Cast of Characters

     4th king of Nordland
     70s, widowed twice (Anghild & Thaefred)
     3 sons, 4 daughters (living)      Married to Bronwyn (24, no children)
     Still a powerful man (6'2", 230), blue eys, gray-white beard and mane.
     Gruff, commanding, temperamental.

     3rd wife of King Haarik
     Niece of Thaefred
     24, no children
     Quiet, delicate and beautiful. Reddish hair and blue eyes.

     Haagon the Lame, for a broken hip in his youth that left him with a slight limp.
     Eldest son of Haarik, named after Haagon Dragonslayer who founded Nordland 85 years ago.
     44, widowed (Indren). Son (Rolan 22). Twin daughters (Ingral and Hilda), 15.
     Younger version of his father, tall, powerful, blonde and blue-eyed.
     Regal and self-assured. Stays out of state affairs and family squabbles.

     Voltar Firehair
     Second son of Haarik.
     ##, married to Talvi (2nd daughter of Urveld trollslayer of Viksted).
     Son, Alrick----.

     3rd son of Haarik, deceased (twin of Nemre)
     Died at sea, leaving no known children.
     Sandy blonde hair and blue eyes.
     Is said to have been handsome, intelligent, and as sensible as his sister.

     Bastard 4th son of Haarik (with Morwyla of Rune Isle, deceased)
     Exhiled from Dragonsgard, residing at Rolph's hall at Garlsted, Rune Isle.