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These details are used to "set the scene" for the Player once he or she joins the game. To be communicated in the first email from the Magister, prior to the Player's first weekly Declaration.

1. SUCCESSION: How you gained the throne:                                                                           Loyalty

  • Normal Succession: The previous ruler died and you were the heir.
  • New Dynasty: Previous ruler died without an heir. You had the political support to                          -10%
         take the throne.
  • Palace Coup: Previous ruler was deposed and replaced by you, based on some                            -25%
         historical claim to the throne.
  • Civil War: You won the throne by force of arms.                                                                           -50%

    2. THE ROYAL FAMILY: You can't choose 'm; you just have to live with 'm.

    Determine individual Loyalty for each.

  • SIBLINGS: Roll 0-5. Known bastard siblings 0-2. Chance that any sibling is male or female is 50%. Legitimate siblings are all younger (roll one die). Bastards might be older.

  • UNCLES: Roll 0-5.

  • COUSINS: Roll 2-10. Chance that any are male or female is 50%.

    3. THE ROYAL TREASURY: Player Kings begin the game with a five-year Treasury balance. The policies of the previous ruler determine how much money was spent or saved. Roll one die:

    1-3     Predecessor was a spendthrift                       Treasury at 1/2 normal
    4-7     Predecessor was responsible                                  Treasury normal
    8-10    Predecessor was conservative                                 Treasury double

    4. ENEMIES: After the coronation and the banquets, the reality sets in and not everyone may be happy with the new administration.
    1-4     Well-liked by all. No known enemies.
    6-7     One of the nobles of the kingdom hates you.          -10%
    8-9     Half of the nobles oppose you.                              -23%
    10      All or most of the despise you.                              -50%

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