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Green Terror

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Green Terrors are aggressive Cichlids and should not be kept with fish that can't fend for themselves. The body is green and each scale has a black dot on it. The fins are tipped with orange and the mouth is small but powerful. These are fast, darty fish that can catch and eat smaller fish with ease. It is a large and preditory fish, but, like most other Cichlids, can be kept together with other fish in a large aquarium. The aquarium should have rocks for this fish to hide behind. The female Green Terror is darker than the male, with less contrast between colors while the males are larger and with age, generally develop a hump on thier head. They have been bred in aquariums and are good , open-breeder parents. The female lays as many as 300 eggs on carefully cleaned rocks. The eggs are then protected and fanned by the parents fins to keep water circulating. The Green Terror used to be known as Aequidens pulcher which is incorrect. That is the name of the Blue Acara, and the Green Terror has since been recognized as a seperate species. When kept in the same tank, these fish can become very intolerant of each other. The males grow larger than females. If kept by itself, pampered on a varied menu and given abundant water changes, the Green Terror can grow into a powerful yet graceful adult. Green Terrors will eat all manner of foods, especially earthworms, beefheart, food pellets, bloodworms, and goldfish. Do not feed the same food continuously, as this can lead to an 'addiction' to one food and digestive disorders.