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The port of Westhaven is the largest city in Anglamar, the center of trade and the great melting pot of the North. It lies at the mouth of the Andural River which flows across the breadth of Anglamar. From the grand manors of Royal Heights, across busy Merchants' Quarter, to the sprawling slums and warehouses of Dock Ward, Westhaven is a dense and teeming corner of urban life amidst the rustic sparsity of the North where all classes, professions, races and callings are represented. Commerce is the city's life blood. To Westhaven's deepwater port come merchant vessels from throughout the West and the Inner Sea - Anglamarian cogs, Norlander longships, carracks from Eredor, even merchant galleys from the Inner Sea. They arrive in Spring with the breezes from the south and depart in Autumn with the north wind. Riverboats come down the Andural and trade caravans make their way overland, bringing northern goods to the city market. Above it all looms the massive edifice of Westhaven Castle, where the Baron rules the largest fiefdom in Anglamar.

Beyond the city, most of the barony is gently rolling farm country, grazelands and scattered woods. All of the inhabitants do business with Westhaven in one way or another. Food produced on the farms feeds Westhaven's citizens, horses and draft animals carry the goods, timber from the forests and stone from the hills is used in construction of buildings and ships. The barony is a grand example of contrasts - from sophisticated city-dwelling merchants to rustic rural folk living in small villages and farmsteads. It is also a classic example of the feudal system at work.


The King's Road reaches Westhaven from Beregond in the north and central Anglamar in the east. Entrance to the city is through massive King's Gate on the landward side, the River Road, or the harbor. The city is surrounded by the great outer Lower Wall, while the wealthier districts are separated from the lower wards by the High Wall pierced by three gates. Crossbow-armed militiamen of the Watch man the gates and walk the parapets of the city day and night. The Watch also patrols the major thoroughfares, though there are areas of Docks Ward where they will not go. Criminal activity is as rife as trade and Westhaven is the only place in Anglamar where there really is a thriving thieves guild.

Arms of Westhaven Sprawling across the boundary between the Merchants' Quarter and Docks Ward is the Great Market of Westhaven. To here come goods from Anglamar and abroad, brought by ship, boat and wagon. It's said that among the rows of merchant stalls anything can be bought or sold here, legally or not, with the only exception being the open trade of slaves, prohibited under the King's Law and vigorously enforced. The Watch rarely enters the Market unless a violation of City Law is reported or in pursuit of fugitives. Merchant guards patrol the stalls with their own authority to arrest and detain. Those caught stealing merchants' goods receive merchants' justice, often a swift execution and a quick disposal of the body into the city sewers, and the Watch tends not to interfere. Nevertheless, beggars and thieves are thick and folk are cautioned to watch their valuables well.

For hospitality, there are more taverns, flophouses, drinking dens, hostelries and brothels in Westhaven than any other place in the North. Accommodations vary - from the murky dives of Docks Ward to the naerly palatial comforts of Guild House in the Merchants' Quarter.

Aside from its size and wealth, Westhaven is notable as a place where mages, sorcerers, soothsayers and other minor practitioners of the Art are more accepted than any other place in the North. This can be attributed to the cosmopolitan and diverse nature of society, as well as the influence of the Order of the Blue Star, which has been headquartered here for centuries. Basically, if one wishes to become a mage apprentice, one travels to Westhaven to find an adept to take you on.

BARON EDMORE is Lord of Westhaven and one of the wealthiest and most influential nobles in Anglamar. He rules a large region of western Anglamar (the barony's boundaries run from Windover to Hamling to Gryphon Peak, due south to the Andural and west to the coast). His family has held the title since Westhaven rose from a coastal fishing town to the greatest commercial center north of the Inner Sea. As an overlord, Edmore rules lightly, leaving city administration in the hands of the City Council, while tending to his responsibilities as a Baron of Anglamar ...

LADY ISEABEL, the Baroness, is an impressive and intelligent noblewoman who is somewhat more serious about the duties of her station. Born of Eredoran nobility, of the duchal family of Aquilore, she is Edmore's third wife ...

LORD FORDWATHE is Lord Mayor of Westhaven, appointed by the Baron and responsible for the day-to-day administration of the city. It is a difficult job and His Honor strives to avoid (or at least minimize) potential conflicts, fight corruption (which is rampant) and balance the interests of the various factions. He is the consummate politician, hurried, harried, accommodating to those in power and disregarding of those who are not.


Who runs Westhaven? - An interesting question without a simple answer. Due to the city's large population and the varying interests of its inhabitants, politics and power are a complicated state of affairs. THE COUNCIL is an informal assembly of the wealthy and powerful, who are consulted concerning major decisions that effect the city at large. Whatever their motives, the personages of Westhaven can be counted upon to advise (and often act) in their own bests interests.

