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~Outlaw Star Fanfictions!~
Welcome to the New and Improved version of my fanfictions page. First of all, I would like to say that all the stories here came from Fanfiction.Net (THEY ARE NOT MINE). The are in my opinion, the best stories of Outlaw Star Fanfictions I have ever come across. If you would like to add yours, just email me and we'll talk ^_^ Main Page?

-A Classic Romeo and Juliet!  An nice poem about Hanmyo's feelings towards Jim after her death. Enemies in love; it is truly a repetition of the classical story of Shakespeare. Author: Shadow Seeker!, Rated: PG, (Jim & Hanmyo).

-Everlasting Love Story!  A collection of love stories between almost all the main and minor characters. Story told according by each character's point of view. Author: Shadow Seeker!, Rated: PG13, (The Outlaw Crew).

-Human or Machine...You're Real to Me!  Melfina ponders about her humanity and starts to doubt wheter she deserves Gene, and if he deserves better. Gene changes her mind. Author: Imagination Child a.k.a. IC-chan!, Rated: PG13, (Gene & Melfina).

-Like A Mom!  This scene continues when Melfina fell asleep on Gene's shoulder. Gene tries to touch her, Jim hits him on the head, continued with Gene thinking about Jim and Melfina. Author: Shadow Seeker!, Rated: PG13, (Gene/Jim/Melfina).

-Most Precious of Treasures!  Melfina wonders if she really does deserve Gene and if he really cares about her, after all she is just a bio-android. Can Gene change her mind? And what did he really gain from the Galactic Leyline? Author: Kayochen!, Rated: PG13, (Gene & Melfina).

-Outlaw Star; The Ryunoken Sword  This story is an action adventure/romance fic dedicated to all the characters of Outlaw Star i.e. Gene, Jim, Melfina, Suzuka and Aisha. Set six months after the end of the series, a new adventure begins with the introduction of the Toku Pirates and a mysterious man in black with a connection to Melfina's past. Truly, the best sequal for Outlaw Star. And yes, Gene and Melfina are an item in this story. Author: The Ronin!, Rated: Depends on the Chapter, (The Outlaw Crew).