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The Talented Realm

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  • Brain Tree
  • Edna's Quest
  • Esophagor
  • Illusen's Glade
  • Jhudora's Cloud
  • Kitchen Quest
  • Snow Faerie

  • Updates

    July 11th In an attempt to keep people from doing to following 1) leaving the guild 2) hating the guild 3) not being active, I am going to give out a prize to the person who is most active and has the most messages that aren't spam every other week. I will be keeping a log of how many messages that aren't spam that each member has so that at the end of every other week someone will have 5 more gp and a negg.
    June 16th
    there is a new captions activity.
    June 15th
    The mystery pic is up, running and waiting for you to win.
    June 10th
    Ok I have deleted many message on the guilds message board due to the fact that they spoke about cookie grabbers and the adoption agency talk of both these things could get us in trouble with neopets. And that would be silly since we neither have an adoption agency nor do we have any cookie grabber thingies.
    June 9,2004
    I would like to remind you all again that no mention of Activities or daily give aways can be mentioned on the guilds message board. Any such message will be deleted to protect the guild thanks :)
    Captions activity started
    interactive section comming soon
    June 7, 2004
    Daily Giveaway has been added, you must be active to be considered
    Avatars added to help section
    We now have Birthday packs
    June 6, 2004
    Guild shops have been added
    Better then you Activity has begun
    Welcome packs now offered
    Banners and codes for there use added

    Welcome to the Talented Realm
    Due to the unfortunate occurrence of Neopets deleting our guild site I have decided to make a few changes. We will still have activities for the guild to participate in, and there will still be an award of neo points for winning an activity as well as a prize in some cases. However, We will NOT mention any activities the guild offers on the guild message board or on the front page of the guilds Neopets base site. The official rules state contest and such may not occur on any official Neopets site, This is not an official Neopets site so We are not breaking any rules as long as we keep theses activities limited to this site. I would very much like for us to be low profile on the Neopets site, so that this kind of thing does not occur again.
    Due to the loss of the guild I no longer know who had what rank and to make it fair must start you all from scratch. I have also decided to do the same with the guild point. Please remember to check this page for any updates on gild activities as I mentioned before that they will no longer be talked about on the guilds Neopets site. Thanks to all for your understanding and patience.
    Taera Silvernights

    "Greetings! Talented Realm's Celestial Council takes their crown off, hands it to you, bows before you, and asks if you would accept their invite to have fun in the realm of talent!

    Welcome to the Talented Realm, a wonderful Neopets community where we welcome all to find your talents within the Realm and help you complete your journey on Neopets. We hope your time spent with the Realm is worthwhile and enjoyable! Navigation is to the left, and we thoroughly recommend exploring every aspect of the site and guild. :)

    The Big Event

    May's Big Event has finished! Congratulations to boonzo_jr for winning the Great Image Hunt and winning himself an Ona! Stay tuned next month for the next Big Event!

    Past Big Events - 1np Auctions, Banner Designing Contest, Race to Rat Pack Contest, the Great Image Hunt.

    Guild Calendar

  • Mushie Monday - Start the week fresh by telling a guild member all the great things you like about them. Who knows, you may recieve a mushie yourself ;)

  • Idea Tuesday - Splurge out your craziest more outrageous ideas for the guild on the message boards. Who knows, it just might be a reality sometime soon...

  • I-Wish-Wednesdays - You wishes can be about anything. This is the one day that you are allowed to post wishies on the boards. They can be for items, votes, or maybe just a wish about what you can change about neopets.

  • Thoughtful Thursday - The day to reflect on your neopet goals, perhaps to set new ones and talk about your past accomplishments.

  • Food-Fight Fridays - The day to empty out food, toys and more from your SDB and pass it out to your fellow guild members! The Guild council will occassionally hold Top 10 giveaways where the top 10 members on the list will receive special items, more of a reason to raise your rank!

  • The 15th of Every Month - Council Appreciation Day: Being on the council is hard work. Running and organizing events for our guild members takes time, dedication. So tell them how much you appreciation on the boards, through neomail or whatever else you can think of!

    Content The Talented Realm (TTR). Images, used with permission. All those who copy will be reported.

  • Daily Links
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  • BD Petpet
  • Buried Treasure
  • Deadly Dice
  • Fruit Machine
  • Healing Springs
  • Igloo
  • Kiosk
  • Lab Ray
  • Mediocrity
  • Omelette
  • Shop Wiz
  • Shrine
  • Snowager
  • Spooky SC
  • Stock Portfolio
  • Test Your Strength
  • Tombola
  • Trading Post
  • Training School
  • Turdle Racing
  • Turmaculus
  • W of Excitement
  • W of Monotony

  • Food Shop
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