist = felt mystic energy, chaos manipulator or mystic master
kaot = chaos mage or kaoist
kuio = chocobo or pony sized wingless riding bird
kaane = valor
keop = key open or unlock
keurom = turnkey, betrayer or lackey
kaniy = chernobyl, tragedy or grand accident
ketri = chain lightning
kool = very nice or nice display
kabitz = razor edged metallic or wood folding fan
kibl = kibble or dogfood
kiblnby = kibble n bits or dogfood in bits
kaddab = dabbler
kadabbar = energy chaos or energy swirl used for shifting people plus objects
kiddnapp = kidnap or steal child
kujata = very large many appendage bull
kaki = khaki
kamak = pen
kamur = lightning
kann = can't, hire on or cannot
kappa = tortoise body monkey head scale limb sea dweller
kepr = keepers
keprond = groundkeeper
kepser = keeper or keep
karm = karma or life balance
karmg = good karma or positive life balance
kelpi = 2-horned black horse bull shapechanger whos favorite form was a beautiful white horse or young man with wet hair to lead people to thier deaths.
kerel = boy
keres = vicious white teeth eye sparkling red-robed dark skinned death deliverer of hades
kaqco = take over
kuma = hard time, constant cool, mentapathy (telepathic empath) or bear panther with bear size and panther speed that has panther head panther like body bear paws plus eats anything it could catch
kumap = downer or mentapathist
kenaz = hearth flame, opening up or awaken
kender = stealer race or dwarven thief or burnable wood
koner = eruption
ketriv = contrive, engineer or contrivance
kavai = kawaii or cute
kevin = destructive urge, 100 snake headed dragon body person killer or vengeful
kiete = don't talk
karrmo = armored hovercraft
kireca = modernist
kiru = spirit cockroach
kiruhu = spirit cockroach human
kisaki = empress or queen
kinkunt = hammer blow
kipoly = shapeshift
keijii = disenchant, remove or dispel
koeioneren = torment
koiakh = pain lover
kousang = blood clot or blood vessel
koubaz = workforce or sales person
koucraycod = computer programmer
kocraci = computer programmer
kouvam = inspector
kuenan = torment
kuibod = wilt
karmjop = positive karma
kobold = small very old house servant if not fed turns malicious
kihypa = hyperphase, warp shift or hyper shift
kihypia = planet hyperphase or planet warp field
korosu = to kill or intent
kosz = thanks
katja = silent transpiring
kettl = kettle
kettlblak = black kettle
kettlnoir = black kettle
kitten = sweet, baby cat or gentle
khadgar = administrator or admin
kleevi = warlike insect humanoid
klot = penis ball
knav = thief
knolid = knowledge
krau = mermaid
kraken = huge octupus
kreen = human insect
kreca = kreacher or vile creature


la = bring yourself, lanthanum, law or brought to you le = to or the
li = likeness, lent, live, like or lithium
lo = low, low grade, hello, love or low down
lu = bring attention, lutetium or believing
ly = leading, lie or leads to

laa = lay away
lea = leeway or ease of passage
lia = liable or destiny
loa = lower
lua = party
lya = float, lier, liter, litter or feather fall

lae = lay beside
lee = down slope or easing down
lie = associate or may
loe = lower yourself
lue = pack
lye = break down

lai = lie or laid
lei = lay
lii = lead
loi = loyal
lui = jealousy
lyi = leading into

lao = lay off or lay on
leo = stoic, love (animal) or brave
lio = lead on
loo = low sound or bathroom
luo = not see
lyo = gain goal

lau = cloth or union
leu = calming
liu = instead of or switched in
lou = loudness, loud or too loud
luu = belief in, intend or want to believe
lyu = fake change

lay = laying on
ley = composure
liy = in place or position
loy = loyal or deluded
luy = little known or library
lyy = portrayal

lab = lab
leb = lesbian
lib = dejavue or liberal
lob = throw
lub = belief
lyb = freedom

lac = lace
lec = leach, blood worm or leech
lic = lice or lance
loc = locate
luc = luck
lyc = license

lad = laid
led = lead or red light
lid = lied
lod = lodestone or load
lud = lude, in-between pause or interlude
lyd = a lid

laf = laugh
lef = leaf
lif = life
lof = loaf
luf = formost
lyf = effective or efficient

lag = slow
leg = great
lig = infamy
log = log
lug = pest or spear
lyg = devotion

lah = stick out tongue
leh = bleh, leery or leer
lih = alternative force
loh = floor heat
luh = shock
lyh = generate

laj = deject
lej = reason
lij = example
loj = lodge or dirt
luj = explain or nudge
lyj = falsify

