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The Mafia

Today I'd like to talk about "Mafia". My topic isn't funny, but it's very serous, because it is a very great problem in Italy especially in the South.
Have you ever heard this? So, mafia is a secret organization. It is terrible, because a lot of people have been killed ad will be killed by people who belong to the Mafia.
The old Mafia developed because of social problems and because of corruption which existed.
As a result some people took law in their own hands. The principal function of the Mafia is to do justice by themselves without police and court. And who asks for help to the police is considered a fool and a coward.
A Sicilian proverb sums up a Mafia's principle. It is: "If I live, I'll kill you. If I die, I forgive you" and was said by a man who was stabbed.
Mafia is accepted by people who seek its protection and it has a code that people live and think by.
Mafia is invisible, but everyone recognizes its power.
There is another principle of "OMERTA'", that is the solidarity among criminals.
So people are afraid to speak, because if they do so, something terrible will happen to them. Once it used to be local, but slowly it has grown like an octopus. Now the Mafia isn't made up of the poorest people of Italy, but of very important people. The members of the Mafia family are called "Mafiosi". There is a hierarchy and there is the Boss, also called "Don". He has all power in the family and he gives the orders. The rest of the family has to follow them without question. The Underboss is the second-in-command. He controls day-to-day operations of the family. The Consigliere is the "Advisor" to the Boss. Capo is the leader of a group of ten or twelve soldiers. The soldiers are the guys that do the dirty work.
The progress has had its effect on the Mafia. The shift from the country-side to the towns brought to illegal construction.
Do you know what "ndrangheta" is? This is one of the names that Mafia has. In Naples it is called "Camorra”, in Sicily it's called "Cosa Nostra", in Calabria it is called "Ndrangheta".
So it's the Calabrese Mafia.
I wonder but how can Mafia kill so many people? Yes it's invisible, but there is the omertà (Do you remember it?) of the people.
I wouldn't want the Mafia to touch my life is honest. they are considered the men of respect, honour, but for me they are only criminals.