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About The Author

Iím an undergrad student at James Madison University, majoring in English with a minor in Creative Writing that Iím most likely going to have to drop because the university doesnít offer enough writing classes for me to ever actually get enrolled in one. I became interested in writing when I was in the fifth grade and my sister began typing up stories on our momís typewriter. When I wanted to use it, she wouldnít let me, so naturally it was something that I had to do. Over the years Iíve written a number of stories, short and long, and recently Iíve been trying to get some of them published. My novella ďShards of Faith: A Will Scarlet TaleĒ is now in print and I have had several prequel stories to the quartet of novels that I am writing published in Gryphonwood Magazine. Right now I am working on Book III of the quartet. It is my goal to finish the saga this year.


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