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Flag of Anglamar ANGLAMAR The North Kingdom is the greatest nation of the West and the lands north of the Inner Sea. It is a feudal kingdom wherein the nobles control the land and rule as vassals of the King. The Barons, maintain their own castles and armies, tax the peasantry and pay taxes to the crown. King Thelgar III is young, having recently ascended to the throne. He rules with an even hand while balancing the power of the Barons against Royal authority. Anglamar is wealthy, producing food, livestock, wool, timber, furs, and ores. Through the port of Westhaven, Anglamarian merchants trade with the Storm Isles, Eredor and the Inner Sea Lands. The people speak Kothic and (some) the Trade Tongue of the Inner Sea. The nobles have wholly converted to the New Faith, while the majority of common folk still worship the Old Gods.

Anglamar has enemies on its borders. In the west, Norlander raiders attack Anglamarian ships and the coast in Summer. To the north are the orcs of the Icewall Mountains. Eastward, across the sparsely inhabited wilderness of the Eastmark, Varalkia is Anglamar's rival for dominance north of the Inner Sea. Eredor, in the south, is an ally, though history is scattered with minor conflicts and skirmishes among the nobles on both sides of the border. The Elves of Everwilde, led by High Lady Aravel, haver been allies since the time of Thelron the Great.

Flag of Andua ARAGOND This independent duchy is ruled by a northern dynasty, originally mercenaries from Anglamar who have stubbornly resisted submission to the Eredoran crown. Archduke Aedn II rules with an iron hand and plays Eredor against Varena in order to maintain his hold on power. He commands a large force of knights, men-at-arms and mercenaries, including (it is rumored) Inner Sea pirates. Relations with Anglamar are complicated, to say the least, since Aragond (originally the Duchy of Andua) is officially a rebel province of Eredor. It is commonly known that the Archduke maintains an alliance with the pirate regime of Kordina island, in order to counter the overwhelming sea power of his neighbors. Travel north is difficult, since Varena controls the route to Emperor's Gate and Eredor owns Pyrene. The dukedom is supported by farming, horse-raising, and trade.

The BARRENS Stretching eastward from the Icewall Mountains is a vast fringe of tundra and broken hills, uninhabited save by herds of reindeer and the wolves that hunt them.

Arms of Beregond>
<a href=BEREGOND The northernmost coastal city of Anglamar, ruled by Baron Kurth. The city is famous for its foul weather, its iron smithies and the Baron's personal troops, the Swords of Beregond.

The DALES The western homeland of the halflings is a pleasant country of rolling hills, scattered woods, small farms and pastures. The weather is mild, with rainy Springs and cold Winters. The Little Folk are staunchly loyal to the King of Anglamar. They keep to themselves and are rarely met outside the borders of their own land. By Royal decree, no man may enter the Dales without their leave. Halfling Bounders, armed with shortbows and mounted on small white ponies, patrol the borders of the Dales.

Banner of Dragonsgaard DRAGONSGAARD The capitol of Norland, located at the head of Dragon Fjord. The land behind is mountainous and locked in perpetual cold, the sea frozen except in Summer. Dragonsgaard is a large settlement, surrounded by a stout timber pallisade and dominated by lofty Dragonslayer Hall. Dragonships and longboats crowd the narrow fjord between sheer cliff walls. Here, surrounded by his mail-clad and axe-wielding Huskarls, King Haarik rules over the far-flung holds of the kingdom - Norhagen, Haramir's Hold, Viksted, and Thunder Bay - as well as numerous lesser holds and steadings.

Arms of Eastinghold *The EASTMARK The eastern province of Anglamar is ruled by the Baron of Eastinghold, whose Foresters patrol as far as the forest town of GREYMANTLE*. It is a rough, sparsely inhabited territory of dense forest, thick with deer, wolves (in Winter), adventurers and bandits. The people hunt, raise pigs and harvest timber. EASTINGHOLD*, on the right bank of the Andural River, is a ramshackle town of wooden buildings and muddy lanes surrounded by a timber wall. On the highest ground stands Easting Castle where the Baron rules. Only the city gates, facing the river, and the Baron's keep are constructed of stone. From Eastinghold's riverdocks, goods are floated downriver to Long Isle.

ELDERWOOD This ancient hardwood forest along the edge of the Gondish Hills was once the elven realm of Noldar. When the Elder Race withdrew, they gave the wood over to the protection of the King of Anglamar. No one may cut the trees there for timber or clear the forest for dwellings or farms. The forest is popularly believed to be a place of magic, haunted by spirits and trees that speak and move. Lansalon, The Green Mage, roams Elderwood and serves as its protector.

