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My Dorm Room in Yosemite

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My almost daily random thoughts

Alright, so check out the pictures of my room that I lived in with for the first quarter. The pictures were taken from my crappy digital camera, so don't worry about the quality. It's the idea. My room's present state will be posted soon enough. It's not as spacious, but it's the best I can do. PS- Sign the guestbook!

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We all remember my beloved fish Bunny. He was from WOW week and I switched food on him, and now the poor beta lives somewhere in fishy heaven. (September 18-October 30).

And who can forget my beloved succulant Spike. He was a good plant, and I thought you didn't need to water them. No, I suppose you just need to water them less. He has been out of my custody and I only have visitation rights, but he is long dead. Poor me.

I put the 2 desks together to amke for ample work space and it worked out quite nicely. It is inf front of my window. The window shelf use did get wasted, but I had enough space. So it doesn't matter.

Bunny was on my second desk and I put a sign up saying his name so people would know that was Bunny. I miss Bunny. The sign is now his memorial in my room, it has his dates and "We miss you" on it.

This is my bed, made. I never make my bed. My bed is uaully trashed or something. Oh, I also can switch out the sheets from white to dark navy blue.

This is how it usually is. It sums up a lot, actually. Joe takes naps up here when downstairs is too lonely and noisey.

This is above my bed. I ahve a photo assortment from Hawaii on the left and my Jeff Gordon poster to the right. Again, this is in the far right corner of my room from the door's view. Above my bed. Like I said. (Rhyming!)

This is inbetween my 2 desks and wall to the door. It is the empty space of my room, which is misleading because that bed became the giant counter space I needed. I threw a sheet over it so that way it would not be that ugly prison grey mattress for me to look at. Also, in the winter, I took away that chair and laundry and set up my table and Xmas tree in that area there. So it wasn't always like this. Pretty bare with no posters up or anything....