Gault of Stonegaard

Danya Half-elven
Serving lass at the Olde Inn.

Dameron Vey
Mage in residence.

  • The interior of the common room does indeed radiate magic (Power Level 4 - 50 meter radius) from the center of the stone floor which is carved with a large runic circle. The place is warded against destructive spells (such as Fireball), automatically counterspelling any such magics that are unleashed innside (at PL8).

  • • THE OLDE INN •

    The Inn has stood for centuries in the northern Gondish Hills, at the southern foot of Traveler's Tor. It stands on uneven ground, facing south, surrounded by rocky, forested slopes. Below it, an old merchant road crosses the highlands from the King's Road in eastern Anglamar to the lowlands in the west. The road follows the Whispering River to the town of Hamling, a distance of three days ride. Below the Inn lies a small highland lake. Fed by clear highland streams, the lake freezes over in Winter.

    Gault, a grizzled old dwarf, runs the place and has for at least a century, along with a small staff. His services are fair, the rooms sparse but clean, the food good and the drinks strong and plentiful. There is always a roaring fire in the common room and a welcome to anyone with coin. A handful of regular patrons seem to be always in residence, though most of the rooms are unoccupied in any season.

    The Inn is a large, rambling structure of old gray stone and high-pitched slate roofs, easily the size of a small noble's keep. It is actually three buildings connected horseshoe-wise and fronted on the south by a low stone wall. An arched gateway in the wall opens into a central courtyard, stone flagged, with an ancient well at its center. The heavy wooden gates open inward and are never closed, day or night (unless there is a serious threat to the Inn, which hasn't happened for years). Entering through the gate, across the width of the court, the Inn's main building rises three stories with a high-peaked roof facing south. Tall double doors of iron-bound oak give entrance to the tavern, and above them hangs a heavy iron storm lantern to light the courtyard at night. To the right (east) is the three-story inn proper where most of the rooms are located - two floors of lettable rooms beneath a vast attic loft. It has two entrances from the court, one at ground level and the other on the second floor, accessed by a stone stairs ... Across the courtyard to the west is the stables, a long two-story building, timber-roofed, with wide stable doors opening onto the courtyard.

    The Olde Inn has been a waystop for weary travelers for as long as anyone can recall, a meeting place for adventurers and a refuge for some. It is considered neutral ground in the ongoing feuds and grudges between the various factions of the West. This is a policy strictly enforced by Gault, and patrons can find themselves quickly ejected from the premises for violating it. Occasional brawls do happen between individuals, but pitched battles between - say - the Northern Rangers and the Swords of Beregond are forbidden. As are magical duels between mages and priests. The proprietor has some resources which enable him to protect his property and the lives of his guests ... The truth is that very rarely has he been challenged. The place is far more valuable as a refuge than a battleground.

    What is known, and rumored, about the Inn is the stuff of tall tails and adventurer's legends. Some may even be true ...

  • Gault is a grizzled old veteran, hale as an ox though he walks with a limp. His battered old warhammer hangs on the wall behind the bar, and those who are able can sense its enchantment. Rumor has it that Gault is a survivor of Stonegaard in the Dragonspine Mountains, fallen a hundred years ago to orcs. It's said the dwarf has a hoard of gold hidden in a secret chamber beneath the Inn. He chuckles at the notion, claiming nothing more than the wealth of an honest innkeeper ... Another popular rumor is that Gault holds a minor demon in thrall, who he is able to call upon for protection.
  • The Inn is said to stand on a place of Power, the site of an ancient temple that was destroyed long before men settled these hills. Beneath it are ancient passages leading down to the depths of the earth, though they were sealed long ago. The Inn itself is rumored to be warded by powerful magic, making it indestructible (which is false, since more than one mages' duel has damaged the place in the past). Strangely, high up on the wall within an arched recess in the northeast corner of the commonroom, a runic symbol is carved. Worn and faded from the passage of time, it is however recognizable as the seven-starred symbol of the High Circle, the seven Wizards of Mythandar.
  • Like all good old inns, this one boasts a haunting. From an unused portion of the east wing attic, strange lights and noises often eminate, while apparitions have been scene wandering the halls at night. They are harmless, by all accounts, though some may be disturbing to those who witness them.
  • Near the Inn, on the shores of the highland lake, is a weathered gray standing stone, twice the height of a man and carved with arcane runes. It is an ancient elven marker that radiates Power detectable to anyone with magical ability ... The stone seemed to be a thing of importance to the army of drow who emerged from beneath the Inn several years ago. A combined force of Northern Rangers and adventurers defeated the Lost Ones and drove them back under ground.
  • There is a Gate near the Inn or inside it, some believe, though Gault and his people will not willingly discuss the matter. Tales of visitors from other planes, strange people and creatures who seemingly appeared out of nowhere only to disappear just as suddenly, have been ever-present at the Olde Inn. If this is true, then it is one of the few true planar portals in Mythandar and, as such, would be under the watchful eye of the most powerful mages in Anglamar.
  • Within the bulk of Traveler's Tor, which rises a thousand feet behind (north of) the Inn, is rumored to be the tomb of an ancient lich. Rumor syas that the creature is the last lord of an inhuman race gone extinct even before the elves dwelled in the West. Some have searched for the entrance to this subterranean lair (and have disappeared). But, if it exists, it has not been found. It is known that the bare top of the Tor is scattered with ancient and much weathered ruins. What they are the remnants of, no one knows.