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HOLD OF VIKSTED             

Scourge of the Isles Among the great holds of Norland, Viksted in the Storm Isles is the southernmost. Built on a low headland on the northern coast of Kinnor, the hold is a cluster of longhouses and round houses surrounded by a timber palisade, and dominated by the high-pitched bulk of Viksted Hall. Its shallow harbor is suitable for longships, which can be drawn up onto the graveled beach, though there are wooden docks which make the loading and unloading of cargo easier. It is a wealthy hold, living on commerce more than any other. Viksted trades local wool for iron from Dragonsgaard, ivory from Haramir's Hold, and timber from Thunder Bay. Viksted's traders also sail to Stormport for other civilized goods. The weather is milder than elsewhere in Norland, though Winters are still harsh. Spring and Summer storms off the sea are frequent and violent. Yet, Summer is longer and warmer and the green hills inland are ideal for sheep herding ... At Viksted are vistas of blue-gray sea, rocky wave-crashed shores and rolling green hills, all color washed to gray when storm clouds darken the sky. Smoke rises from timber lodges and roundhouses, oared longships ride the waves, oxwains and riders pass in and out through the timber gates and along the sand and gravel lanes of the town, and shaggy sheep wander the grass-and-heather hills behind it.

Urveld Trollslayer Kristanna Lokin as Lady Ingre For the past forty winters, Viksted has been ruled by URVELD TROLLSLAYER, Huskarl and long-time shieldmate of King Haarik before he took the throne. As chieftain, Urveld ruled with a strong but even hand, encouraging his folk to trade as well as raid and to treat the local Storm Islanders fairly. Last Spring (1208 IR), Urveld succumbed to age and illness and passed to Valkan's Hall. With both sons dead (one in battle and the other lost at sea), the chieftainship passed to the eldest of his unmarried daughters, INGRE ...

The aftermath of Urveld's death is still being role-played in the currently running STORM SEASON SL.

Viksted Hall VIKSTED HALL stands on the highest hillock in the town, a sprawling Norlandic greathall with a foundation of flagged stone, timber walls and thick timber columns elaborately carved with the likenesses of wolves, rams and heroes from Norlandic legend. Its Great Hall is the gathering place for feasts and receptions, while the Hall of Warriors is where the chieftain and his huskarls and captains meet in council. Distinguished visitors are given quarters in Viksted Hall, while those of lesser rank may find lodging at the Inn and Meadhall near the shore.

Wulfgar OakenshieldWith the loss of the Urveld's dragonship Sojourner (set afire as it bore the chieftain's body out to sea in a traditional Norlandic funeral), Viksted has only two dragonships and some 20 longships to call its own. A new ship is under construction at the skilled hands of master shipwright THENGOLF BROKENHAND. Urveld's old champion, WULFGAR OAKENSHIELD still stands as Ingre's back, with 100 warriors under his direct command. Ten times as many men (including warriors, old men and boys) can be called upon from the town and outlying steadings. BORI LONGTOOTH, one of the most powerful men of the hold, owns Scourge of the Isles, commanded by his son FAENOR (one of Ingre's likeliest suitors). Thengolf's son SKUR commands Thuring's Pride.*

*The situation as of Spring, 1208.

Current Factions in Viksted

RPing in a town setting involves interaction with your surroundings far more than the average isolated tavern. In a Norlandic hold, everyone knows everyone else and most folk are related by blood. Strangers are taken notice of and their activities quickly known to almost everyone. Norlanders are an insular people, distrustful of foreigners and with a universal prejudice against mages, witches, non-humans, and priests of the New Faith. Foreign visitors can expect to be confronted, even challenged, unless they are under the chief's protection. According to Norlandic custom, bloodfeuds are legal and may be acted upon at any time through honorable combat between principles or their champions. A Norlander freeman may, on a whim, offer challenge to anyone of free status save a priest or priestess of the Old Gods ... This means that RPing in Viksted is a dangerous adventure for anyone, especially non-Norlanders. If you're not prepared to defend yourself, don't come and visit.

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