EMPEROR'S GATE The high gap through the Stormover Mountains grants passage between the North and the Inner Sea Lands. At its highest and narrowest point, a pair of ancient stone fortresses flank the pass with a half-ruined wall between them. This structure marks the northernmost extent of the Empire in the days before its fall, but has been abandoned for centuries. Wild beasts and other creatures make their lairs where Imperial soldiers once stood guard against orcs and barbarians. Anglamarian troops from High Horn Keep patrol the northern end of the pass, while Varena's soldiers hold the south. Travelers and merchant caravans use the Gate at their own peril. It is open in Winter, though often deep with snow.

Flag of Eredor EREDOR Anglamar's southern neighbor was once the westernmost province of the Empire. After the Empire's fall, five cities fought for centuries to establish a unified kingdom until, finally, Castellan achieved victory over Aquilore, Korduval and Sevarre, while the northernmost city of Andua managed to remain independent. Eredor's true power lies in the hands of the Four Dukes, who rule virtually independent as vassals of the King. Feuds among them are common and each maintains his own army (knights, men-at-arms, and militia). The King commands the Royal Guard, as well as the Royal Fleet. Eredorans are dark of hair and eyes, though in the northern provinces blonde hair and pale eyes are common among the nobility. They speak the Inner Sea Trade Tongue, while Old Aean is used by sages, priests and others of learning. They are devout Believers in the New Faith and revere the Patriarch of Tharsis as Mythas' earthly representative. Sorcerers and witches are persecuted while pagans and non-humans are discriminated against. Eredor is known for its pasturelands and orchards, linen industry, cattle and horses, and its coastal fishing. The climate is warm with hot Summers and mild Winters, except in the mountains ... Over the centuries, Eredor and Anglamar have been alternately allies and rivals. Currently, King Stephan is an ally and friend of King Thelgar.

The Ever Green Leaf EVERWILDE Southeast of Anglamar lies the last remaining realm of Elves in western Mythandar. Here are the oldest trees and the deepest forest. Very few humans have been allowed to cross Everwilde�s border. Mountain orcs and forest monsters stay clear. Elven archers in mottled green cloaks turn back intruders and have been known to kill those who press their intention to enter.
     Wildewood is ruled by High Lady Aravel of the Elves of the West, and has been for as long anyone can remember. Wildewood's status with regards to the kingdom of Anglamar is a complex one. The Elves are a sovereign people and their land lies at the very eastern extent of Anglamar's influence. Yet, elven numbers are so reduced that they would be hard pressed to defend themselves against a serious incursion by men or orcs. The High Lady and her people have been allies of Anglamar for centuries, and several elves have been actively involved in the affairs of the kingdom - notably Lord Alandar who founded the Northern Rangers. Most of Anglamar was once elven land and, under the King's Law, all elves are to be granted safe passage throughout the kingdom. They may not be taxed, delayed, detained, harassed or barred from any city or town.

GONDARAN The capitol of Anglamar is a massive walled city surrounded by rich farmland. The city is dominated by the Royal Castle, whose white towers can be seen for miles, and famous for its Grand Market and the Great Cathedral of the New Faith. The Knights of the Gryphon are the King's own army, responsible for securing the Royal Castle and the city. The gates of Gondaran are always open, day and night, except in time of war, and folk are allowed to come and go without challenge.

Flag of Gond GONDISH HILLS All of Anglamar is inhabited by the descendants of Kothic barbarians who migrated west centuries ago. In the lands west of the Anduril River, they settled, became civilized, founded a kingdom and have become the greatest nation of the North today. The folk of the Gondish Hills harken back to the days before the rise of the Barons, when clan chieftains ruled independently and ties of clan and family were the strongest. They live much as the ancient Koths did, in scattered farmsteads and villages, herding sheep, hunting and farming the rocky soil of the highlands. The Gondish Highlanders live outside the rule of the Barons and hold their loyalty only to the King (Thelron the Great was Lord of Gond before becoming King). The Barons are permitted to pass through the Hills but may not deploy troops there.