lak = lake
lek = leak
lik = likeness or drop
lok = lock or logon
luk = control flow or warm
lyk = slow feed

lal = flail
lel = lethal
lil = similiarity
lol = loll tongue or much laughter
lul = lull
lyl = small minded

lan = path by or connected
len = lengthy, long, forestall or make taller
lin = line
lon = lonely, selfish, loner or by self
lun = block, lunar or attribute
lyn = length of effect or allure

lam = lamp, sheep, lamb, lame or lambchop
lem = weight
lim = calendar
lom = base
lum = loom or sewing machine
lym = previous

lap = rabbit
lep = leap
lip = fat
lop = running
lup = wolf
lyp = a lip

laq = polite
leq = warn quietly
liq = subtle
loq = stun
luq = politeness
lyq = liquid

lar = lead to or believed
ler = leer
lir = lyer or musical lute
lor = lore
lur = lure
lyr = flute

las = laser
les = less, setting or manipulating
lis = noticed or list
los = carry or carrier
lus = lust
lys = disinfect, lies or distrust

lat = relative
let = informing or information
lit = taken or left
lot = many things
lut = lute
lyt = start

lav = leave
lev = lever
liv = alive
lov = lover or love of ideas
luv = passionate love or loveable
lyv = position

law = law or law enforcement
lew = paint
liw = fur
low = base or basic
luw = notice, lewd or admire
lyw = learn

lax = sloppy, untrained, unalert or relax
lex = extreme
lix = copy
lox = base
lux = faith
lyx = work

laz = lazy
lez = please
liz = similiar aspect or along same lines
loz = basement
luz = target
lyz = path

laar = hangar or large canopy
laer = layer
lair = a lair
laor = labor
laur = sworn
layr = lawyer

laka = gullible
leka = convince
lika = liking
loka = look up info
luka = friendship
lyka = likable

lake = treacherous
leke = scheme or plan out
like = falsehood or false
loke = look out
luke = been hit or trick
lyke = presume

laki = charmer
leki = reknown
liki = loving
loki = deception god or satan
luki = disciple
lyki = believable

lako = discipline
leko = accomplished, deed or frontier
liko = proof
loko = ritual or rite
luko = achieve
lyko = establish

laku = on vacation or compatriot
leku = front man or lying for
liku = lacking or not having
loku = low place or hiding place
luku = teaming
lyku = like you

laky = black eye
leky = leaking or leakage
liky = without
loky = hidden location
luky = together or lucky
lyky = acceptable

lach = leach, blood worm or leech
lech = lecher or diseased person
lich = lich or undead mage
loch = lodge
luch = lunch
lych = lynch

lasa = light or lighting
lesa = trigger
lisa = photon or kept charge
losa = through
lusa = destructed
lysa = draw attention

lase = lance or light strike
lese = burned
lise = cauterize or lease
lose = lost or gone
luse = fusing
lyse = loosely

lasi = strike
lesi = withdraw
lisi = burn or blister
losi = blurry
lusi = wounded
lysi = list

laso = focused energy
leso = holder
liso = focuser or diode
loso = projector
luso = stream
lyso = cleanse

lasu = recharge
lesu = waiting
lisu = increase
losu = rebuild
lusu = renewal
lysu = body cleanse

lasy = cauterize
lesy = aftermath
lisy = life
losy = relief
lusy = lost sight
lysy = betrayal

lahn = rich
lehn = grace
lihn = servant
lohn = disrepect
luhn = disparage
lyhn = caste or kingdom

laht = light headed
leht = shift or teleport
liht = light
loht = float upward
luht = stealing away
lyht = light up, fire up or turn lights on

lang = footwork or language
leng = long distance
ling = linger
long = along
lung = debris
lyng = short

lank = lanky or stringy
lenk = impatient
link = link
lonk = knock out
lunk = tidal energy
lynk = cut off

lash = a lash
lesh = leash
lish = relish
losh = sorry
lush = lush
lysh = gorgeous

lakath = approximate lack of action
lekath = approximate leaking
likath = approximate liking
lokath = guessing
lukath = approximate feeling
lykath = approximate good look

laketh = lack in
leketh = direction of leak
liketh = in that way or manner of speaking
loketh = in that location
luketh = look in your direction
lyketh = take a beating

lakith = charm nature
lekith = reknown structure
likith = family
lokith = locked door
lukith = dogma or religious tenent
lykith = drama

lakoth = other than discipline
lekoth = unaccomplishment, misdeed
likoth = other than proof
lokoth = archive or archiving
lukoth = misachieve
lykoth = unestablishment

lakuth = ruthless compatriot
lekuth = brute or malicious lie
likuth = fragile
lokuth = secret place
lukuth = discipline team
lykuth = stalk or stalker

