StarTrek: 2380
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Roberto Sanchez de la Cruz was born to a distinguished colonial family in New Seville, Centaurus Colony, in 2335. Graduating valedictorian from Centaurus University with a BA in political science, he went to Earth to attend Starfleet Academy and graduated in 2360 at the age of 25. He distinguished himself upon several occasions and was promoted to lieutenant commander just four years later. During the Battle of Wolf 359, de la Cruz served aboard the USS -----, surviving in an escape pod when the ship was destroyed by the Borg. During the Second Federation-Klingon War, de la Cruz took command of USS ----- when the ship was damaged and Captain Eric Bourne killed in battle in the Archanis Sector. He received a battlefield promotion to commander which was confirmed soon after. During the Dominion War, Commander de la Cruz served as first officer on the ------, participating in most of the major battles of the war. He was promoted to captain of ----- upon Captain Alia Reinhart's retirement in 2378, and commanded the ship until its decommissioning. In 2380, after a year of petitioning Starfleet for a new command, he has been given the newly recommissioned and upgraded Akira-class USS Reliant.

Jason McAllen was born in Grand Junction Colorado. He graduated from Starfleet Academy 20th in his class in 2367, the year a peace treaty was signed between the Federation and the Cardassian Union. His first assignment was aboard the USS ------, which was part of the Starfleet armada under Captain Jean-Luc Picard during the Klingon Civil War, 2368. For the next seven years, McAllen's record was one of numerous disciplinary actions, despite the fact that he exhibited command potential and a clear sense of duty. During the Dominion War, Lieutenant McAllen distinguished himself at the Second Battle of Chin'toka by leading a boarding party in an assault on a damaged Breen warship, which he destroyed by manually detonating a quantum torpedo transported inside the enemy vessel. However, this action was taken against direct orders. McAllen was decorated for valor and then brought up on charges, which were dismissed in court martial. He was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and, in 2377, transferred to Deep Space 9 as Chief of Security.