*GREYSHADOW MOUNTAIN This lone, massive peak towers above the forestlands between the Andural and Easting rivers. From its tree-covered flanks, one can look out over a seemingly endless ocean of green. On a clear day, the misty rise of the Weathermoors can be seen far to the west, as well as the towering snow-clad peaks of the Icewall Mountains to the north and the Stormovers to the south. "The Mountain" is the site of ancient dwarf-holds, tombs, treasure vaults and worked out mines which have now become the lairs of wild beasts, trolls and other creatures more foul. Over the centuries it has been a popular destination for young and daring adventurers.
At the foot of Greyshadow stands the forest town of GREYMANTLE*, a collection of wood cottages and timber lodges partially surrounded by a wooden wall. The inhabitants hunt the forest and cater to the dungeoneering trade, outfitting would-be Adventurers on their way up the Mountain. Travel between Greymantle and Eastinghold is a six-day ride over the Forest Road. The town is a lonely, isolated place, its only protection a small garrison of the Baron's soldiers and the presence of a resident magess, Raven Shadowcloak.

*CURRENT EVENTS: In late Winter (1209 IR), a Varalkian army crossed the Easting River and occupied Greymantle. Evidently, King Konstand IV has decided to press Varalkia's long-standing claim to territory in the Eastmark and taken advantage of the winter weather to move forces into place. In response, King Thelgar III has deployed a portion of the Royal Army to Eastinghold. Meanwhile, Greymantle and the land east of Greyshadow Mountain are in Varalkian hands and a small group of adventurers and local woodsfolk are resisting.

GRYPHON PEAK This snow-capped mountain rises several thousand feet above the central Gondish Hills. It's glittering peak can be seen as far away as Gondaran, Westhaven, and the Olde Inn, and great signal fires are lit on its flanks to warn the people of invasion or calamity. Gryphon Peak is a special landmark, representing the very heart of the kingdom. According to legend, it was to this mountain that the Great Golden Gryphon bore the body of the first King of Anglamar. If this is true, Thelgar the Great's tomb has never been found.
     The highland village of Anglehelm sits in the shadow of Gryphon peak, a cluster of timber and sod houses surrounded by a wooden wall. Here is the defacto capitol of the Gondish Hills, where the honorary Chieftain of Gond dwells.

HAMLING At the edge of Elderwood is a rustic village where ancient trees grow untouched among thatch-roofed buildings. Though most folk are simple farmers, the is considered somewhat "odd." Proportionally, there are more fortune-tellers, nature healers, moon-watchers and minor mages than anywhere in Anglamar. Among them is the seeress Broghna, a friend of the Green Mage of Elderwood and Gault, proprietor of the Olde Inn.

Haramir's Banner HARAMIR'S HOLD The westernmost hold of Norland, founded 75 years ago by the legendary warrior and explorer Haramir Farfarer. Ruled today by Tarl the Red. the seafarers of Haramir's Hold are renowned as the finest in the West

rivaled only by the Alays of the Far South.

HELKAR LAND A cold and barren landmass beyond Ice Fang Bay, mountainous and covered by glaciers. Monsters dwell there; dragons and giants battle constantly among themselves and attack anyone who nears the shore. Haramir Farfarer sailed along the coast and beyond fifty years ago and claimed to have caught sight of another land farther west.

HIGH HORN KEEP Standing high on the slopes of the Stormover Mountains, this ancient castle guards the approaches from the south through Emperor's Gate. It is accessable only by a steep winding trail which can be climbed only by horses and mules. Its garrison of 500 men is commanded by a Gryphon Knight, though High Horn is considered hardship duty and a punishment post for commanders out of favor with the King. The castle is also a Royal prison for those of high position, traitors and Royal family members who have earned the special enmity of the Crown.

Bronze Star of the Northern Rangers HIGHSADDLE Three days ride south of Runestone Pass, this fortified highland town is known for the rugged independence of its inhabitants and the tough gray mountain horses they breed. The Olwains are the most prominent family and Maera Olwain (wife of Harper) is famous throughout the North as a leader and former adventuress. Highsaddle is also the unofficial headquarters of the Northern Rangers.

ICEWALL MOUNTAINS A range of towering, glaciered peaks, walling the "civilized" lands of the West from the perpetual ice and snow of the Far North. Rugged and snow-bound year round, there are few passes usable and only in high Summer - Runestone Pass leading northward, Trollstep Pass to the coast, and Iron Vale which leads to Irongate. The mountains are thick with Northern Orcs (larger and more fierce than elsewhere), great bears, wolves and other highland beasts. The orc tribes make travel dangerous and, in Spring and Autumn, raid into the Northern Marches in large bands.

