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Sam Mraovich's Pictures

"Attention Newspapers and other Media:
These pictures are put here for you to download and publish in any format of magazines, newspapers, and other promotional, public, and published printed articles. These pictures are free and have no copyright attached. Permission to use provided by Sam Mraovich himself. Any questions may be directed to Sam Mraovich's press spokesperson at +1-818-288-4267."

October 10, 2005 - Sam Mraovich just entered his second 16mm film "Sight Seeing" into the Oscar's Race. It is a 4 minutes animated cartoon about a wizard who saves the earth from a huge astroid. Sam's first short animated 16mm film, _Expression, did not win or get nominated for the Oscar statuette. "I'm really excited about this short film. I have more faith in it because it has more of a story to it where my first was only an oil painting being shot from beginning to end within two minutes." Sam should know about the Oscar results by the end of November.

October 10, 2005 - Actor/Director Sam Mraovich will graduate from cosmetology school in Hollywood, California in December 2005. He plans to work in studios with actors on movie sets and will network with those on sets to pursue finding financing for his third screenplay called "Sparring." Mraovich will direct and act and produce. "Sparring" was written by Sam and a friend, Paolo Carascon, a real life black belt in karate. Also, Mraovich will test for his real estate license in November 2005 in Glendale, California. He hopes the commission on the average million dollar home in Hollywood and multi-million dollar Beverly Hills home will also help him finance "Sparring" which is Mraovich's third film he wrote.