lakyth = mythical lake
lekyth = myth story tell
likyth = absolute truth
lokyth = mysterious location
lukyth = mythical link
lykyth = tradition

lyqa = flowing liquid or stream
lyqe = mud, vicuous, thick flow or thick fluid
lyqi = pool
lyqo = liquid oxygen
lyqu = water being or water elemental
lyqy = sun energy flow

lao = upper arm
liia = leading to
laak = may I keep or latch onto
laani = lesion field, elysian field, liesure field or death field located at antarctica that was eden
laus = louse, company, relationship or law
liebe = maybe or love
liek = like transformation or like
lichu = human lich that has human undead body and has instant innate magic but is alive plus shapeshifts able to call vampires at will
liku = human lich that has human undead body and has instant innate magic but is alive plus shapeshifts able to call vampires at will, alike or similiar
loom = sewing machine or overhead
loomzer = quality cloth
labotomy = laboratory or science lab
ladon = 100 headed unsleeping black dragon
lentyaan = evolve or evolution
lentyaanun = devolve, go to origin or de-evolution
lieg = mylady or queen
liev = believe
laba = lauber, lawbreaker, thrower or lawbreak
lola = humour or gaily laughter
lihu = fire live
lihunn = deaden fire or dead fire
litc = lightning
lihtsa = lightning
lamauro = glow lamp
lamassu = human headed lion or human headed bull
lamia = waist up perfect woman waist down serpent goddess or lay me out
lumi = light
lumisa = lightning
lamb = sheep
lemola = ancient space race
lympago = man lion or man tiger
lent = lentation
lentation = quick reaction slowdown
lentil = leech or blood sucker
linu = worker
lindwurm = scaly green-gold winged snake
linguist = language master
lynx = panther human shifter or lynx cat
lava = lava
leviathon = giant winged snake with razor sharp teeth
livi = living free of
lait = milk or late
leat = leather
lehtal = omnimorph
loin = sex organ or crotch
loot = treasure or plunder
lairt = uplift
leucrocotta = very swift stag haunched badger head lion neck lion breast lion tail ear-to-ear mouth and bone ridge instead of teeth
loco = crazy
locomoto = running car or vehicle movement
lucid = lucid or clear focus
lucky = lucking out or draw luck
ladys = group of women
ludy = lewdly
lakisleth = snake charmer
lika = likable
likecorrant = false power or illusion
lokery = storage locker
luky = explore or look around
lily = likely, possible or likeliness
lamoyl = lamp oil or lit lamp
langu = tongue
lemryj = weight loss
lenken = mastermind
lingo = language
lingoheb = translate language
linguli = languish
lagaz = intuitive knowledge or looking out
lagoon = small lake
legolaz = wily one
leprechaun = small grotesque fairy shoemaker
lopafu = love perfume
lara = lure or allure
laro = arousal or call attention
larceny = crime
larcens = music or musical
lece = larcens, music or musical
ler-o = the car or the moving vehicle
larry = desperate
lesb = lesbian
lesc = lets see or seeing
leshy = forest spirit shapechanger
lesg = lets go
lesse = lets see
lezc = lets see or vision
liseu = dictionary or language listing
lysl = disenfectant or cleanse area
lether = leather
litan = lentation, time slow down or sped up reaction
loruam = leprecaan or evil goblin that plays tricks on unsuspecting humans
lutud = thought electricity
lutude = bioelectricity
lutudun = undying thought electricity
lutudeun = regenerative bioelectricity
lutudx = extra thought electricity
lutudex = extra bioelectricity
lutudxun = undying extra thought electricity
lutudexun = extra regenerative bioelectricity
lever = switch
luvn = loving
luvndancer = movement flow lover or loving dance
lesbian = woman lover
lawton = laws town or favour
leweb = the web or internet
lasab = light saber
laslanc = light saber lance (double light saber)
losau = lost in area, throughout or thorough
losaun = direction sense, direct or directly
lysol = disenfectant or cleanse area
lyqair = liquid air
lyqsair = liquid sulfer air
lyqso = liquid oxygen sulfur
lyqotus = healing liquid oxygen or liquid hydroxide oxygen
liiun = unleaded or without lead
liomis = mislead or misinform
ligoheb = translate language
limb = arm, leg or limb
limbo = soul space or body suspend
lingua = language
latina = latin
lete = lettering or alphabet
litigat = litigation or affair investigation
lavande = lavender
lavandesserb = lavender essential oil
lazurious = lazy streak or lay around
lividie = immortal
lividy = immortal
lorezohaz = fast experience, past experience or old experience
lorenzohaz = dragon mistress
losaouz = throughout enclosed area