THE LORD ADMIRAL (the feds) is a member of the King's Council and answerable only to His Majesty. He commands the Royal Fleet of Anglamar from Admiralty Keep, which stands above the harbor and is the city's first point of defense from attack by sea. Several warships are ported here, including the Royal flagship Sea Stallion, a massive war carrack purchased from Eredor years ago. The Lord Admiral has some 1000 Royal troops, in addition to ship crews. The Baron or the Lord Mayor may call upon him for aid, though he avoids involvement in city affairs except in times of war or when the interests of the kingdom are threatened.

BARON EDMORE (the governor) is officially in charge. He lives at Westhaven Castle, but is known to take little interest in the day-to-day administration of the city, leaving that to the Lord Mayor. The Baron does, however, command a corp of knights and men-at-arms, his Baronial Guards, who's main duty is to secure the castle and enforce the Baron's will throughout the barony.

THE LORD MAYOR (city government), appointed by the Baron, presides over the Council and manages the city, spending most of his time trying to prevent civil unrest and open conflict between the various factions. He administers the city offices from The Citadel (on the boundary of the Heights and the Merchant Quarter), overseeing basic services (street cleaning, sewage, street repair, fire fighting, etc). Officially, he commands The Watch, through the Lord Constable whom he appoints. In reality, he commands little more than his own men-at-arms and the lesser officials in his employ.

Wathcing the Watch THE WATCH (the cops) is the city guard of Westhaven, professional militia who man the walls, guard the gates, patrol the streets, and enforce City Law. Well-trained men-at-arms (studded leather and helms, swords, polearms and crossbow), they are the finest and best paid urban militia in Anglamar. The Watch is commanded by the Lord Constable, appointed by the Lord Mayor.

THE MERCHANTS' GUILD (big business) wields great influence, since they control trade and most of the wealth in the city. Merchants own the businesses, ships, and trading costers (overland shipping by wagons) that bring wealth to Westhaven's markets. Each wealthy merchant employs his own small force of bodyguards, mercenaries and agents (with special talents) who sometimes clash with the Watch. The Guild's representative on the Council is selected from the wealthiest merchants in the city.

CHURCH OF THE NEW FAITH (organized religion) holds some influence in city affairs. Westhaven is the greatest concentration of humanity in the North and the Patriarchy cannot ignore such a reservoir of souls. At Westhaven Cathedral, the Bishop of Westhaven, representing His Excellency the Archbishop of Gondaran (and ultimately The Patriarch himself in Tharsis), advises the Baron and participates in the Council. His greatest concerns are stamping out evil, suppressing the practice of magic and reducing the influence of the Olde Gods.

THE ORDER OF THE BLUE STAR (secret society) established itself long ago as a power in Westhaven. As the only organization of its kind in the North, they have great influence in the kingdom as well. Headquartered at Blue Star Tower in Royal Heights, the Order operates under Royal Charter and, traditionally, has always supported Anglamar when needed. In reality, the Blue Star mages do as they wish and are unchallenged as long as they do not overstep. Arch-Mage Falkard (former apprentice of Izander, the last Royal Mage of Anglamar) leads the order and is an influential member of the Council.

Shadowguild THE SHADOWGUILD (the mob) is a criminal organization of thieves, thugs, fences, and smugglers existing in the shadows of Westhaven. Involved in all aspects of life and commerce through spying, bribery, extortion, theft, kidnapping and murder, they flaunt City Law and constantly defy (and outwit) the Watch. Of course, the Guild has no direct representative on the Council. However, it is believed that nearly every wealthy merchant, and even members of the Watch, are involved with them in some way.

TANELORN THE CURSED (vigilante) must be acknowledged as a power in Westhaven. Though fallen from his former position and reduced in Power since his ill-fated challenge to the High Circle of Wizards, he has taken it upon himself to defend the city from the direst threats. Just what those threats are as Tanelorn perceives them is a mystery. He has not seen fit to take action against the Shadowguild and has, on more than one occasion, opposed the mages of the Blue Star. Tanelorn quite literally exists outside the Law and beyond the influence of wealth or vices, which probably frightens the other factions in Westhaven more than his magical ability.

in Westhaven

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Role-playing in a city setting involves interaction with your surroundings far more than the average isolated tavern. A city is a densely packed mass of people enclosed by walls and living in stacked dwellings and narrow streets. Unlike the counrtyside or wilderness, there are laws and those with the authority to enforce them. Most of the wealthy and powerful in Westhaven employ private guards who will take action with lethal force against those who attempt to assault their employers. Unless a person is very careful (and skilled), his or her activities will likely be observed by someone. Tavern fights and street brawls are common and likely to be noticed. Most folk would just as soon mind their own business, but overt assaults on passersby or property will provoke someone to do something. Open battles in the streets will bring the Watch in force and the casting of powerful spells will attract the attention of the mages of the Blue Star. Direct threats to the city itself on a large scale are likely to provoke the intervention of Tanelorn himself.

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