An ever-expanding compendium of the wierd and wondrous creatures that inhabit the World of Mythandar©. Information here is provided for Player reference in Adventures in Mythandar role-play. New creatures will be added regularly and custom creatures may be submitted by Players, subject to Admin approval. All creatures conform to the rules and limitations of the Mythandar Character Abilities and Magic systems.

Note that this is not a comprehensive list. There are countless creatures in Mythandar, and many of them have yet to be discovered and encountered. The bestiary will grow as new creatures are encountered.

BEHOLDER      The Eye of Terror, Watcher in the Dark
These demonic creatures are said to dwell beneath the earth in cavernous lairs. They are ancient minions of the Dark Powers, left over from the chaotic aftermath of the Gods' War, virtually immortal, utterly evil, and coldly alien in their motivations. Beholders are not encountered in the typical dungeon-crawl. They may be summoned by mages, though they are notoriously adept at slipping their summoner's control. According to legend, gigantic elder beholders hover about each of the Four Elemental Gates of Mythandar where they deny passage to those without the proper knowledge to circumvent them.


  • Hover as the spell Flight at Power Level.
  • Crushing bite (+10 on the Combat Roll).

  • Armor (thick hide) equal to plate mail.
  • Cast Mystic Shield (as the mage spell) at Power Level.
  • The single great eye has the abilities of Sorcerous Sight and
         Mesmerism(as the mage spells) at Power Level.
  • Each lesser eye (4 to 6) can fire a Bolt of Power (as the mage
          spell)at Power Level.
  • DEMONS     
    The other-planar beings known as demons are creatures of pure evil and chaos. They dwell in the Underworld where they serve the various dark and evil gods of Mythandar. Demons, even those of great Power, do not rule, though they may be given command over their lesser brethren by the gods they serve. Demons may be sent to the mortal realm by their masters or summoned with the proper spells. They cannot breed with mortals to produce half-demon offspring (a popular myth used to frighten maidens into chastity). And they are not particularly intelligent, but brutish, cruel and destructive.

    Minions (Power Level 3) are the lowest ranking demons, the footsoldiers, messengers, and the easiest to summon and control.

    Scourges (Power Level 5) are more powerful and intelligent, tasked with ordering and chastising their lesser kin.

    Demon Lords (Power Level 7+) are the greatest of their kind with Power equal to the greatest mages. They are few in number, and each of them rules a seperate region of the Underworld. Theologians argue that there are Nine Demon Lords (along with Three Chief Gods, Seven Wizards, and Thirteen Elder Dragons ... the numbers seem to be important)).


  • Claw and bite (varies from +5 to +20 on the Combat Roll).

  • Hide equal to chainmail. However, demons can only be harmed by magic weapons (PL1 or greater).

  • All demons can perform the following rituals as an evil priest at their Power Level - Damnation, Curse, Possession, Affliction and Obscurement.
  • All demons have the following spell-like abilities, which they can use at their Power Level - Flight, Magefire, Mesmerism, Mindspeak, Primordial Darkness, Sorcerous Sight, Teleportation. Demon Lords have additional and unique spell-like powers as well.
  • GIANTS     
    Giants are the children of the primeval god Titan, who were defeated in the Gods' War which ended the Fist Age of Mythandar ... There are no clans or tribes of giants in Mythandar. Most of those remaining are solitary creatures, the eldest millenia-old, who have removed themselves from the affairs of the other, younger inhabitants of the world.

    Giants are primordial beings of raw natural and magical power. They age slowly, increasing in size, strength and Power with the passage of centuries.

    The older a giant becomes, the more monstrous and inhuman it appears. Due to their elemental nature, giants also tend to adapt to their surroundings and develop characteristics and powers that match the environment. Thus, Frost Giants are white or blue-skinned and able to radiate Elemental Cold (as the mage spell) at Power Level. All giants have the following special abilities and powers:

  • SuperHuman Strength proportionate to size.
  • Power beginning at PL1 and increasing with age.
  • Immunity to cold and fire.
  • Half-Giants According to myth, giants and humans are able to produce half-breed offspring. This may or may not be true. Taking into account the obvious physical difficulties involved, it is not known how this might be accomplished. Throughout history, giants have preyed upon human beings and used them as food. It is doubtful that a half-human child would survive among giant-kind, or vice versa.

    Age               Size         Strength        Power
    100               10 ft.               5                    1
    300               15 ft.               6                    2
    500               25 ft.               7                    3
    1000             40 ft.               8                    4
    5000             60 ft.               9                    5
    10,000          90 ft.              10                   6

    The monstrous race of gnolls is native to the Far North east of the Dragonspine Mountains. There, they roam the frozen plains in packs, coming south into the forestlands in Winter to attack the frontier settlements of Varalkia and lands farther east. They are rarely, if ever, encountered in Anglamar, though raiding parties have been seen in the Eastmark in Winter. They are blood enemies of the orcs, who do not tolerate gnolls on their territory.
    Gnolls are vicious man-eaters, with little skill of their own in the making of weapons, armor and tools, taking what they need from their victims. They do not speak, but communicate as do wolves and jackals. As creatures of the open wilderness, they do not dwell underground, though they make their dens in shallow caves.


  • Claw and bite (like a wolf).

  • Superior Strength and Heroic Agility.

  • Beast Abilities(2) (animal senses, tracking, fast wilderness movement).
    The reptilian race inhabits the warm South beyond the Inner Sea and lands of the Mysterious East. There, it is said, they are as numerous and troublesome as orcs are in the North and West. Lizardfolk vary in size and description, from the giant tarrask of the eastern Inner Sea to the man-sized setesh of Kesh and the South. Legend has it that a diminutive reptilian breed, called kobolds, dwell in the Underdark throughout Mythandar and they are sometimes encountered by those who venture underground.
    Lizardfolk are universally dark and vicious, hating man-kind or dwelling in fear of them. Many breeds are poisonous and some have the ability to practice magic like human mages.


  • Claw and bite (damage depends on size, may be poisonous).

  • Heroic to SuperHuman Strength or Agility.

  • Beast Abilities(2-3) (animal senses (night vision), tracking, fast wilderness, water or underground movement).
  • Armored skin (equal to studded leather, chainmail or plate).

  • OGRE     
    These humanoid monsters are simple brutes, incredibly strong and long-lived. They can grow to 10 feet and weigh 1000 lbs. Ogres are rare and solitary brutes ...


  • SuperHuman Strength.
  • Beast Abilities(1) (night vision, smell) They have notoriously poor day-sight and hearing.