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Proton Sailor Fanart

Sorry for the delay everyone! I hope this makes up for the wait.

Here they are, enjoy! By the way, please see below for the artwork usage policy.

Proton Sailor Desktop
preview image of the Proton Sailor Desktop
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This is a version of the image on this Website's main page. It has been reworked to computer monitor proportions, although the 1600x1024 is closest to the original with its wide screen aspect ratio.

About The Proton Sailor
The Proton Sailor is speculative fanart based on the future world of Tron, and has no relation to the Tron 2.0 movie coming out.

* Navigation *
The Proton Sailor is an internetwork transport. In addition to current wired carriers, this vehicle also travels wireless and non EM-based carriers.

Although it can ride transport power beams, they are not required for operation. The Proton Sailor can operate independently using its lower transport beam collector as a protonic emitter.

Algorithms continually map geography and transportation nodes in an array of dynamic fractal-based storage memories.

* Power *
The main supply of power is from transport beams. Its sails, however, can be configured to collect and channel electrons from the surrounding environment. Full speed can only be obtained from a transport beam charge.

* Propulsion *
Two large emitters project protonic sails which move the transport forward. The sails are self-configurable and continuously change shape to best meet the operating environment. The sails can also be configured to repel energy and slow the craft.

The transport is powered by the external environment and transport beams. The sails can also be configured to collect and channel electrons from the surrounding environment, which are then stored and latter emitted from the lower beam collector or even the sails.

Made of recursive superconducting algorithms, the emitters are capable of continuous acceleration during travel. Energy is stored and drawn from a recursive chaotic capacitor array and is capable of recharging itself from itself.

* Communications *
Continual and rapid communication is performed by many redundant antennas of the Proton Sailor.

Directional signals can be sent and received from projector and lower beam collector struts, which act as phased antennas. Two vertical antennas in the very front have forward and lateral directionality. An antenna on the underside of the lower transport beam collector has forward, backward, and vertical directionality--this antenna (as do the two forward ones) have algorithms for transport beam acquisition and alignment. The transport beam collector also acts as a multiplexed signal collector and antenna. Finally, the entire body of the transport can act as an antenna.

* Passenger Access and Seating. *
Entry to the craft is provided by two projected elevators from the seating area floor, and projected gantryways from the central body. The Proton Sailor seats 12 passengers in a large area.

* Environment and Virus Protection *
Sail emitters also operate to isolate the transport's passengers from the external environment as needed. A continuous "sweeping projection" clears the environment ahead.

The central projectors contain logarithmic repulsers which emit a vehicle encompassing envelope in the entire EM spectrum. Random algorithms additionally fortify the envelope's structure.

Phased antennas from the projector and lower beam collector struts can absorb programs into a unidirectional containment memory--this memory must be detached and partially deresolved in order to be opened.

Artwork Usage Policy
Simply stated, this is "fan art" made and copyrighted by user_windy (aka windarrow). It is presented and may only be used for non-commercial, entertainment purposes.

The short version: you can use the artwork from this Website for personal purposes so long as it contains a credit line with a link to this Website. A notice for those who like to "borrow" artwork--the fanart on this page may include nonvisible watermarks for authorship verification.

The long version:

You MAY:

  • use any artwork from this page for display on a personal Website (including in a gallery), but it MUST include the credit line "(artwork name) by user_windy" and be placed near the image. The word user_windy should be a link to this Website. You DO NOT need to contact me that the artwork is being used--but it sure would be nice of you though! :-) Why not tell me what you think of it and how it could be even better?

  • use artwork here as the starting point for your own ideas.
You may NOT:
  • use any artwork from here and claim it as your own.

  • display any artwork from here without a credit line. Please see the copyright information section above for linking information.

  • recrop desktops or startupscreens available from this Website to remove copyright notices.

  • display any artwork from here on a commercial Website without permission from user_windy.

  • resell (or make available as part of a salable product) any artwork from here for any commercial purpose whatsoever.

Authorship Verification
Be it sad but true, some people don't respect the efforts of others and may claim the work of others as their own. It is for THOSE people that the following should be understood. Please note the artwork available on this page may include nonvisible watermarks. Should the need arise to verify the artwork was produced by user_windy, a "procedure" can be done so the watermark becomes visible. This watermark does not use any copyrighted technology or method. In short, please respect the artwork use policy noted above and all will be fine.
If you would like to use any artwork from here in a manner not covered by the policy above, please e-mail me for permission (I just might say yes.) Thanks!

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