StarTrek: 2380 ROLE-PLAYING

StarTrek: 2380 is a freeform role-playing venue. Players are free to assume the roles of any type of character appropriate to the Star Trek� universe - Starfleet personnel, human, Klingon, Vulcan, Romulan - and invent plausible backgrounds and character histories. Non-canon type Cs are not allowed, nor are super-heroes, magical or mythological characters, etc. This is a Star Trek� role-playing room. For reference, material presented at Memory Alpha is considered canon.

If it's not in Memory Alpha, don't bring it into the room.

None. Anyone with an interest in Star Trek®, regardless of your level of knowledge, is welcome. Players are not required to submit a character application or join and contribute to a forum.

We want you to jump in and play, not wait around for the paperwork to clear.

We do ask that, if a Player wishes to play a Character of Starfleet Captain rank or higher (or the equivalent non-Starfleet rank), he or she discuss the idea with a member of Room Staff. Likewise, any new ships should be proposed and approved.

Players may not assume main characters from the Star Trek® series or movies, unless permitted to do so by the Room Owner. This is not intended to be some radically alternate version of the Star Trek® universe - Captain Picard, Admiral Janeway, Chancellor Martok, Worf, Kira Nerys and the other surviving characters do exist and Player Characters may encounter them. However, they are not for play. We're here to make new legends.

Be creative and original when developing your Cs.

As stated, Memory Alpha is the primary source of information online for Star Trek: 2380. Information from books and video games is not considered canon. Additional data, specific to the room, are provided, including a map of the galaxy and background (see the links below). The setting is one year after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis, so little has changed.

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