MAGIC WEAPONS      common to unique
Enchanted weapons have magical Power incorporated into their manufacture. They receive bonuses to the Combat Roll of +5 per Power Level.

  • A magic sword of Power Level 3 applies a bonus of +15 in addition to the standard bonus of +15 for a sword, giving it a total combat bonus of +30.
  • MAGIC ARMOR      common to unique
    Enchanted armor has magic Power incorporated into its manufacture, giving it additional bonuses to the Combat Roll equal to +5 per Power Level. In addition, the Power Level of magic armor counts as protection against some forms of magical attack, adding the Power Level bonus to Power Rolls.

  • Enchanted platemail armor of Power Level 2 recieves the standard bonus of +20 and a magic bonus of +10, for a total combat bonus of +30.

  • AMULETS     common to rare
    An amulet is generally worn as an item of jewelry (necklace, ring, cloak pin, etc.) with various magical properties which are confered on the person wearing it. Amulets may be ornate or plain, made of metal, ivory, or bone and decorated with gems. They radiate magic at Power Level but confer their magical effects only upon the person wearing them.

    Amulet of Protection
    This item provides the wearer with resistance to magical attacks equal to the item's Power Level. Most amulets, unless they are quite powerful, are superfluous to mages and priests, since their own Power Level is often higher.

    TALISMANS     common
    Talismans are used by mages to store magic Power, which can then be drawn upon to temporarily increase their own Power for spell-casting. A talisman's Power Level is simply added to the mage's when he or she wishes. A talisman may be almost anything - an item of jewelry or any small object that the mage can carry around.

    POTIONS, ELIXIRS and UNGUENTS     common to unique
    These are substances that a person drinks or applies to the body, which confer magical benefits and abilities. A potion or elixir can be contained in a flask and carried around ready for use when needed. Most flasks hold enough potion for 1-10 uses (drinks), each of which confers the full benefit of the potion.

    Potion of Healing     common
    This potion heals physical injuries, cures disease, counters the effects of poison and generally restores a person to health. For wounds, the potion's Power Level dice are rolled and the score is applied by the wounded character on the COMBAT RESULTS TABLE.

  • A character is injured, receiving a Critical Wound (score of 30 on the RESULTS TABLE). The C drinks from a healing potion of Power Level 4, rolling 4 10-sided dice for a score of 20 which is subtracted from the C's wound result. The wounded character is partially healed (30 - 20) to a score of 10, a Minor Wound.

  • SPECIALIZED MAGIC ITEMS     rare to unique
    These are objects which confer a single, specialized magical ability or effect upon the user at the Power Level of the object. They can be almost anything - a ring, bracelet, a pair of guantlets, an item of clothing, etc. In general, each item has one magical power.

    Following are some well-known examples of specialized magic items. Players are free to invent new and unique items for their characters, keeping in mind that such treasures are scarce, incredibly valuable, and rarely duplicated.

    Cloak of Shadows     rare
    This plain travelcloak confers on the wearer the same ability as the spell, Shadowcloak, making the person virtually invisible and undetectable to normal senses. To the wearer's own perceptions, he is visible, while to others, he is less than a shadow. The cloak can be penetrated by Sorcerous Sight with a Power Roll.

    Crystal of Illumination     common to rare
    This clear glass-like stone produces light, like the mage spell, that illuminates Power Level area of effect for duration.

    Girdle of Strength     unique
    This broad leather and metal belt, when worn, gives a person Super-human Strength (Power Level 5). Enhanced strength is applied to physical feats involving strength and Combat Rolls.

    Ring of Fire     rare
    This ring gives the wearer an ability similar to the spell, Magefire. With the proper command word, the wearer can produce a sheet or tongue of flame that arcs out to Power Level range with all of the effects of normal fire. Damage is determined by Power Level dice (rolled as a Combat Roll with effects determined on the COMBAT RESULTS TABLE.