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Eirianwyn Avianna AshWood


At a tall height of 6''0 she stands with an equally tall pride that is shone unmistakably in her almond shaped hazel eyes. Her form slender and agile, meant to slip through the forest and trees with ease and grace though she was also more heavily built than other elves and had a muscular toned body. Strong arms, chiseled stomache, shapely legs with curving calves, and a slender waist all thanks to her Sylvan heritage. Tan brown skin stretching over her feminine muscules, her head a mass of chocolate brown curls that were often worn tied back in a long braid. Long, delicate pointed elven ears protruding out from the sides of her head. Her face was a beautiful one, as all Elves were, though it was hardened and stern from years of hardship. With narrow features, defined cheek bones, and full lips that were in the form of a strict line, unwavering and unsmiling. Her form was strapped in brown studded leather armor and a green cloak adorned around her broad shoulders. Hanging at her leather belt was a long and short sword sheathed in a plain leather scabbard. A few pouched hanging from her belt also. A brown bag of holding was slung around her shoulder and a quiver of arrows and longbow was at her back. A dagger hidden somewhere on her person though not in her boot! Her eyes are stern and emotionless as stone. Though behind that stiff wall there is kindness and compassion ready to be given out at the right time. Otherwise she has a most serious tone about her. Having been through her own trials and felt her own pains she is ever stronger now then she was before. A blunt, straight foreward person she does what she knows is right. She is not as hostile at her Wood Elven kin though she has their temper and by far has little of Elven patience. Though she is quite willing to make a friend, freely giving her trust to those who seek it though she is reluctant to give it back. She answers to only her Goddess and the forest, loving nothing more than the trees and creatures that inhabit the woodland realm. She is the hunter, the sister to nature, the Ranger.