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Commentary and Analysis
for the "Secret Lab / Tron Killer App" sequence.

White Images
These are the most intriguing of all--while the others feature brilliant blue or red objects, these are grayscale with brilliant white. They do look extremely cool! :-) My guess is the absence of color signifies some importance about them. But what would that be exactly?!? Hmm...

[Production note: these images are grayscale in the video, but "color smears" from other room objects bleed into them. To remove the distracting smears, I have changed the file from RGB to grayscale.]

If I had to guess, I'd say these are cities of some sort with... dual IO beams?!? The beams do stop however. Maybe they are antennas for wireless IO towers? Since there are multiple and similar looking "cities" here, I'd guess they are possibly linked (in concept or communications wise) to one another. While Tron was about the mainframe, Tron 2.0 could be about the network. It's just a thought.

Image W6 is a "panned up camera" version of W1. W2 looks like it was taken from the top of the vertical beams seen in W1 (but looking down on it) W5 looks like some sort of IO tower.

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