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New Years Eve Bowl 2006


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2005 NYE Bowl results – Best of 3 games

                                         Young Guns - 2

                                         Old Has Beens - 1


Team Members: 


Young Guns -     Dan Mielke                            Team Stats.

                                      Tyler Trocke

                                      Tim Gendron

                                      David Keeney

                                      Robby Wiens

                                      Luke Ritt

Old Has Beens – Charlie Ritt                             Team Stats.                          

                                      Luke Smith

                                      Matt Fricke

                                      Pete Fricke

                                      Eric Bestland

                                      Some other no namer


Quest for the Cup . . . . What’s in store for this coming year?

            After the not so shocking loss to the Young Guns, team captain Charlie Ritt is on the rebound looking for new players.

 “I’m ashamed of both my players’ lack of effort and their inability to hold down the cannon of Dan Mielke, the ground attack

of Luke Ritt, the vicious air attack to either Keeney or Gendron, and the hard hitting free safety Rob Wiens.” That sounds like

a lot of finger pointing Chuck. “Hopefully I’ll be at full health this year,” says Luke Smith, “I just feel pretty washed up right now.”


            As for the Young Guns, they plan on keeping the same players. “Why change something that’s already been perfected?” says

 pain giving Rob Wiens. The one thing they do plan on changing is their plays and play calls. “We need to keep the defense on their

toes and give them something they won’t expect each and every play” says wide out David Keeney. How does the quarterback plan

on handling the new offense? “It’s not so difficult. I know I can make the right calls and I know I have the best receivers that know

what to do” says QB Dan Mielke.