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Glossary of Kemetic Terms

Aakhu - Protection
Akh - Luminous body
Akhet - House; the horizon
Akhu - The blessed dead; ancestors
Ankh - Symbol of enduring life
AUS - Ankh Udja Seneb or "Life, prosperity, and health", a benediction attached to any mention of a Royal person
Ba - Part of the soul; the undying essence
Ben-ben - The first land to rise from the primordial waters
Deshret - "The Red Land"; the inhabitable wastes of the desert that surrounded the Nile valley
Djed - A pillar representing Asar's spine or phallos
Duat - The Realm of the Dead
Em hotep - "In Peace"; Kemetic greeting
Ennead - A group of nine deities
Heb (pl. hebu) - Festival
Heka - Authoritative speech; magic
Henu - Honor gesture which accompanies worship
Hesi - Hymns
Het - House
Hotep (pl. hotepu) - Offerings; peace
Hu - Utterance
Ib - Heart-shaped amulet
Iru - Ceremonies
Isfet - Disorder, chaos, whatever is opposed to M'aat
Ka - Part of the soul; vital essence; the personality which must be fed after death in order to survive
Kemet - "The Black Land"; Egypt, especially the rich, inhabitable area surrounding the Nile
Khaibet - The Shadow part of the soul
Khat - The physical body
Khesu - Basic rites
Maa-kheru, "True of voice"; justified; deceased who has been judged favourably
Ma'at - Order; truth; justice; harmony
Nefer - Beautiful
Nekhekh - The flail carried by the Pharaoh
Nekhtet - Victory
Neter (pl. neteru) - A God; divinity
Nisut - The King; Pharaoh
Per - Mansion; temple
Ren - A Name; one's total being
Sa - Protection
Sedjem - Hearing
Sekhem - Vital force
Sekhet Irau - "Field of Reeds"; abode of the dead
Sekhet Hetept - "Field of Offerings"
Senebty - A closing phrase used by Kemetics, meaning "may you be healthy"
Shemsu - Follower; devottee
Sia - Perception
Tawy - "The Two Lands"; The unification of Upper and Lower Egypt
Udjat - The eye of Horus amulet
Wab (pl. wabu) - Purifications

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