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Who's Who In Mythandar

Presented here are many of the important people inhabiting the World of Mythandar. These are the movers and shakers, the rulers and lesser nobles, commanders, high priests, arch-mages and other persons of note. Their decisions can influence the lives of many and tilt the fate of entire kingdoms. You may never meet them. If you do, tread carefully.

King Thelgar III Son of Thelric and a direct descendant of Thelron the Great, who founded Anglamar 300 years ago. He is the fourteenth to sit the Gryphon Throne and the youngest in a century (in his late-30s), having ruled since his father's death last year. He is personable, intelligent, athletic, valorous and, as of yet, unmarried. In his younger days, Thelgar's rebelliousness led him to escape the life of a royal scion and embark on a career as a wandering adventurer. As the swordsman "Deren of Westhaven," he joined with others (including the Ranger Sparrowhawk, Eldane of the Blue Star, Thars Bloodaxe of Norland, Naeruin of Wildewood, the bardess Maera, Brund Stonereaver of Irongate and Raven Shadowcloak) to form the Company of the Green Gryphon, which made a name for itself across the North. Thelgar is, in fact, the first king of Anglamar in generations to have earned the name "Dragonslayer," when the Company of the Green Gryphon defeated Hrrassik the Black at Greyshadow Mountain in the Eastmark.

Since ascending the throne, Thelgar has been a fair and level-headed ruler, balancing the demands of the Barons against the rights and welfare of the common folk of Anglamar. He has honored the ancient alliance with the Elves of the West and maintained peaceful relations with Eredor and Varalkia. As Supreme Commander of the Order of the Knights of the Golden Gryphon, Thelgar leads by example and regularly commands the Royal Army personally on maneuvers. The King is famous for touring the realm upon a whim; with a small retinue of knights and men-at-arms, he may appear almost anywhere in Anglamar in any season. His sentiments are known to favor the folk of the Gondish Hills (Thelron the Great was Lord of Gond before becoming King) and the Northern Marches, the elves and, somewhat controversially, the Northern Rangers (many of the Barons consider this an affront since the Rangers often scoff at their authority).

LORD GARAND, Knight-Commander of the Order of the Golden Gryphon

BARON EDMORE of Westhaven
Baron Edmore is Lord of Westhaven and one of the wealthiest and most influential nobles in Anglamar. He rules a large region of western Anglamar (the barony's boundaries run from Windover to Hamling to Gryphon Peak, due south to the Andural and along it to the coast)....MORE ABOUT BARON EDMORE later...

BARON KURTH of Beregond
Baron Kurth The young Baron of Beregond is arrogant, temperamental, humorless and - above all - dangerous. Rumors surround the death of Lord Garth, the previous Baron and Kurth's uncle, who apparently threw himself from a tower balcony in a fit of drunken depression five Winters ago. Kurth is prone to brooding and rages, tempered only by the influence of his younger sister, the Lady Ailith, a mage adept of modest reputation (and rumors of an unhealthy relationship between the two are unsubstantiated). He is commonly regarded to be the least loyal of Anglamar's Barons, abiding by the letter of his oath of fealty to the crown if not the spirit. He is known to have some contact with Norland, while taking care to avoid anything that might be grounds for charges of treason. As a ruler he is harsh and unbending. He grudgingly enforces the King's Law, taxing his subjects as much as possible while brutally suppressing any dissent. His private army, the Swords of Beregond, are fanatically loyal to himself and their commander, the infamous Sir Orlonde.

Recent events in the Autumn of 1208 indicate that Baron Kurth holds some grudge against the Northern Rangers. After the murder of a Ranger near Hamling, a small private war erupted between the Ranger Sparrowhawk and the Swords of Beregond, resulting in the death some 20 Swords and culminating in a one-man invasion of Beregond itself. The feud was interrupted by the actions of Lady Ailith and intervention by the King Himself. As a possible consequence, Beregonder agents have been reported in the Northern Marches. Whatever their purpose, it is a dangerous undertaking. The feud is not settled and the life of any servant of Kurth caught by the Northern Rangers is forfeit (so stated by Sparrowhawk). Likewise, any Northern Ranger caught in the Barony can expect worse treatment (as declared by the Baron).

SIR ADUMAR, Lord Warden of the Northern Marches
Sir Adumar The Northern Marches are not a barony of Anglamar, but a frontier possession, thinly inhabited by semi-independent folk. Most are loyal to the crown and acknowledge King Thelgar III as their only overlord. They do not pay taxes, nor are they subject to conscription as are the peasants in the baronies, and for the most part they have taken upon themselves the task of defending the frontier. However, to represent Royal authority, the King has appointed a noble as Royal Justiciar. Sir Adumar has held that post for over a year, commanding a small force of men-at-arms and archers to defend Northinghall and enforce the King's Law as best he can. He is young, but an accomplished knight and member of the Order of the Golden Gryphon with the rank of knight-captain. He has dispensed the King's justice lightly (as instructed), maintained good relations with the locals, promoted trade and been tolerant of the activities of the Northern Rangers. In fact, it was Adumar who counseled His Majesty to commission the Rangers as King's Men in the Marches, subject to the Warden's command (the latter part has been difficult to enforce). Though isolated from the intrigues and rivalries of the Barons, it is said that Sir Adumar has ambitions and one day hopes to attain title and lands in Anglamar. He remains single and available for the opportunity to attach himself to one of the baronial families, should the opportunity arise.