ma = may, you, maw, mouth or spring
me = small quantity, mace or myself
mi = amount, mile, fruit, nut, seed, content, man or good result
mo = cut in place, more, molybdenum, month, moth or part of
mu = more quantity or moon
my = amount increase, my own, mine, raise, mage or force

maa = talkative, meter or metre
mea = meal
mia = caring support
moa = mother
mua = family
mya = child defender

mae = paying job, money or make
mee = employee
mie = payment
moe = good
mue = associates
mye = mighty

mai = sister(younger), make or my
mei = sister (older), machine or me
mii = mine
moi = give me, methane or me
mui = more or milli
myi = meaning to

mao = alarm or hand
meo = make stand still
mio = see me
moo = move over or moo
muo = being cute
myo = situated

mau = desire something
meu = calm down
miu = indication or pointing out
mou = show affection
muu = gain object
myu = appropriated, magic or stolen

may = make allowance for, allow or let
mey = assist with help
miy = heroic stature
moy = desirous nature
muy = sought after by
myy = mobbed or too much activity

mab = so so, maybe or on the verge
meb = likely prospect
mob = people group or groups of people
mib = dressed up or for occasion
mub = the event or celebration
myb = act the part

mac = compact
mec = shrunken
mic = recorded voice or reverberation
moc = mocked, laughed at or stolen from
muc = mucous, dissolve or disgusted
myc = tracking down

mad = made or maid
med = mead, medium, moderate, medical or everclear
mid = rise or mind
mod = mode of machine
mud = moody or muddy
myd = amidst, existant on, middle or serving

maf = to gag or to sag
mef = you can't change it or unchangeble
mif = miffed
mof = motif
muf = muffle sound
myf = to defy

mag = magnify or magazine
meg = meager means
mig = migration
mog = make distance
mug = smuggle
myg = passenger plane

mah = mindful or telling
meh = expression of annoyance or pointing out that
mih = outraged or exclaiming on
moh = avoidance, avoid, deterrance or deter
muh = uncare or unshow
myh = moving on or drive away

maj = mage, majority or major
mej = minority or minor
mij = forbearance
moj = mojo or moving power
muj = major
myj = midget or smidgen

mak = make or create
mek = great claim, passive or meek
mik = mike (microphone) or resonating crystal
mok = sound vibration
muk = dampening field
myk = voice manipulator

mal = model, male, evil, it, time or malinfluence
mel = good meal
mil = distance or travel
mol = inside or inner
mul = stubborn or pride
myl = middle ground or ground up

mam = maim or female sex
mem = memory
mim = mime or copying actions
mom = a mom or selective one
mum = wrapped up preservation
mym = mimic or being that mimics object to kill passerby

man = being, mane or main
men = meanness or mean
min = minute, owner or ore dig
mon = moan, my or mine
mun = moon or mooning
myn = mind

mar = scratch up or salt
mer = sea or of the sea
mir = mire or stuck in
mor = idiot or more on
mur = killing intent
myr = mirror or reflect

mas = mass
mes = mess, mouse or mice
mis = miss
mos = moss, morse code or months
mus = muse or undying historian
mys = slow motion, forbear execution, martyr or myst

mat = other half or compatriot
met = similiar, meet or meat
mit = mighty, might, group hit anything blessing or smite
mot = tiny or ether whisp
mut = unable to speak
myt = glove, power admist or power

mav = point me
mev = romance
miv = caucasion
mov = move
muv = sun burn
myv = marry me

maw = mouth
mew = calm or calmness
miw = feed me
mow = concern
muw = see this
myw = remember

max = maximum
mex = hot
mix = mix or mixture
mox = cut to pieces
mux = extra large or extra quantity
myx = peanut butter

may = disease, metal or contagion
mey = pestilence
miy = bad conditions
moy = foul
muy = infection
myy = ravage

mra = marer or birthing horse
mre = maras or memory
mri = marine, sea soldier
mro = mareth, mulish, prideful or stubborn
mru = marun or maroon
mry = maron or on march

maas = color dye
meas = measure or same properties
mias = miasma or gradual sickness
moas = similiar cut
muas = unit conversion or similiar unit
myas = likeness

maes = mass production
mees = increased gain
mies = increase in magnitude
moes = increased momentum
mues = more quality
myes = personal owner

mais = corn
meis = similiar or magus
miis = equally
mois = moisture
muis = equally distributed
myis = shared

maos = prone to movement or dependable
meos = depicted
mios = in transit
moos = cut
muos = increased pace
myos = increased rapid

maus = use acceptance or on use
meus = user
mius = personal use
mous = mouse or shear
muus = increased usage
myus = more often

mays = in wisdom
meys = wisely
miys = knowledge
moys = snip
muys = learnt or watched account
myys = smart

