Dates in Imperial Reckoning                                                                                                                  

Year 1     Founding of the Empire of the Inner Sea.
205         The dwarven fortress-city of Stonegard in the mountains of Grond is overrun by orcs (rumor has it               that the orcs were led and organized by a dark Wizard from the Inner Sea, in search of artifacts               among Stonegard's treasure hoard). The few survivors march west to refuge among their kin at               Irongate.
499         Conquest of Kesh. The Ninety-Ninth Priest-King, Thun-Knephet, commits suicide and Kesh               becomes a vassal kingdom of the Empire.

Map of the Empire
The Empire of the Inner Sea at its height, c.750 IR.

777         The Wizard War, involving the most powerful Wizards of the Inner Sea Lands and the West. The               island of Khosos is devastated and Hyraklon destroyed. The surviving Wizards of Mythandar               establish the High Circle to limit their numbers and power in the world.
812-20     Emperor Varian begins construction of Emperor's Gate across the largest, most traveled pass               through the Stormover Mountains. Designed to protect the Inner Sea provinces from barbarian               invasion from the North, the project will cost the Imperial Treasury dearly, occupy thousands of slave               laborers and the finest engineers in the Empire ... When completed, the Gate is a three-mile long               crenelated wall flanked by cliffs and pierced by two city-size portals with massive doors of iron-bound               oak. Four giant towers along the span mount catapults and ballistae. A paved Imperial road is built at               the same time, following the Vistine River north to the pass. (The fortification will fall into disrepair                and become little more than a massive ruin over the next 400 years.)
999          Fall of the Empire of the Inner Sea. The Patriarch invokes the Holy Ban, expels armies from Tharsis                and ends the sack of the city.
1001        Governor-General Antarius is elected Imperial Regent at Carthene.
1021        The Council of Tharsis divides the Imperial provinces. Tharsis is declared a protected city under                Patriarchal rule. Duke Teodor of Varena is crowned King of the West (Isthia and Eredor) and Keeper                of the Imperial Scepter. Antarius is crowned King of Carthenia and the South, Defender of the                Imperial Seal. Nikovar of Mycea is recognized as King of the Aeonian Isles and Khosos.
1022        Castellan, Aquilore, Korduval, Andua and Sevarre in Eredor rebel against Isthian rule. The War of the                Crowns begins.
1024        Lady Selene of Syrene refuses Nikovar and destroys the Mycean fleet by magic, establishing                Syrenean independence.
1027        The War of the Crowns ends: Everon of Castellan conquers the other cities to unite the kingdom of                Eredor.
1044        Syrene, Ilion and Ithakos form the Syrenean League to oppose Mycean dominance in the eastern                Inner Sea.
1050        Thelron the Great unites the Koths in the North and founds the Kingdom of Anglamar. Thelron                makes a covenant with High Lady Aravel and the Elves in the North withdraw to Everwilde (the                Wildewood) where men are forbidden to enter.
1098-99    Haramir Farfarer of Vygaard discovers Helkar Land, beyond Ice Fang Bay, and reports the
               existence of other isles and an unknown continent even farther west. He returns to Norland and
               establishes a steading at Winterstar Fjord (later clalled Haramir's Hold).
1100        Prince Konstand of Vladimar defeats the armies of Karalya and Korov and is crowned Konstand I,                King of Varalkia.
1112-13   The "Pirate King," Varosa, sails into the port of Khem with two galleys, loots the Sun Palace while                crew sets fire to several foreign ships at dock, and escapes. He attacks Thyrenian treasure ships,                then captures a Carthenian wargalley at Narene before fleeing to Kordina.
1118        Varossa's pirate fleet of nine wargalleys and galleys raids the capitol cities of Varena and Castellan,                is pursued into the Western Ocean. Caught between the navies of Eredor and Carthenia, the Golden                Vengeance turns west into a hurricane and disappears (later, tales are told of Varosa discovering a                barren island where he hides his treasure).
1132        King Thelmar of Anglamar is summoned by the Patriarch to Tharsis. There, he is given the Church's                blessing and the northern monarchy is sanctioned.
1142-45   Ha'addin-Shar of the Shamir subdues the southern tribes of the Great Desert, is proclaimed Sheik of                Sheiks and first Kaliph of Sharaaz.
1155        Sir Aedn of Anglamar and a mercenary army sieze the city of Andua in northern Eredor. Aedn is                granted the title of Duke of Aragond by Teodor III and the war ends with the loss for Eredor of both                the north and the port city of Sevarre to Carthenia.
1156-58   Haagon Dragonslayer becomes chieftain of Vygaard (Dragonsgaard), conquers the other chieftains                of Norland and proclaims himself King at Dragonslayer Hall.
1175        An orc horde numbering some 30,000 swarms out of Grond and across eastern and central Varalkia                nearly to the walls of Vladimar. Black Wolf Castle is cut off and besieged for three months while                Varalkian forces battle to drive the orcs back to the Urt. Among the nearly 11,000 casualties of the                invasion is Prince Bulvar, heir to the Varalkian throne.
1185-87   The North War: The Wizard-King rises in the Far North, attacks Irongate, ravages Korov in Varalkia,                and attacks northern Anglamar. Beregond rebels and, joined by Norlanders, attacks from the west.                With the aid of the Wizard Izander, the enemy is defeated at Battle Down.

1200        Queen Menelika XXI of Isfar refuses to pay tribute to Kesh and, with Azuni allies, defeats a Keshite                army at the Battle of the Kafar River.
1202        A fleet of Alay merchant galleys reaches the Carthenian colony at Oroncar from the south, claiming                to have circumnavigated the southern land mass. They report that the Serpent Empire of the K'ta is                growing in power in the Far South.
1203        Varalkia begins construction of a port at the mouth of the Varya River, in order to gain access to                Inner Sea shipping.

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