SIR KAYLE, High Sheriff of the Eastmark
Sir Kayle The Eastmark is a constituted barony of Anglamar. Yet, it is still a rustic and rugged frontier with a sparse population and few settlements, Eastinghold being the only large fortified town. The Baron rules and commands his own force of men-at-arms, spearmen and archers, as usual. However, to aid him in policing the territory against bandits, orcs and other anragonists, His Majesty's father, King Thelric, commissioned the office of High Sheriff, subordinate to the baron but with the power to enforce the King's Law outside the walls of Eastinghold. Sir Kayle has held the office for ten years, commanding his own organized force of light, mounted archers, the Foresters. He is known as a canny, harsh and ambitious man who may be the true power behind the title in the Eastmark. Kayle commands the loyalty of his Foresters, as well as that of many of the barons own men, and has extensive contacts throughout the Barony and beyond ... Just recently, in the face of a Varalkian invasion of the Eastmark, Baron Waldief was murdered (at the hands of a Varalkian assassin, it is believed). Sir Kayle has assumed command of the Barony and taken measures to find and punish the spies and traitors responsible for the Baron's death.

ARAVEL High lady of the Elves of the West
Lady Aravel Aravel an'Ilithien n'Talan, High Lady of the Elves and Mistress of Everwilde, is the acknowledged queen of elven-kind in all of Mythandar. She has presided over the fate of her People for centuries, watched the dwindling of their numbers and witnessed the loss of their ancestral lands to human expansion. She is said to be over 500 years old - she knew Thelron the Great at the founding of Anglamar and forged the Covenant with him which set protections upon the remaining elven lands and her people in the West. She is a personage of incredible presence and Power, a true force of goodness in Mythandar, and among the wisest living mortals. To the People, she is queen, matriarch and a figure of vast love and devotion. It is said that not only does Aravel possess the Power of an ancient elf, but the knowledge of an arch-mage and the divine favor of a high priestess of the Great Mother.

All of the People, High Elves and Moon Elves alike, regard Aravel as their leader and the very mention of her name elicits the most solemn attitudes of respect among them. She is hated by dark elves and drow and other malevolence beings who would find it difficult or impossible to tolerate her presence. Regarding humanity, Aravel long ago saw the futility of opposing them through force of arms - a single elven warrior might be worth 10 human soldiers, but the numbers are against them. Therefore, she has guided elven policies with the goal of preserving those of the People who remain in the world. She has forbidden entry of humans into Everwilde and has always refused to involve the elves in human conflicts.

ALANDAR of Ealdas
- A'Landir-Ithandrien was born among the High Elves in the ancient realm of Ealdas some 300 years ago ...

FALKARD Arch-Mage of the Order of the Blue Star
Arch-Mage Falkar The Master of the Blue Star Mages is a personage of incredible Power and influence in the West. Of indeterminate age (known to have been an apprentice of Izandar, the Royal Mage of Anglamar until 50 years ago), he has preside over the Order for the last half-century, following the disappearance of his predecessor, and maintained it as the premier magical brotherhood north of the Inner Sea. Falkard wields considerable influence in Westhaven, where he "advises" the City Council. He has been perceived to be a quiet yet intimidating presence, disinclined to demonstrations of Power but certain to act upon his threats and to take quick action against those who threaten ... At least until last year when an internal dispute threw the Order into turmoil. Several members disappeared and a confrontation between Falkard and the adept Eldane shook the tower and lit the night sky above Westhaven with great flashes of magefire. Since then, Falkard has remained isolated within the Blue Star Tower and not participated in city affairs. The cause and result of this conflict are unknown, and Westhaven auhtorities have chosen to remain uninvolved, thankful that there was no serious damage to the city.

KING HAARIK of Norland
King Haarik Hornbearer Haarik Hornbearer, Ragnar's son and grandson of Haagon Dragonslayer, has ruled Norland for 30 Winters. He is the fourth to reign from Dragonsgaard, having slain his uncle, Urik, who had usurped Haarik's own father. Thus, Haarik restored the direct succession of kings from the man who first forged a collection of warring barbaric chieftains into a nation. His surname, Hornbearer, indicates that he possesses the Royal heirloom bequeathed by Haarik to his descendants - the Great Horn of Kargarax, hewn from the head of Haarik's dragon and fashioned into a massive warhorn.