mand = manditory or demand
mend = transcend, repairing way or repair
mind = psychotic
mond = monday or abuse
mund = mundane or non important
mynd = mind

mans = mansion
mens = immense
mins = wait, mistrel or hold on
mons = monster
muns = moon
myns = explosive

mard = martyr, weakness or deface
merd = corrosion, corrode or overwhelm
mird = downward spire or death cycle
mord = mortuary, painful, death lover or dreary
murd = disaster, torture or punishment
myrd = mirror double that replaces the person

marn = disgrace
mern = sea elf
mirn = muddled
morn = morning
murn = assassin
myrn = syndicate

mash = net or messy crush
mesh = intertwin material
mish = missed moment or absence
mosh = glow moss or heat moss
mush = drive on
mysh = hanging mist

mass - religious ceremony, orgy, crowd, lava rock or gross amount
mess = messy or rotten egg scent
miss = amiss, wrong, naughty or off target
moss = mold, spore, sprawl or light
muss = argument, play with or mess around
myss = foreplay, very sluggish, creep, hold off, hold up, slim down, expose, guilt, fog or fog bank

matt = frame or dullness
mett = met or meet
mitt = mitt
mott = mottle
mutt = lockjaw dog or bulldog
mytt = might or group hit anything blessing

maabord = motherboard
maan = nontalkative, mute or untalking
maemay = get job
maisyr = cornsyrup
miatna = multiple formation
maic = item charge
maicxince = make explode or make explosion
maijew = refresh or freshen
meek = passive
mail = armor or letter
mailand = prosperity land or money land
maily = armour like or message
mailstorm = hurricane, tornado or torrential wind
mailstrom = bold steel or chaotic message
moan = groan
maix = generation
mauryl = kingmaker
maugrim = mad prophet
maugrym = power seeker
mabelin = skin cream
meaty = muscled
morin = wisdom or darkness
maci = machine
meci = meakly fall
mick = tobacco
mocasin = moccasin, house shoe or soft leather shoe
moch = humiliate, robbery or rob
mochte = property, mockery or went
mucema = solvent
mucemaelmer = universal solvent
momulma = universal solvent
mowalma = universal solvent
mucaqo = solvent
mucaquaelmer = universal solvent
mucho = large amount
mudawg = moondog or large silverish black dog protector of moon magic
middl = middle
mof = morph, shapeshifter or shifter
magus = mage, magician or magical
magyar = hungerian
majyl = wild mage
manes = soul
maegyar = meager existance
measeq = equation or equate
mait = make things, doit or make it
maitrit = make things right, correct things or correct this
mielrot = disgruntlment
moiuy = mechanical
mour = more
mega = mega
melanesia = forgotten land
mama = mathematical, methodical or math
mamas = mathematics
mani = manifold
manic = maniac, crazy making or maniacal
mini = miniature
minu = minute
momo = grandmother
mona = groan or productive mine
ment = meant as or meaning
mohu = firemoth or moth appears of fire particles
meki = withdrawn or defeated
moka = sound wave
moki = sound pitch, sound effect, sound tunnel or broadcast
mokioke = cancellation, unheard or not listen
moku = pitch or sound
mykovu = malkovich, disagreement or malcontent
marie = queen or queenly
mary = marry
mardoku = the creator
marduk = destined one
marduko = untouchable or self-destined
martin = crazy or consequence
mason = storage or construction
masy = moisant
masvon = mass migration
merci = thank you
metr = meter
minotaur = bull human that are honorable till offended afterwhich they kill offenser
mongery = conglamerate, corporate or corporation
mermecolion = backward genital lion
mordakh = pain rod
mordsith = pain wielder, pain lover or pain striker
mucaquai = hydroiodic acid
mucamino = amino acid or life fluid
mediocr = medium or slightly possible
mediocrbevel = intermediate or middle grade
mediocrgrad = middle grade or intermediate
mediocrschobevel = middle school or intermediate school
medit = great detail
meditu = void
middlhuu = middle ground
magic = wrought magic, science mystery or undefiable action
magician = mage or magic practicioner
magu = magic
maguhy = high magic
magne = magnet
majik = magic
majika = magical
majikanti = antimagic
mekit = medkit or medical kit
mokushiroku = apocalypse
malais = uncaring depression
malfoy = corrupt or prominent
mallard = duck
mallot = hammer
muldor = spooky or pursuit
mudblud = mudblood
mudsang = mudblood or human born
maty = mate or shipmate
matyca = can mate
matycan = can't mate
matc = match
matcbuk = matchbook
matriarch = female ruler
mitt = holding glove
melik = spicy salt
melissa = virulent magical phantam kiss spread virus that forms overly large bust on said person bringing the target to full lustful womanlikeness plus they only think of being woman or industrious
mellou = mellow out
mille = thousand
mesa = missile
mesaslo = slow missile
matey = sir or madam
meta = mind, master or mental
midukym = mentally train or mesmerize
metab = metabolism, immunity system or fear things
midsimpl = simple mind or stupid
meth = death
methe = methanol or methane gas
methan = methane gas or methanol
mettab = general use
mituvala = power physics or phasic
mitlike = false power or illusion
milkomae = medical herb or curative milk
milkomage = milk of magnesia or curative milk
mitp-h = phasics or power physics
mitabl = content table, fruit table or table of content
mithril = hard steel
moliruy = introspective or introspection
momenta = moment
moty = more time
mymy = startlement, met expectation or surprise
manifesto = spell manifest, notation book, notebook, made book or book of shadow
manip = manipulate
mantl = energy mantle or heat mantle
manteau = mantle
manticor = red lion body human face with ears and blue eyes with 3 teeth jaw row scorpion tail end poison spine tail plus deep brass voice
menac = threat
menthe = mint
mentomo = alignment
mannaz = humankind or human
manbord = mainboard
menzo = underrealm
menberranzan = radiative cavern
mucay = munchymyr or mirror munchy
munchy = edible food
munchymyr = mirror munchy or shapeshift candy that allows ye to change shape to anything nearby and only the eyes remain the same
munsty = moonrock
munweva = moon energy channeler
muwya = moon energy channeler
mermosia = unstoppable growth, growing giant or being of unstoppable growth
mastermind = a being created by a polyvirus(shapechanging virus) with no form and all heads that can take any appearance while manipulating as it wants plus its an illusion master that absorbs beings into itself as in humans ghosts and animals
moisant = wetness or famous
mocha = coffee
monotony = boredom
monoceros = single horn stag headed horse body elphant feet boar tail
marakihan = man headed fish
maro = mallot, bone marrow or hammer
mokuzy = friendly or large goat horned wolfish pitbull dog who controls and spits fire
meru = bone marrow
moraine = quiet manipulator
morag = dark queen
mugl = moogle or small elf adult
muggl = human
murdohc = murder, murderer or murderous
missiv = message
misil = detonation
mushussu = 3-headed dragon
missil = missile
misty = misting
mostlyn = not likely
musty = mastiff
muster = troop gathering
meteo = meteor or meteorlike area death
motfuca = motherfucker
myhnave = drive away thief
myrnac = nothingness mirror that forms in nothing to reflect back images or spell
myttkink = mightyblow
movy = movie or stored crystal picture replay
mixtecan = aztec indian
mcoy = article or object
mnaoy = monopoly
msu = music
mta = metal
mtu = fire antler


