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The western provinces suffered greatly after the fall of the Empire. Rebel armies and barbarian mercenary bands ravaged the land and pirates sailed unchallenged across the Inner Sea. Every city and town was attacked, sacked or destroyed. Eventually, a few of the strongest warlords emerged, though fighting continued. In 1121, the Patriarch of the New Faith called a summit to end the chaos and divide the old Imperial provinces properly. Tharsis was placed under Patriarchal rule. Carthene and the southern coast were made an independent kingdom and the Duke of Varena was crowned King of the West (Isthia and Eredor). This did not sit well with the lords of Eredor and, almost immediately, Castellan, Korduval, Aquilore and Sevarre declared their independence. The War of the Crowns lasted for a decade. In the end, Castellan emerged the victor and Everon of Castellan took the title of King of Eredor ... 20 years ago, Isthia attacked to reassert the old claim. While the army of Eredor fought the invaders, a Carthenian fleet siezed the port of Sevarre. Sorely pressed to fight a war on two fronts, King Evrard enlisted mercenaries from the North - who drove back the Isthians and promptly siezed the city of Andua for themselves, establishing their own kingdom. Both Aragond and Sevarre have resisted reconquest ever since.

CULTURE:          Feudal
RESOURCES:     Typical
WEALTH:           Prosperous
POPULATION:    Average

GOVERNMENT: The King is absolute monarch, ruling through the fealty of the Dukes of Aquilore and Korduval. The monarchy also claims sovereignty over the Duchies of Sevarre and Andua, titles still recognized at Court as held in exile. The nobility hold their titles by hereditary right, going back to the days when the cities were independent kingdoms. They may advise the King but have no real influence in policy. They are required to defend their lands from foreign invasion, are forbidden to take up arms against each other, and must provide the King with troops and supplies in time of war.

Carrack Eredor's military traditions are well-established, and her core of knights, professional men-at-arms and well-trained militias are the equal of any kingdom. Her cities are large and well-fortified. Her navy is strong, with the capability of building the most advanced ships - carracks and war galleys. Economically, the kingdom does well, benefiting from Inner Sea commerce and the very important wool-and-linen trade with Anglamar.

However, Eredor is still a divided kingdom, with Aragond independent and Sevarre in the hands of Carthenia. While her numerous ports are an asset for trade, she is vulnerable to attack by sea and suffers from a lack of fortress which could be the keystone of a strong defense. Careful diplomacy is a necessity. The kingdom would quickly find itself overwhelmed without at least one strong ally - notably Anglamar to the north.

Taxation is limited in Eredor, as in other feudal kingdoms. The inefficiency of the feudal system makes it impossible to raise the Tax Rate above High.

CHALLENGES: Eredor's primary challenge is to remain unified. The loss of Aragond and Sevarre and the failure to retake them so far, has left the impression that the kingdom can be dismantled piece-meal. With Aragond's example, the Dukes might be tempted to secure their own independence by aligning themselves with neighboring kingdoms. At sea, Eredor is second only to Carthenia and this makes the southern kingdom her greatest rival for trade and resources, with their history of antagonism adding to the rivalry. As for Isthia's historic claim of sovereignty, it's been 60 years since Varena tried to push the issue and the result benefited neither kingdom ... Economically, the kingdom's only choice is to enrich herself through vigorous trade, unless all out war with Isthia and Carthenia is considered an option.

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