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My Teams

These are my C100 reference Subbuteo teams, in numerical order. Each one has a comment next to it, together with all the clubs I have used the team to represent. You may find the comments silly, but I have included them to be nostalgic....

1. Red shirts, White shorts, Red socks.
Nottingham Forest, Barnsley, Charlton Athletic.

One of the original two teams which came with my second hand set. Poor condition, with little paint on some of them. Others have arms missing.

2. Blue shirts, White shorts, Blue socks.
Ipswich Town, Everton, Oldham Athletic, St Johnstone.

The other one of my original teams. Again, in poor condition, similar to No 1 above.

3. Blue and white striped shirts, white shorts, white socks.
West Bromwich Albion, Brighton and Hove Albion, Kilmarnock.

An original heavyweights team I purchased recently through ebay. Although the white on the shirts is stained with time, still a classic.

4. Red and white striped shirts, White shorts, Red and white socks.
Stoke City.

One of my favourite colour schemes when I was young. I bought this team to copy my friend David, who lived across the road.

5. Sky blue shirts, white shorts, sky blue socks.
Manchester City, Lazio, Malmo.

I remember playing with this team on Christmas Day morning with my other new team, No 25 Celtic. In those days, I was much more tolerant to the natural rivals to Manchester United!

6. Yellow shirts with black trim, black shorts, yellow socks.
Borussia Dortmund, Alloa, East Fife.

Don't you love buying a team off ebay, and it comes in the wrong box? This came in a box proclaiming it to be 652, although that team bears blue and white stripes. No, definitely a Lightweight 6.

9. Red and white striped shirts, black shorts, red and white socks.
Sunderland, Sheffield United, Southampton.

One day, Dad came home from work with a load of teams his colleague Bruce had given to me. I was overjoyed! This team is in, shall we say, well used condition.

11. Blue and white hooped shirts, white shorts, white socks.
Queens Park Rangers, Morton, Reading.

This was a team I always wanted when I was young. Now I have it, thanks to ebay.

12. Blue and white quartered shirts, white shorts, white socks.
Bristol Rovers.

Another visit to ebay, another auction, another team in the collection.

16. Red shirts with white sleeves, white shorts, white and red socks.
Arsenal, Rotherham United.

A team I really wanted. I purchased this team while I was on holiday in Great Yarmouth one year. I couldn't wait to get home to play.

17. Blue shirts with white sleeves, white shorts, blue and white socks.
Sheffield Wednesday, Ipswich Town.

Another of the teams Bruce gave to me, and brought home from work by Dad.

21. White shirts, white shorts, white socks.
Real Madrid, Leeds United.

All white kit. I have the lightweight version, although I'd prefer to replace it with a heavyweight eventually.

23. Yellow and red striped shirts, black shorts, yellow and red socks.
Bradford City, Partick Thistle, Motherwell.

Purchased in my second wind of collecting during the nineties. I was intrigued by the colour scheme, and they were in a sale.

25. Green and white hooped shirts, white shorts, white socks.
Celtic, Sporting Lisbon.

See also No 5. My other Christmas Day Subbuteo team.

28. Canary yellow shirts with green trim, green shorts, white socks.
Norwich City.

I loved playing with this team, as I had few yellow teams. I often used them for away strips as well.

30. Yellow and black striped shirts, black shorts, black socks.
Berwick Rangers.

Yes! Since a kid, I always wanted these cool colours. Okay, so I finally managed to track it down 25 years later, but the point is I finally have it....Yes!.....I have.....

41. Red shirts, red shorts, red socks.
This team is all red, even down to the red outer and inner sections of the base. I purchased this heavyweight team through ebay.

42. Blue shirts, blue shorts, white socks.
Chelsea, Montrose, Birmingham City.

One of the teams I bought, while buying teams only cost 50 pence of my pocket money. Happy days!

43. Sky blue shirts with dark blue trim, sky blue shorts, sky blue and dark blue socks.
Coventry City.

The team I used to represent Midland Select in my first league. Now well worn with the paint coming off.