na = the one country, a descriptor, sodium or described as
ne = any, anything, proposition, neon, you, ness or propose
ni = knee, nickel, how, and, nine, 9 or afterword
no = denial, no, nobelium, know or number
nu = determination, newt or toward you
ny = naughtyness or not

naa = disagree
nea = unwish or not wish
nia = certain, beating, niga, virus, nigger, black man or nigga
noa = known
nua = nuance, understood, newton, physics or applied force or understand
nya = danger seeker

nae = not yet, not or no
nee = knee or knee cap
nie = not you
noe = certainly not
nue = way
nye = wrong way

nai = not in or banish
nei = deny
nii = denial
noi = repelling force
nui = negate
nyi = erase

nao = abate
nio = abeyance or make obey
neo = glow
noo = unacceptance
nuo = desist
nyo = freeze yourself

nau = navigate
neu = mental
niu = unsought
nou = dashed hope or not now
nuu = unwilling
nyu = double cross or sword stroke

nay = unintent or unintend
ney = value or resolve
niy = earnest
noy = bother
nuy = no way
nyy = no afterlife or conceal path

nab = grab onto
neb = watchful or watching
nib = trap or ink pen
nob = different
nub = maintenance
nyb = limp or improve in

nac = nothing
nec = living
nic = carve, talk or connect
noc = night, knock or unlock
nuc = hiding spot or fry cook
nyc = vibration or destruction

nad = nada or nothing
ned = need
nid = denied or denial
nod = nod or node
nud = nude
nyd = chastise, unwalk or spare

nag = nag
neg = negative
nig = worm, anything or niggle
nog = noggin or brain
nug = nugget or bugger
nyg = renig or resign

nah = put off denial
neh = wavering no
nih = possibly no or nigh
noh = not close
nuh = passionate no
nyh = denied service

nak = nack
nek = neck
nik = nick or scratch
nok = nock or knock
nuk = nuke, destroy or incinerate
nyk = a cut

