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Tear it up Ok, what can you say about Tear it up? Lots and lots I guess but there is no room for that here. Tear it up is acctually my favorit, now exsisting, hardcore band and I'd say that the "Nothing to nothing" LP is on my top 5 records list. I'm tellin' you; the first thing I'll do when I'll get ahold of some money is to ink my love for this band to my body. When I got the oppertunity of doing an interview with TIU I got quite thrilled so I skipped my math class and wrote the questions right away, it didn't get that good I'm afraid but feel free to enjoy it anyway. For you who don't know TIU from before I can say that they play real hardcore, no metal shit, with a tuch of thrash (especially on their first record). At first I thought that the interview would be with the singer but as it tured out Matt (the drummer) took care of the interview. By the way I can tell you that, despite of his rock-hard gangster-look (joke), Matt seems to be a great guy that acctually answerd the interview in about one day, thanks Matt.

Mark: Ok, usual stuff then. Present the band + short band history.

Matt: Tear it up is a fast hardcore band from NJ USA and weíve been playing for about 2 and a half years. In that time weíve had a total of 7 members (two were replaced) and did 7 or 8 records. Fast enough?

Mark: What other bands do Tear it up members take part in?

Matt: Right now its just The Rites and A new Enemy. But members from tear it up have been in Dead Nation, Down in Flames and Cut the Shit.

Mark: What do you do except singing for Tear it up? Everything from school to crimes.

Matt: Well first off Iím the drummer, and I go to college and substitute teach. As far as crimes, just fashion I guess.

Mark: You went on a quite long tour last summer all over Europe, I wonder; was it worth it?

Matt: Hell yeah we played a shit load of shows, thatís whatís important just playing. But it was hard finding good pizza in Europe is like trying to find good haircuts at a Locust show.

Mark: What did you think of playing in UmeŚ? I heard from Karate kid that you where pretty excited.

Matt: Yeah it was a great show. Weíve been friends with the DS 13 guys for a long time and it was cool to play up where theyíre all from cuase weíve played with them here in the US a lot. Even if their bass player was off in the US when we were there. Bass players who needs em right?

Mark: Right. I also heard that one guy fooled you into believing that he had played bass in Final Exit, did you actually fall for that?

Matt: I donít know I never talked to any kid who said that so No I didnít fall for it I guess. By the way I sang for Straight Ahead.

Mark: Yea right, his name as Craig wasn't it? Did you actually wear the same clothes the whole tour?

Matt: Iíd say yes but there are photos that show otherwise.

Mark: Tell us something really interesting and thrilling about the tour, did you get beaten up by evil Dutch jock guys or something like that?

Matt: No the Dutch are all sweethearts. But we did get into some weird confrontational conversation with some drunken Polish Mafia kid. We were told to leave by our Polish roadie so we split.

Mark: Scary, in sweden the polish people come to pick berrys in the woods; for the money. That's wierd, they really have fucked up economy down there. Tell me of the best unknown band you played with during your tour?

Matt: Probably Dead Stop. Or The Horror

Mark: Never heard of any of them. At what place were you best received by the audience?

Matt: Dordrecht Holland. It was our first show and lots of kids traveled to it, and lots of friends were there. We played really good and brought the house down. Literally there were no more shows there after that, but I think it was more due to some kid puking in front of the place or something. Tear It Up makes you puke, at least its punk.

Mark: When RAMBO came to UmeŚ they said that Kristoffer (138) had advised them not to come because UmeŚ sucked. Did he say the same thing to you?

Mark: Naw he just left us a note saying that here we were stuck playing in his shit town and he was off in America stealing all our beer, women, and mosh. But Iíve seen him mosh so Iíll say he way lying. I really love that guy though.

Mark: I acctually had that note in my bookcase for like a month. Kristoffer told me to give it to you for some reason. It's as really wierd, I mean I don't even know the guy. By the way, does that guy know every American hardcore kid in the world?

Matt: I donít know Iím just one small insignificant little link in the chain of American Hardcore.

Mark: The big question: Will Tear it up be back in UmeŚ or any other part of Sweden?

Matt: Hopefully weíll be in Europe for 6 weeks this summer and Sweden is top on the list. It was way rad last time.

Mark: How the hell should you get a copy of your European tour 7" with the Raped Ass cover?

Matt: You should have been there to get it the first time. Or beat up some asshole that bought 3 of em. Check in Germany.

Mark: Do you like the big scenes with lot's of people or the smaller scenes with a bit more closeness to the audience?

Matt: I like it all. Iíll take any gig man, but I do like the smaller places better it easier to get all crazy.

Mark: What's the most stupid thing you have ever said between two songs?

Matt: Thanking kids who already left. San Diego this is for you!

Mark: Have you ever had like a speech prepared for between-songs-chat? There's a lot of bands acting that way in Sweden...