45. Green shirts with white sleeves, white shorts, white socks.

Another long yearned-for team, finally purchased off ebay.

47. Yellow shirts, blue shorts, yellow socks.
Mansfield Town, Torquay United, Oxford United, Modena.

This was a team I wanted for a very long time, as it also represents quite a number of 1970s teams away kits. Can also be seen from quite some distance in thick fog.

53. Blue with red and white trim shirts, blue shorts, blue, white and red socks.
Rangers, Portsmouth.

I bought this team from Skills in Nottingham City Centre, long since closed down now. I looked inside the box with Dad, and must have lost one of the players in the shop. For many years, I used an "eleventh man" to make up the numbers when I played with this team, before ordering a spare from Subbuteo directly.

55. Mauve shirts, white shorts, mauve socks.
Anderlecht, Fiorentina.

Purchased from the huge Co-op Store in Nottingham, fourth floor, Sports Department. It was always a pleasure to look through the teams here. Sadly missed.

56. White shirts with a red central stripe, white shorts, white socks.

A recent purchase through ebay. A team I always wanted and never quite got round to buying, until now.

57. Red and black striped shirts, white shorts, black and red socks.
AC Milan, Foggia.

Another purchase from my second spate of team purchases. Used by me when playing in the challenge matches on work lunchtimes in the 90s.

58. Blue and black striped shirts, black shorts, black and blue socks.
Inter Milan, Atalanta, Brugges.

Purchased by myself at the same time as No 57, from Skills in the Broad Marsh Centre, Nottingham during the 90s.

72. Blue and red halved shirts, blue shorts, blue and red socks.
Cagliari, Genoa.

Yet another in the 1990s Italian Team phase of purchases. I was keen on collecting Serie A teams at that time.

74. Claret shirts with blue V, white shorts, pale blue socks.
Aston Villa.

Back to the Co-op on Parliament Street, Nottingham. I loved going there to buy my teams, as they were all at young lad's height, and the boxes could be easily opened.

76. Red and black striped shirts, black shorts, black socks.
Manchester City Away, Foggia.

This colour scheme is very striking, and although Man City are my team's natural rivals, I am still impressed with this team strip. An ebay purchase.

77. Old gold shirts with black trim, black shorts, old gold socks.
Wolverhampton Wanderers, Newport County.

Another team I bought from the Co-op. I loved their orange and black bases, as they stood out from the rest of my collection.

78. Green and black striped shirts, black short, black socks.
Plymouth Argyle.

My most expensive team, purchased from a Subbuteo Club meeting in Swinton, Greater Manchester. One I always wanted as a child.

81. White shirts with red trim, black shorts, red socks.
Liverpool Away, Darlington.

Another of the teams Dad brought home from work. Unfortunately, Bruce has drawn black hoops on the shirts at some time during his childhood!

99. Maroon shirts, white shorts, black socks.
Torino, Heart of Midlothian, Arbroath, Salernitana, Reggiana.

Another team from my Italian phase.

100. Red shirts with white V, white shorts, black and red socks.
Manchester United.

Ah, Man United. My very first United team, with their white and red bases. Much played with, and still one of my favourites.

101. Blue shirts with a white Penguin stripe, white shorts, blue socks.
Birmingham City, Carlisle United.

Another team I purchased because they were different from all my other blue teams.

151. Red shirts with black and yellow trim, black shorts, red, black and yellow socks.
Belgium, Bournemouth.

A team I enjoyed playing with. They represented Northern Town in my original league, and had zero points until about the twelfth game of their season!

154. White shirts, black shorts, white socks.
Tottenham Hotspur, Derby County, Bolton Wanderers, England, Fulham.

One of my most useful teams. The players look quite grubby now, because white Subbuteo kits do not tend to stay white for very long....

163. Pale blue shirts, black shorts, black socks.

Mum and Dad went into town to shop, and I asked them to bring Coventry City back. The store they went to did not have Coventry, so they brought back Uruguay instead. I did not like them at first, but they are a valuable part of my collection now.

