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If In Life

You find that one person
Who understands your heart
Respects it
Listens to your soul
Respects it
Acknowledges your differences yet
Respects it
Then you have found a loving and kind friend
..... the boundaries of that friendship can be endless!

When you read this page you will know who I am speaking of
A one in a million chance at life the way it should have been
.....could have been.........who would have thought!
I love you forever....

To you I dedicate this site...........

Come take my hand and let me walk with you through many of life's happenings
I love you-----regardless of what path life takes us.
Always know you are you are the essence of LOVE.....
Your whole being embraces love.......the actions of the love one human being has for another
You are indeed one of the most fantastic human beings

full of kindness and goodness that I have ever known.


Give yourself the best gift you can give anyone
Love of another human being, one you can embrace,
comfort and share endless experiences with......

Life is indeed a journey.......each day a new step into our future and our ultimate destination.

Each of us is a miracle created to be shared with others!

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