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Starring: Penguins

This movie is about penguins walking 80 miles to get some. That's about it. I almost fell asleep. D+


weekly summary

This week, Sayid build a cottagie thing for Shannon and they got it on. Sayid left to get water and Shannon saw Walt acting all crazy and othery. Sayid didn't believe her and she was pissed. Hurly talked with the black lady about laundry. Sawyer is all,"My shoulder!" and the bitchy hispanic girl is like,"We gotta keep movin'." The backstory is Shannon's dad dying and her step-mom taking all the dad's money and Shannon and Boone talk about stuff. Shannon has Vincent smell Walt's clothes and track him down, but the dog takes her to Boone's grave and she gets all sad again. Sawyer goes unconcious and they carry him on a stretcher. They go up a big hill and then can't find some chick and think the others took her. Shannon goes back in the jungle to find Walt and Sayid chases her. The bitchy spic hears the others and pulls out her gun. Shannon sees something and runs after it through the trees. There's a gunshot. The bitch shot Shannon and Sayid is all angry. Oh yeah! Claire tells Locke that Charlie carries around the Mary statue so Locke knows Charlie is using herion.