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    Welcome to my homepage.  I'm Tim Allison.  I'm currently an 8th-grade Science teacher in Lancaster, South Carolina (although I remain staunchly Canadian -- make no mistake about that). I'm approaching the end of my first year here, which has generally gone fairly well. Although I've generally been kept busy with my work here, I do try to get outside whenever I can.  There are several activities that I enjoy.  Birding, photography, and fishing are activities that I can do all year -- although in the winter, fishing involves drilling holes through the ice, which is sweaty work, since I use a hand auger.  Birding is just plain great, all year long (below, at right, is a Pale Thrush (Turdus pallidus) -- a fairly common Thrush in Northeast Asia); although it's pretty slow here in Thunder Bay -- it's hard to find thirty species in one outing.  While I'm very much an amateur photographer, I really like to get pictures wherever I go.  Most of my pictures are of nature and natural phenomena, but I do occasionally take pictures of people.  In the summer, I add odonates to my list.  The odonata are an order of insects which includes dragonflies and damselflies (above, at left, is a Cherry-faced Meadowhawk (Sympetrun vicinum)).  I can often be found, running around with a net, chasing after these speedy little insects.  It's actually great fun.  I have more general naturalist interests, too, but have specialized in the odonata and the birds...I guess that just sort of happened.  I really didn't plan it.

    People often ask me where I'm from.  I'm never sure how I should answer that question.  I was born in Guelph, ON; when I was very young (I don't remember living in Guelph), my family moved to Ottawa, where I grew up.  I moved to Halifax in 1997, and spent just over 4 years there, studying, then working for a carpet-cleaning company.  As a result of the time I spent there, and of the friends I made, Halifax is the place that really feels the most like 'home', whatever that means.  At the end of February 2001, I packed my bags, and went to work for the Jung-gu Seongdong Wonderland Language Institute in Seoul, Korea.  I spent 16 months there, working as an English teacher and travelling throughout the country whenever I had free time.  The nice thing about a small country is that you can see quite a bit of it without travelling over long distances.  From there, I came back to Canada (via Thailand -- I figured I deserved a break), and came to Thunder Bay, where I had already been accepted at Lakehead.

    I don't think there's really much else to tell.  I'll leave you with a few links to explore in case they interest you:

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