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On does not simply walk into a tavern in Mythandar, order food and drink, and walk out (or disappear) without paying - at least not if one expects to be welcomed back. As in any world, everything costs and folk make their living providing goods and services for which they are paid. Player Characters are notoriously wealthy, without the day-to-day or season-to-season worries over income and expenses, while NPCs have to work for a living (this includes the proprietor of the Olde Inn).

The following coinage and values are standard throughout the Inner Sea Lands and the North:


  • IMPERIAL coinage still in circulation includes the large gold crown, the silver cartheen (both stamped with faces of old emperors) and a copper penny called an oble.

  • ANGLAMAR mints gold gryphons, silver moons (also referred to as owls) and copper pence.

  • VARALKIA, eastward of Anglamar, mints a gold eagle, identical in value to the gryphon.

  • ANCIENT KESH on the Inner Sea mints a triangular gold enk (bearing the symbol of the Sun-god), equivalent to 2 Imperial crowns.

  • The dwarves of IRONGATE produce a heavy gold coin, the hexagonal kuzar, which they rarely distribute outside. The dwarves trade both silver and iron tradebars. Coinage from Irongate are struck with the hammer symbol of the god Kor.

  • GEM values vary according to type, size and quality. The finest are worth 1000 gold pieces, while the most common might fetch a silver or two. Of course, those worked into jewelry or artifacts are worth far more.

    COIN VALUES                                                                                COMMON PRICES in Anglamar
    1 gold dwarven tradebar = 20 kuzars                                                  tankard of ale                2 pence
    1 dwarven kuzar = 5 Keshite enks                                                     goblet of wine                1 moon
                          = 10 Imperial crowns                                                  meal and drink               1 moon
                          = 20 Anglamarian gryphons or Varalkian eagles            room for the week          5 moons
                          = 5 silver tradebars                                                     horse                            1-10 moons
                                                                                                          wagon                           5 moons
    1 gold gryphon or Varalkian eagle                                                      ship's passage               2-10 moons
                          = 100 silver moons or Imperial cartheens                      sword                            5 moons
                          = 1000 copper pence or Imperial obles                         mail coat                       1 gryphon
                          = 100 silver moons or Imperial cartheens                      healing elixir                  10 gryphons
                                                                                                           jeweled amulet              10-1000 gryphons
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