Matt: Hahahaha no. Sometimes you make a note to yourself like, ask for place to stay, we have none or something like that. We like to think of ourselves as having remarkable wit.

Mark: Have any one of you ever done any crazy, bound-to-fail, stunt during a show like a backflip of a speaker or something?

Matt: Dave has missed the bass drum once or twice. Paul fell over at the first show after a jump. I think thatís all the casualties.

Mark: So much for "Play to destroy". Have you ever done something shocking on stage, black metal style, for example throwing up at the kids or slit your wrists?

Matt: Iíve definitely thrown up on stage but not on purpose for ďthe kidsĒÖyet. We were planning on doing a Poison Idea set an making John sit in a chair and play guitar with a pillow stuck under his shirt.

Mark: Speaking of old bands; What's the magic behind black flag? I noticed that you played it in the van when you came to UmeŚ and that you all have Black Flag tatooes (or am I wrong).

Matt: Great band, great attitude, they had it all right. And no at that time only me and Dave had Black Flag tattoos. John has one now but he just got it.

Mark: Did Tear it up get better then Dead Nation?

Matt: I think so, I mean I think there was a lot more fresh input and we took the music a lot more places, but it wouldnít be possible to have done that without dead nation.

Mark: Will the Rites be better then Tear it up?

Matt: I like em both, I donít think one is better than the other theyíre different to me, and since Iím writing a lot of the stuff for both bands it must be true.

Mark: I've heard that you will release some new stuff. In what form and style will it appear?

Matt: The next thing out will be a Tear It Up 12 in EP called ďTaking you down with meĒ on Havoc. It will be on CD also with the Down In Flames split and a live set.

Mark: Will you have a hidden rock n' roll track in this to?

Matt: Donít have to thereís one of our own.

Mark: Why did you release one of your songs both as Deadnation and Tear it up?

Matt: That was the first song that I wrote that got played and I didnít want to leave it behind because we didnít play it that much and we broke up before it even was released. So I said fuck it its my song it goes with me.

Mark: Who did the coverart to "Just cant stand it"? It's really cool.

Matt: Ernesto Torres from Lifeís Halt. And yes it is cool.

Mark: If you had to choose one member to kick out of the band who would that be?

Matt: Doug, oh wait we already did. Next question.

Mark: What's with your drummer? He look's like a drug addict and plays like he's onecstasy. He's not straight edge is he?

Matt: Well Iíll refrain from answering this in the third person, but no I am edge and yes I do make silly faces. But Iíve got nothing on Raeph from Kill Your Idols heís got the best ones. Man I thought I looked all right that tour, but Iíll take drug addict just make it something cool like dope, ecstasy is such a lame drug.

Mark: What happened to the fifth bandmember? He wasn't joining you on the tour, at least not in UmeŚ.

Matt: Ryan joined just before we were leaving and couldnít go. He was on the US leg of the tour though.

Mark: What's with the huge stagedive photo on the lyrics sheet to the "nothing to nothing" LP? It look's quite sick.

Matt: Swankís a great dude heís been out with us a lot. One of my best friends, and heís got the ups.

Mark: Will he be back for the new record?

Matt: We have more pictures of him doing stupid ass shit like that but I donít think theyíll fit it the layout.

Mark: Five most important bands throughout history?

Matt: 1. Black Flag
2. The Stooges
3. The Ramones
4. Beach Boys
5. Beatles

Mark: Five most important records throughout history?

Matt: 1. Pet Sounds the production was amazing on that and quite revolutionary for the time.
2. Stoogesís Raw Power perhaps the most vicious bunch of Jams on a rock album ever. Raw and loud.
3. Ramones this took the songs back for the kids and away from the asshole professional musicians.
4. Circle Jerks Group Sex linked songs in a way that was unsurpassed in the punk world. They really did make an album not just a bunch of songs put together.
5. Damaged Black Flag this LP killed them all. Hard raw and desperate.

Mark: Which is the best? Paper-zine or online-zine doesn't matter.

Matt: I gotta say Game of The Arseholes Stuartís trip to Japan was well worth reading about?

Mark: Which is the best: CD or LP?

Matt: Lpís.

Mark: Which is the best: Mohawk-punks or youthcrew kids?

Matt: Your less likely to get pulled over with youthcrew kids around. It looks like you have the football team with you.

Mark: Which is the best: Deadalive or Havoc?

Matt: I hear that Lost and Found is a bunch of real cool guys.

Mark: I heard they're dead. Will hardcore ever die?

Matt: Dude it died in 86 when no trend broke up. That book was such a waste.

Mark: Will the new record totaly thrash our brains?

Matt: If you have any.

Mark: Oooh, attitude. Any last words?

Matt: yeah contact us at 21 Sulliman Rd, Edison, NJ 08817 USA or write, Thanks a lot for the interview man.