nal = nail or hit
nel = kneel
nil = river or the nile
nol = knoll, hill or hillside
nul = undo
nyl = annihilation or zero

nam = naming or name
nem = opposition
nim = prove yourself
nom = gnome or years of study
num = number or numerate
nym = compute or record of change

nan = care, nonentity or nonexistant
nen = stressful or stress
nin = ninth, 9th, nine or not
non = known
nun = noon, primordial abyss, newton, physics, applied force or night fall
nyn = twilight

nap = hackle or neck back
nip = cheese cracker or cat food
nep = dispel
nop = nope or nothing
nup = not possible or noop
nyp = love bite or butt bite

nar = narrowness
ner = close by
nir = point blank
nor = niether that
nur = aid or helper
nyr = observation or watch closely

nas = driven or drive
nes = complex
nis = pleasing
nos = knows, nose
nus = slack
nys = disillionment or distinct disregard

nat = natural or nature
net = neatness or very useful
nit = night or spark
not = something ta look at later or denote
nut = nut, neuter, split apart or asexual
nyt = weave together or woven

natz = mosquitos or nazi
netz = network
nitz = nitpick
notz = notation or notes
nutz = crazy
nytz = basket or mesh

nav = navigate
nev = never
niv = aftermath
nov = nova
nuv = bullish or bull
nyv = caught

naw = in dismissal
new = in contrast
niw = in writing
now = in immediance or at the moment
nuw = in felt dismissal
nyw = in knowing it

nda = nada or nothing
nde = undead
ndi = undid
ndo = undone or undo
ndu = no don't
ndy = undying or unkillable

nall = long nail
nell = blind and deaf, blind or deaf
nill = stray, straight, nothing or long river
noll = mountain or mountainside
null = zero or cancelled out
nyll = river, nothing, drought or dessert

napp = steal away
nipp = love bite
nepp = nepitism or negativity
nopp = refuse or refusal
nupp = nuptial, marriage ceromony or wedding
nypp = kiss or passionate greeting

nava = navagation or naval
nave = thief
navi = auto navigate or prosperity
navo = happy prospect
navu = cancel movement or cancel action
navy = navy, sea enforcement or sea navigation

nawb = agreeable or ignorant
newb = newbie or new at
niwb = return to
nowb = roots or beginning
nuwb = inexperienced
nywb = give to pressure

natt = mosquito
nett = net or connected strand mat
nitt = nit or weave
nott = knot or not
nutt = nutty, sex change operation or break apart
nytt = night

natta = nature or natural
netta = netting
nitta = steal away
notta = notable, nothing or not at all
nutta = two part
nytta = weaving

n-qach = acid corruption
nainto = no nothing, know nothing or unknown
neeb = distract or distraction
neeber = annoyance or annoyer
neeba = annoyance or annoyer
neig = anything
nigaa = dryland or sunland
nige = black race
nigeria = sunland or dryland
noob = no objection, in common or common
noober = pest, question persistance or pester
nooba = pest, question persistance or pester
nied = patience
neuf = 9 or nine
neut = neuter or remove sex organ
noir = black
naus = nausea
naeder = absent
neal = hacker or personal attacker
nielson = compliance or compliant
niese = sneeze
niesen = to sneeze
naetle = nonetheless
neato = very unique
neuta = neutralize
neute = neuter or bi-sexual
neuti = neutrino
nuanat = naturally understood or naturally understand
nuatha = legendary sword
nachu = nothingness being
nada = not
nadt = nothing
nida = neutral, break even or in-between
nafe = neophyte, teacherless student or masterless student
nani = what
nanno = no more
nibeh = kneeback or knee in crotch
nibl = nimble
nuba = number
neck = neck slap
naga = serpent human shapeshifter that breathes acid
nagas = water serpent human that breathes acid
nagum = self-conscious
nagumwasuck = ugly fairy that help fishing
niga = active worm or virus
nigga = nigger, nigerian or black man
nelson = charismatic, name caller, promotion grabber, position or scrabbler
nemo = anymore, nevermore, deep explorer or nothing more
ninyc = impervious or indestructible
nimb = nimble or rubbery
nimbus = energy cloak or cloud energy
nomen = name, family name, noun, account, account entry, sake, title or heading
numba = number
nummy = delicious or lasting good taste
nym = compute or record of change
napalm = volatile liquid
napot = hot day
naptha = liquid pitch or boiled tar
napthalamoyl = greek fire
necay = necessity or anything possible
necessity = any possibility, any reason or anything possible
niclaus = gift giver, tax refund or bylaw
nichlaus - loophole or sidestep
nicolas - escapism, evade, evasive, evasion or escape
nicholaus - escapism, evade, evasive, evasion or escape
nerv = nerve
norm = normal or enormous
nors = norse or norwegian tribe
norscod = norse code or typography send
norsk = norwegian
norwood = north wood, geneology, motherland or spookywood
ness = pursuit
nesti = elven family
nosydjyrod = underdevelopement or undeveloped land
nost = not lost or unlost
nostro = nostril
nostrodamus = dream vision
nostra = sniff
nostradamus = sight prediction
neth = beneath
neta = niether or nether
netacilf = nether elf or chaos elf
netarelm = nether realm or death realm
nether = negative, niether, death or ether wisp
nethi = beneath me or nothing
netzueb = internet
nerieds = water elemental able to manipulate water
noruica = necromancer
nuremnia = neuracannula or brain stem
nuremniuyq = neuracannula link or brain stem tap
ness = likeness
nast = nasty
nastink = nasty stink
nitr = nitrium
nitrach = nitric acid or stomach acid
nitro = highly unstable, nitroglycerin or high explosive
nitwit = idiot or idiocity
notin = nothing
nott = not, woodpecker or no chance
notty = knots or giant woodpecker
notting = schemes or land plots
nottingham = harmful scheme or decreed land
nuppeta = spiritual marriage or spiritual arrangement
nutik = nasty stink
nuttin = nothing
neva = never
nevoir = memory begone or forget
nevnev = nevernever land, time lock or unaging place
nevyn = never or nothing
novex = nova or expanding electricity damage ring
novpos = poison nova or foe effect expanding poison ring
nixi = water sprite with a beguiling song
nazi = dedicated hate or hate activist
nuag = cloud
nyboe = overburdened
nukoubui = levitate
neter = deity
nulle = no or rejection
nasher = careful watch
nishru = nishruu or magic eater
navajo = navajo indian
naeabliia = invulnerable or invincible
nederlands = netherlands or dutch
ntara = interrogate


