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Ayrshire has a diverse range of habitats and thus a rich variety of birdlife. With few exceptions (e.g. Scottish crossbill, Cetti's warbler, etc.), the county has played host to many of the birds on the UK list, including some Asian and American vagrants. This site is an attempt to gather information about these birds in one location for the benefit of Ayrshire birders and visitors to the county. I have tried to provide a measurement range for each bird's length, wingspan and weight. In the case of egg size, the average dimensions are given (where possible). Lifespan is given as the maximum known for each bird. Expected longevity will generally be much lower. Other information I have tried to provide is what each bird sounds like, a brief habitat description, the bird's conservation status and its population (either UK, Europe or world).

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I have been a birdwatcher from November 2004 and, therefore, there are probably glaring errors somewhere within the site. If anyone feels like correcting me, please do. I can be reached at


Likewise, if you have any suggestions for improvements or additional content please let me know and I'll see what I can do.

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Where photos haven't been taken I have used the artwork of J.J.Audubon, John Gould and William McGillivray. To my knowledge there are no copyrights on these images; if this is not the case please inform me and I will gladly remove them.

Egg images are taken from the works of Henry Seebohm, the Alberta Museum's virtual egg collection and from Rob Brown's Replica British Birds Eggs.


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