169. Orange shirts with white and black stripe on the right, black shorts, orange socks.
Luton Town.

Purchased from Trevor of the East Midlands Alliance Subbuteo league. A team I always wanted as a youngster.

194. White shirts with blue and red diagonal band, white shorts, white socks.
Crystal Palace.

Here's a story! I went to town with Adie and Ian after school, and we went into Skill's in the Broad Marsh Centre. We didn't see any teams we liked, so we went downstairs to John Menzies, where I bought 194 for 1.25. However, a Skills shop assistant waited for us to come out of Menzies' with our new teams, and then accused us of shoplifting from their store! We were escorted back, made to show our teams from John Menzies and our receipts. How embarrassing.

205. Blue shirts with a yellow and white band, blue shorts, blue, yellow and white socks.
Cardiff City.

Purchased from Skill's, Nottingham City Centre for its novelty value. Represented Keyworth Buteo in the league where I finished bottom.

206. Light blue shirts with a white and black "Y" shape, light blue shorts, light blue socks.
Coventry City.

Who could forget the 1970s Coventry kit? It's not very well represented on the Subbuteo team, but a must, nevertheless. Could you have hand painted it?

207. White shirts with blue trim, white shorts, white socks.
Leeds United.

Boo! Leeds. Purchased from Diddyland, another shop now gone.

209. Claret shirts with blue chevrons, white shorts, white socks.
West Ham United.

Purchased by me recently through e-bay. I always liked the look of this team in the catalogue, as it was different, and now I own it.

214. Red shirts, red shorts, red socks.
Middlesbrough, Bayern Munich, Aberdeen.

Another team I recently obtained through e-bay. Quite a useful team.

287. Black and white striped shirts, black shorts, white and black socks.
Notts County, Newcastle United, Udinese, Juventus.

Basically, think of a team who play in black and white stripes, and the chances are I used this team to represent them.

317. White shirts with red and blue trim, blue shorts, white socks with red and blue trim.

The 1970s England strip, with more red and blue on than is usually seen nowadays.

319. Red shirts with a green and yellow "Y", red shorts, red socks.

Do you remember the late 70s, when Coventry had a blue strip with a "Y" shape in the middle? This is the Wales version. What on Earth were they thinking? Purchased for its novely value, but came without a goalie. No wonder Wales find it difficult to qualify for the European Championships and World Cup!

325. White shirts with three black stripes down the side, black shorts, black socks.
Manchester United Away.

Representing a classic United away strip. Great colours.

350. Red and white striped shirts, black shorts, white socks.

I also used this team for Northcastle United. Well used.

354. Yellow shirts with red trim, red shorts, red and black socks.

Purchased in Normans, Cleethorpes, and came complete with two broken armed-players. It was too far to return the team from Nottingham. Used for several away strips.

398. Blue shirts with white, red and black horizontal bands, white shorts, blue socks.

A nice strip this, one of my Italian collection.

472. Blue and red striped shirts, blue shorts, blue and red hooped socks.

The Mighty Spanish giants. Purchased from ebay.

495. Sky blue shirts, white shorts, sky blue socks.
Napoli, Forfar Athletic, Malmo, Lazio.

I know it's not strictly Lazio's kit, but it saves me buying another pale blue strip similar to Nos 5 and 43.

529. Mid blue shirts with white and red trim, white shorts, red socks.

A nice kit this, purchased over the internet from ebay.

579. Thin black striped shirts, white shorts, white socks with black tops.
Juventus, Ascoli, St Mirren.

Purchased off ebay, but to my dismay, had no goalkeeper, or even a box!

650. Blue with yellow shoulder pads and chest stripe(!), blue shorts and blue socks.

This team represents the days before Wimbledon upped and left South West London. Very good.

666. Blue and white hooped shirts, white shorts, white socks.
Queens Park Rangers, Morton, Reading.

A nice clean looking strip. Nothing much else to say except I hate the reference number.