pa = pathway, paper or protactinium
pe = examined, pea or guided
pi = natural or pie
po = application, peck or polonium
pu = pew, plutonium or long bench
py = bring high, page or quick wit

pab = padlock
peb = pebble
pib = natural
pob = material or usage
pub = inn or hotel
pyb = highly focus

pac = pack
pec = peace
pic = visualize, picture, pinch or tablespoon
poc = pock or marking
puc = pucker, puce or bruise purple
pyc = piece

paf = made path
pef = mentally assist
pif = piffle
pof = applied field
puf = puff
pyf = criticism

pag = page
peg = a peg
pig = overtly large
pog = jump
pug = overcome or snit
pyg = a pig

pak = compression
pek = peek or energy peak
pik = pike or little
pok = poke or stab out
puk = puking
pyk = pick at

pal = pale or comparison
pel = peel away
pil = pile
pol = polarity or shine
pul = pull
pyl = moment of ambrosia

pam = non stick, oily or slick
pem = afraid to go near or skittish
pim = head
pom = base part
pum = fist hits, pump or air up
pym = hard work or duly

pan = bread, window sill or enclosure
pen = penalty
pin = pine tree or find out with
pon = ponder, pony, male horse
pun = minimal
pyn = trial or pin

pap = papyra or paper
pep = excuse
pip = connectivity or pipe
pop = authority
pup = student
pyp = paper maker

par = mark
per = at moment
pir = peer
por = dust
pur = pure or purity
pyr = death fire or black fire

pas = pause, poison or hold
pes = peeing or appease
pis = evolution
pos = slowly apply or pose
pus = waste
pys = piss or float up

pat = pat, correction or forehead
pet = participate, peat or plant soil
pit = plight or pit
pot = gateway drug, nonaddictive mind drug, potent or potency
put = pollute, place somewhere, process, put into or put
pyt = talk back, python snake, appliance or levitate up

pax = written agreement
pex = shoulder blade
pix = pixy
pox = curse
pux = pucker
pyx = high energy

paz = walkway, pave or pays
pez = small candy
piz = park
poz = pose
puz = puzzle
pyz = comic

pla = last application
ple = plead or exemption
pli = inclusion or add onto
plo = come back
plu = end of list
ply = try, plant or attempt

pra = pray, prayer, circle heal or pray upon
pre = beforehand
pri = primary or prime
pro = for
pru = old
pry = wrest away

psa = sluggish
pse = perception
psi = telepathy or telepath
pso = mental push
psu = psuedo or imitation
psy = psychic

pann = pan, pannery or panning
penn = penny, pen or marketplace
pinn = pin or pinning
ponn = pond, unthought, mule or mulish
punn = pun or laughter
pynn = unfair, case number, untested, unready, pine tree, identification or personal ID

papl = pope
pepl = people
pipl = pipeline
popl = poppy seed
pupl = apprentice
pypl = long enduring paper