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Really interesting info on alternative medicines for dogs and cats!!! Click Here

Good info on feeding your dog homecooked food!! Click Here

Lots of info on various dog topics including holistic, probiotics, natural products. Click Here
Click Here

Easy instructions for training your dog. Click Here

Free dog stuff!!! Click Here

More advanced dog tricks!!!! Click Here

Magazine for about dogs and animals!!
Visit Animal Wellness Magazine

Heres some pet behaviour info. There are real dog behavioral cases and monthly quizzes and more!! For dogs and cats…. Click Here

LOTS of useful info on puppies and dogs
The Puppy Place

Links to loads of websites where you can buy all sorts of things for your dog!!! Click Here

Find a dog park in your area to let your dog run of leash in safety!! Click Here

All the free doggie graphics you’ll ever need!!!! And heres where the graphics on this site came from … Click Here

This is where my cute little pooh bear counters came from … for free!!!! Click Here
Click Here

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Best Dog Sites
Best Dog Sites
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Homemade, Handmade
Homemade, Handmade
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Primitive Lovers by texascandles
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The Dog Ring
The Dog Ring
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The Ring of Dog Lovers
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Heres a few links to fun stuff for people….
The shrunken head game was fun here!!!
Click Here

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Please email me Email Us if you have any questions, comments, interesting things we might like to know, something that we might want to add to our site....

Don’t forget to have a look at the rest of the yummy biscuits on this site and cute bows for doggies and peoples stuff on our other site…

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Dog Soap :: Click Here
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Abbies E Cards :: Click Here
7 O’clock Dog Club :: Click Here
Dog Customers pictures :: Click Here
Links page ::Click Here
Shipping & Paying info ;;Click Here (opens in a new page)
Ingredients info;;Click Here (opens in a new page)
Customer Comments:: Click Here
Treats for smaller dogs:: Click Here

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