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Candle colors and correspondences

Here is a list for referencing the candle colors and their correspondences.

Color Purpose
Black Returning to sender; divination; negative work; protection
Blue-Black For wounded pride; broken bones; angelic protection
Dark Purple Used for calling up the power of the Ancient Ones; sigils/runes; government
Lavender To invoke righteous spirit within thyself when doing good works
Dark Green Invoking the Goddess of Regeneration; agriculture; financial
Mint Green Financial gains (used with gold and/or silver)
Green Healing or health; North Cardinal Point
Avocado Green New beginnings
Light Green Improve the weather
Indigo Blue To reveal deep secrets; protection on the astral levels; defenses
Dark Blue Confusion--to create (must be used with white or you will confuse yourself)
Blue Protection
Royal Blue Power and protection
Pale/Light Blue Protection of home; buildings; young, etc; young males
Ruby Red Love or anger of a passionate nature; sex magick
Red Love; romantic atmosphere; energy; South Cardinal Point
Light Red Deep affection of a non-sexual nature
Deep Pink Harmony and friendship in the home
Pink Harmony and friendship with people; binding magick
Pale Pink Friendship; young females
Yellow Healing; can also represent East Cardinal Point
Deep Gold Prosperity; sun magick
Gold Attraction
Pale Gold Prosperity in health
Burnt Orange Love Bondage; opportunity
Orange Material gain; and to seal a spell; attraction
Dark Brown Invoking earth for benefits
Brown Peace in the home; herb magick
Pale Brown Material benefits in the home
Silver Quick money; gambling; invocation of the Moon; Moon magick
Off-White Peace of mind
Lily White "Mother Candle" (burned for 30 minutes at each moon phase)
White Righteousness; purity, used for East Cardinal Point; devotional magick
Grey Glamouries

'use white if no other candle color is available'