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Hello! Ya, well welcome to my site, im not quite sure what I am doing yet so its not very good! If you want something to be added you can email it to me and ill try to add it because I havn't mastered this whole concept thing. Thanks.......ya heres some things about me! Im Kayla, and im guessing you know me if your reading this. But if not, I am 14 years old...woot woot ya i know im young haha, anyways my b-day is November 26 and dont ever forget that! I love playing sports especially soccer,ringette,bball and Wakeboarding!!! ya, umm..what else, oh im maybe about 5"5 i have no clue but around there. I have brown hair, hazel eyes and i wear contacts not that you want to know that but whatever. I will be going into grade 10 in september...grrr...i wish summer was all year long! ya, thats me and if you want to know anything else then ask...!

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