Adventures In Mythandar


In the World of Mythandar©, Magic is a fundamental element of Creation - like Air, Earth, Fire and Water - a mystic energy that permeates the universe. Like the other elements, magic may be sensed and manipulated by those with the proper knowledge or talent.

Magic can be controlled with spells and rituals, or manifested as a natural ability. It may be focused in objects and locations. Ambient magical energy can be focused and triggered by magic runes. Magic can produce physical effects (like a blast of energy or force), elemental effects (create and control fire, cold, wind), psychic effects (like mindspeak or a mental attack), and effects that defy the laws of nature (teleportation and flight). Magic does not make anything and everything possible. There are limits.

If magic exists, then it must obey basic laws, just as the physical forces of the universe (light, gravity, inertia) obey natural laws. When you throw a rock, it will travel a certain distance until its energy is spent and it falls back to earth. The stronger you are, the farther you can throw the rock. It’s the same with casting a spell or using any other magical ability: The more energy used, the greater magic's effects.

  • Magic must have a source and each source is rated by Power.
  • Power determines the limit of magical effects in the physical world.
  • The amount of Power that a person can use (without help) is limited by his or her skill or talent.
    Power measures magical energy and defines its maximum effects. Every spell, ritual, natural talent, or magic object has a Power Level rating. Among all of a Character's abilities, Power represents the maximum level of magic that can be called upon and used (without enhancements like a magic talismans). As a character, if you don’t have Power (level 1 or greater, as rated on the table below), you cannot use magic – whether it comes from knowledge, faith or natural ability.

    The following table lists the limits of magic effects according to Power Level. All magic conforms to these limits. Any spell, ritual or magic ability will have one or more of them, depending on its purpose.

    LEVEL       BONUS       RANGE/SPEED    AREA of EFFECT        DURATION (1-10)  

        1            0         10 meters            5 m             rounds(posts)
          2              +5             20 meters                   10 m                  minutes
        3        +10         30 meters           15 m             hours
          4            +15             50 meters                   25 m                  days
        5        +20       100 meters           50 m             weeks
          6            +25           500 meters                 250 m                  months
          7            +30                 5 km                      2.5 km                 years
          8            +35               50 km                       25 km                 decades
          9            +40             500 km                     250 km                 centuries
        10            +50           5000 km                   2500 km                 millenia          

    BONUS to the dice roll (if dice are used).
    RANGE From the source, directed at a single target.
    SPEED Distance covered per post/round in the chatroom.
    AREA OF EFFECT Diameter, centered on the source.
    DURATION 1-10 at PL (C's choice).

    You, as a Player, have chosen to create and role-play a magic-using Character.

    By consulting the Character Creation page, you've decided to make the C a mid-level Mage, giving him a Power Level of 3.

    At that level of Power, the Mage can use magic with a dice roll bonus of +10, at a maximum range of 30 meters and area of effect of 15 meters, and with a maximum duration of the spell of 1-10 hours (though not all spells have all of these effects).

    An Example: The Sorceress Raven, skilled as a mage at Power level 3, casts a Fireball at her enemies. The spell has a range of 30 meters (approx. 100 feet) and the explosion will fill a spherical area of effect of 15 meters (50 feet). If dice are used to resolve the damage, the Fireball receives a +10 bonus. The spell has no duration effect, since the explosion is instantaneous.

    Another Example: Archmage Greybeard leads his adventuring companions into a long-abandoned dwarf hall. To illuminate the vast space, he casts a Light spell from the end of his staff. At Power level 5, the spell lights a maximum area of effect of 50 meters (a sphere 164 feet in diameter) and the light can last up to 10 weeks ... or until Greybeard turns off the spell.

    When deciding on spell effects, and role-playing them, the basic rule is that spells will have no more than two or three effects, as defined in the POWER TABLE.

    Whenever magic is used to counter or overcome an opposing force - other magic, a physical force or another character's ability - a Power Roll is required. Like the Combat Roll, a 10-sided dice is rolled with the appropriate bonuses applied.