Haarik is in his 60s. He has had three wives (the latest, Bronwyn, is 30 years his junior) and fathered seven (legitimate) children. His eldest son, Haagon, will be the fifth king of Norland and is said to be nearly the reincarnation of his namesake. Yet it is difficult to imagine the son eclipsing the father in feats and accomplishments. As a youth at Dragonsgaard, Haarik proved his valor and battle-skill among the King's Huskarls. After Urik slew Haarik's father and took the throne, the young prince fled to Haramir's Hold and there forged an alliance with other disaffected chieftains with which he retook Dragonsgaard (and killed the usurper with his owns hands). He is still vigorous, a great bear of a man bearing the scars of old battles and old loves, and a personality that intimidates and overwhelms even the haughtiest warrior.

King Horgrimm High Hammer The High King of the Dwarves, King of Irongate and Lord of Clan High Hammer has ruled since before the founding of Anglamar. At the tender age of 55 winters, Horgrimm slew the orcish warlord Gror in single combat and led his army in a campaign that swept the orcs from dwarvish territory in the Icewall Mountains. He has held Irongate inpregnable to orcish invasion ever since, safeguarding the Dwarven Kingdom's prosperity and ensuring that refugees from lost holds across the North have a place of refuge. As High King of all the dwarves, an honor held by clan High Hammer all the way back to the Great Cleaving, Horgrimm claims sovereignty over every dwarf-hold in Mythandar

King Horgrimm has been an ally of Anglamar since Thelron's time, with no wars fought between Irongate and the human kingdom to the south. In the North War, 50 years ago, dwarven troops aided Anglamar at the Battle of Winter Gap and dwarven engineers have been hired by Anglamar's kings for various building projects over the centuries. Horgrimm still bars humans from entrance to the fortress-city, though Anglamarian merchants are allowed into dwarvish territory to trade for dwarven iron.

THE GREEN MAGE of Elderwood
The Green Mage The Hermit of Elderwood is a small, unassuming and humble man with poor hygiene and a tendency to prattle. He lives in a hut somewhere within a day's hike or so from the village of Hamling (though he often wanders and may be encountered anywhere in Elderwood). Meeting him, it would be difficult to believe that he is one of the most powerful Arch-Mages in the West.

When the Elves abandoned Elderwood three centuries ago, Thelron the the Great of Anglamar promised to protect it against human exploitation. Under the Covenant (between Anglamar and the Elves of the West) and the King's Law, no man may build, harvest timber or clear land for farming within the borders of Elderwood (except for the town of Hamling which has been granted an exemption, as long as it does not expand within the wood). The Green Mage skirts the law by dwelling within the forest itself. He has done so for as long as any person living in the area can remember, acting as the forest's protector.

Lansalon's age and origin are unknown (to most). He possesses no ambition nor attachment to society in general, wishing only to be left alone. However, he does occasionally visit Hamling and is want to see his closest friend, the seeress Bronagh. Though he appears distracted and simple-minded at times, there is no doubt that the Green Mage possess great Power. He is known to have routed baronial troops seeking to cut through the wood on more than one occasion during periods of unrest in Anglamar. During the Long Winter 150 years ago, orcs that swarmed out of the Northern Marches, crossed the Winterborne and moved south to pillage, entered Elderwood with fire and axe and were never seen again. Entering Elderwood is not forbidden, but folk are cautioned to behave within its borders.

TANELORN the Cursed
Tanelorn the Cursed Tanelorn the Brazen is a legend among mages. A century ago, he was counted among the greatest practitioners of the Art, second only to Izander, Arch-Mage of Anglamar, and his exploits were famous throughout the West. He drove the Elder Dragon Thaur from its lair and destroyed it in battle high above the Stormover Mountains. He defeated the Golden Three and devastated their island fortress in the Western Ocean. In Varalkia, he drove the Black Horde back into Grond and decimated the power of the eastern orcs for decades. Upon attaining mastery of the magical Order of the Blue Star in Westhaven, all of Tanelorn's ambitions had been reached - except one. In 1107 I.R., Tanelorn the Brazen dared to approach the High Circle of Wizards and challenge the Five for admittance. In the Wizard's Duel that followed, he was defeated and the vast Power he unleashed was turned against him as an awefull curse that mars him to this day.

Most folk believe Tanelorn to be an urban myth, a bogeyman to frighten children and give thieves and muggers pause as they creep the alleys of Westhaven. It is said that he often takes other shapes, passing anonymously through the crowded streets of the city, but that the curse always reasserts itself to force him back into hideous form. Others claim that he must shun daylight and walks abroad only at night. Whatever the truth, Tanelorn the Cursed lives as a scarred, twisted, magic-plagued vestige of his former human self, shunned by mages and common folk alike. He exists shadow-wise, haunting the alleys and sewers. Yet, he still has Power, and can be numbered among the most powerful adepts in the West.

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