674. White with light blue trim shirts, white shorts, white socks.

Another French team. Purchased over the internet through ebay.

684. Red shirts with white bands, white shorts, red socks.
Manchester United.

Another United team, kit dating from the late 1980s to early 1990s.

689. Tangerine shirts, white shorts, tangerine socks.
Blackpool, Holland.

Only my second "orange" kit, 77 being the other. Purchased through ebay. Do I not like orange?

690. Blue shirts with yellow collars, blue shorts, blue socks.

Not a lot different to 650, so allocated to be uniquely Verona.

701. Red and blue striped shirts, red shorts, red socks.
Crystal Palace.

An alternative Palace to 194. Purchased from ebay.

742. White with black and green trimmed shirts, black shorts, green socks.
Liverpool 2nd.

Much as it goes against the grain, I think this Liverpool strip is excellent. You won't catch me playing in any competitions with them though....

750. White shirts with blue sleeves and orange trim, blue shorts and white socks.
Luton Town.

A very unusual kit, but it looks really good. I dread to think how it would look if the figures were still hand-painted.

770. Red shirts with "Sharp" across in white, white shorts, black socks.
Manchester United.

Early 1990s Man United kit with the sponsers name across. Used by me during the lunchtime challenge games.

771. Blue shirts, blue shorts and blue socks all with black markings on.
Manchester United.

This kit was replaced by a black and yellow one, and could be quite rare. Carries the "Sharp" name in white.

774. Red shirts with white sleeves, red and black zig zags, white shorts, red socks.

A nice representation of a great 1990s Arsenal home kit.

776. Claret shirts with blue trim and sleeves, white shorts, blue socks.
Aston Villa.

An early 1990s Villa strip, which looks really good.

783. Blue and white halved shirt, white shorts, blue socks.
Blackburn Rovers.

This team was recently obtained through the ebay auctions.

789. White shirts with two tone blue zigzags, blue shorts, white socks.

This kit has to be seen to be believed. Another of my Italian Serie A collection, although Pescara have now dropped down two divisions.

792. Yellow and green halved shirt with "Sharp" in black across the chest, black shorts, black socks.
Manchester United Away.

My favourite United away kit. I think United should resurrect it again. They don't need much encouragement to bring out a new kit anyway.

C63004. Red and white striped shirts, white shorts, red socks.
PSV Eindhoven.

A nice brand new version of the Stoke City Number 4 team. They seem to control better as well.

C63153. Yellow and green striped shirts with "Adidas" in black across the chest, yellow shorts, yellow socks.
Nantes, West Bromwich Albion Away.

My latest team, purchased from "Chopper Harris" on ebay features this French League team. Apart from the three United teams below, they are the only Hasbro style team in my collection.

Additionally, I have a Melchester Rovers team in all red with yellow stripes, representing the team in the comic strip in the 1970s and early 1980s. I also have the three Manchester United teams which are enclosed in the United boxed set.

Hasbro did not seem to number their teams. I have four of theirs : Chelsea, Leeds United, Liverpool and Manchester City.

Finally, I have three of the Italian manufacturer, Zeugo's teams :

Z04. Maroon shirts with orange trim, maroon shorts, maroon socks.

I really like this kit. A real classic. Purchased from "Thatsmagnificent" on ebay.

Z19. Blue shirts with a white chevron on the chest, blue shorts, white socks.
Bordeaux, Brescia

The Zeugo teams fit in very well with all the other Subbuteo teams, and I particularly like this one.

Z66. Pink shirts with black sleeves, black shorts, black socks.

Whose collection is complete without a pink liveried team?! Actually, I bought them for novelty value. Palermo are pushing for Serie A status at the moment. Dear, oh dear.....


Collecting Subbuteo teams makes me remember how life used to be as a kid, before prejudice against teams was introduced to me as a United fan. I knew I didn't like Liverpool, but generally, everybody else was okay. Most kids were like that. You just learn about the rivalries as you grow older. Maybe we were better in those days.