World of Mythandar
  • Anglamar & the West
  • The Inner Sea Lands
  • The Mysterious East
  • Caradune
  • Doomdune
  • Fridedune
  • Lost Glades

Adventures in Mythandar   is a fantasy adventure role-playing room set in an original world setting. The World of Mythandarę, is a medieval world of kingdoms and castles, vast forestlands, soaring mountains, frozen wastes, empty deserts and wild seas. Mythandar is its own world with a sun and moon (only one). It has a history going back thousands of years with similar inhabitants to our own - people, horses and trees. Here magic is real, the gods exist and life is an adventure.

Mythandar's level of culture and technology corresponds roughly to what Earth was like around 1000 AD - the middle of the Middle Ages. The crossbow and catapult are considered high-tech. People walk, ride horses and wagons when they travel on land. At sea, ships are powered by sails and oars ... The big difference is magic. It works and many people use it on a daily basis. There are mages, wizards, priests and other non-human magical creatures. Magic has influenced the nature of this world.

In Mythandar, there are no guns, cars or computers. No lightsabers, starships or robots. There are no immortal Highlanders, gunslingers, supermodels, mutant superheroes, Sailor Moons, Klingons, Lestats, ninja turtles - none of that. There are knights and wizards, barbarian chieftains, priests, chain-mailed warriors, elves, dwarves and dragons. There are plenty of peasant farmers, shopkeepers, blacksmiths and tavern owners. There are valiant heroes and evil villains and regular people who would just as soon live quiet, uneventful lives.

All of the traditional fantasy arch-types from literature and RPGs - knights, mages, priests, bards, elves, dwarves and halflings. Variations are encouraged, without getting too fantastic. If you want a warrior who has seen the light and become a priest, fine. A bard who moonlights as a thief, a mage who works as a hired assassin, a simple tavern keeper who secretly runs a criminal gang - these are all good solid character angles. Young, inexperienced characters just beginning a life of adventure are welcome, as are the famous and powerful. The latter are called personages, and in Adventures in Mythandar, these are considered canon characters.

We're not using character creation rules from D&D or any other published game. Mythandar has its own house rules covering character stats, dice-rolled combat and magic. Follow the links provided to go to the appropriate pages.

Characters you won't find in Mythandar
  • Immortals and extra-planar or god-like beings are reserved as NPCs. Gods, demons and other otherworldly beings interact with the mortal inhabitants of the world on a limited basis. They are never under the RP control of Players.
  • Dragons are extrememly powerful, with little or no interest in other creatures, and they do not interbreed with lesser beings. There are no half-dragon hybrids or shape-shifting dragons in human form.
  • Super-heroes aren't here. No mutant telepaths or supermen from another world. That's an entirely different RP setting.
  • Vampires exist in Mythandar, though as undead, they are thoroughly evil and limited in their freedom and abilities. Plenty of other rooms cater to Gothic style role-play. This is not one of them.
  • Anthromorphs (furries) don't exist here, other than the occasional minotaur, lizardman or jackal-headed anu. No fox-girls or pony boys.
  • Characters from other worlds, planes and realms of existance (other rooms) do not come to Mythandar. If you have a favorite C from another RP venue, you are welcome to modify or adapt it to this setting. Just don't expect the character to have the same status here.