Shrine to the Goddess

This shrine to the Goddess has existed longer than even the Olde Inn. Standing on a hill at the edge of Elderwood, its high-pitched circular roof can be seen from the King's Road West, Travelers' Tor and the height of 'Hawk's Ridge. It is a place of healing, recovery and meditation and a sanctuary from evil. The place possesses a magical aura and seems to glow at night with pale moonlight. The building and the area around it out to 100 paces are holy ground; undead and other creatures of chaos cannot approach it. Traditionally, there has always been a High Priestess of the Goddess presiding here. But, none has existed since Namarah Silverbrow passed away five Winters ago...so it has been told. No one has tended the place since, though worshipper still come on Holy Days (on the Sring and Autumn equinox). The place is protected only by the Power of the Goddess.

The ashwood doors to the temple are unbarred. Inside, the outer vestibule is wood-floored and furnished with carved wooden benches. Pale stone pillars and archways surround the Inner Shrine and the roof high above is open to the weather and the light of the moon. Within the shrine are a great marble font filled with crystal clear rainwater and three ten-foot-tall statues. The statues are likenesses of the Goddess in her aspects as the Horned Goddess (helmed, armored and bearing a spear), the Great Mother (ample and welcoming), and the Crone (stooped, cloaked and hooded). The waters of the font have healing and curative properties. One or other of the Goddess images have been known to speak to petitioners in response to their prayers.