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Power Rangers!!

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, I have been out of town for the past week and a half on emergency business. Updates will resume after this weeks episode. Thanks a lot for working with me on this.

This page is dedicated to the Power Rangers. It will have a fan fic that I have been writing, and am currently looking for help on, and information on the current Power Rangers series, Power Rangers Wild Force.

This page is going to grow rapidly for the next few days. I hope everyone enjoys the work I'm going to be putting into the page.

If you wish to help me write the fan fic story I am going to be working on, send me an e-mail at the address listed below. I am going to write the first story arc and I am looking for people to write some of the continuing chapters, from the perspective of one of the characters. I will have a characters page up shortly so anyone can look at the current characters.

Choose your destination:

Power Rangers Wild Force

Power Rangers: Defenders of the Universe

I don't own the Power Rangers. If anything on this site is the property of anyone else, I don't know, but if you e-mail me I will take it off. The fan fiction on this site is from my mind, if anything there is the property of anyone else, I don't know that either, but once again e-mail me and it will be taken care of. If there are any other problems with material on my page just let me know and it will be taken care of.