Forbush Swim Team

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The Forbush Swimteam has come along way this year. We practiced everyday at the Yadkin Family YMCA. The practices last for an hour or so.. depending on what kind of mood Oz is in. We have alot of fun and still get alot of work done. If you are ever looking for a low pressure sport this would be a good one to look into. Oz is one of the greatest coaches around. He will help you along the way and never make you feel bad. He never rasies his voice in anger but always in encouragement. When yu loose a race it dosn't matter to him, because he will always be on the side of the pool screaming for you like you were winning.

In swimming its not cannon balls and flying squirls, (even though sometimes we like to add those in)....
you have four diffrent strokes you can learn.

The easiest stroke is Free Style,

then theres Backstroke,

Breast Stroke,

and of cource the hardest is Butterfly.