Arms of Andor IMMERDEEN The baronial seat of southern Angamar. Winters are mild here and the Summers pleasant and rainy. Immerdeen is surrounded by rolling hills, green pastures and farm fields. The town is large and unwalled, spreading out from historic Veston Castle in a sprawl of old stone buildings and cobbled streets (Olde Town) to wattle-and-daub neighborhoods to outlying farms and pastures. The area is famous for its horse-breeders, and Immerdeen horses are highly prized throughout Anglamar. The Royal College of Heralds is also located here, where bards are trained in the old Kothic tradition.

The Barony of Andur (south of the Andural River and west of the Dales) is ruled by Baron Morand, descended from the Legendary Lord Veston, the last independent Kothic lord to submit to Thelron the Great at the founding of Anglamar 300 years ago. Morand displaced his uncle, Lord Edmun II, several years past, when the old lord was implicated in a plot to deliver the south to Eredor. Childless, Edmun was executed and his wife died tragically in the sacking of Veston Castle.

Banner of Clan High Hammer IRONGATE The Dwarven Kingdom has stood for thousands of years, since long before the fall of the Empire of the Inner Sea or the rise of Anglamar. Once, it was one of several dwarven realms scattered across Mythandar, though most of those have fallen to disaster and orcish invasion. The Dwarves of the North are typical of their kind, tough, stubborn, distrustful of outsiders, disdainful of magic and mages. They worship the Old God Kor, Lord of Earth and Fire, who created their ancestors (the Four Fathers) from earth and stone. They are masters of construction, mining and metal working, and dwarven steel commands a high price in trade. Dwarven blades and armor (particularly triple-linked mail) are the finest in Mythandar ... King Horgrimm High Hammer has ruled the Northern Dwarves for centuries, keeping his people apart from the affairs of men and elves. Outsiders are forbidden to enter the great fortress-city high in the Icewall Mountains, which is guarded by heavily armored warriors commanded by the King's Thanes, heroes sworn to defend the last dwarven stronghold in the North.

IRON VALE This high, narrow and heavily guarded valley leading to Irongate is the only route open to outsiders into the Dwarven Realm. The clear, cold Ironborne River flows from Irongate Mountain, south to plunge over Hammer Falls, and then joins the Andural River. Here, Anglamarian merchants come in high Summer to trade for dwarven steel.

KRAGMOOR KEEP Rising at the northern edge of the Weathermoors, this massive stone castle stands watch on Anglamar's northeastern frontier. The keep is built on north-facing cliffs and is approachable only from the south via a narrow winding road and drawbridge. Massive walls, tower-mounted catapults and a garrison of over 1500 men make Kragmoor nearly invulnerable to (conventional) attack. The commander of Kragmoor is a senior Gryphon Knight who answers directly to the King.

LONG ISLE The rivertown of Long Isle stands in the middle of the Andural. It is built entirely on massive timber pilings, raising its wooden buildings and walkways some twenty-five feet above the water. The town is a maze of boardwalks, bridges and multi-story buildings, many of them leaning out over the river and interconnected by rickety passages and wooden spans. Long Isle's docks receive trade goods from Eastinghold upriver, which are transfered downriver to Westhaven. The town is a den of thieves and the town watch known to be on the take.

The MIDLANDS Central Anglamar is farm country and the bread basket of the kingdom. The green rolling hills are scattered with farms, large and small, and laced with winding dirt tracks. Dairy cattle graze in the pastures and farmers tend their fields while carts rumble to and from the great markets at Gondaran and Westhaven. The people are the commonest of commoners, simple, devout and generally friendly. The region is divided between the baronies of Westhaven, Andur and Gondmar. Riverdale, on the banks of the Andural, is the only large town.

Banner of Dragonsgaard NORLAND A barbaric kingdom barely fifty years old, founded by Haagon Dragonslayer who united the other Chieftains through conquest. His grandson, Haarik Hornbearer, rules today from the capitol of Dragonsgaard. The people are Koths, cousins to the folk of Anglamar, tall, blonde, warlike and wholly devoted to the Old Gods (priests of the New Faith are treated harshly). Valkan Stormlord, Fraya the Horned Goddess, and Umo the Sea Giant are revered above all. Norlandic sea-raiders, famous for their dragon-prowed longships, ply the Sea of Storms and raid the isles and coasts of the West as far south as Eredor.

The NORTHERN MARCHES A wild, mountainous frontier of dense pine forests, alpine meadows and ice-born rivers. The Marches are not a Barony. The King's Warden at Northinghall enforces the King's Law. But, outside the town, life is tough and dangerous. Orcs raid from the mountains, wolves and outlaws prowl the forests, and dragons are said to lair among the high peaks of the North. As a force of good, the Northern Rangers patrol the highland trails fighting orcs and brigands, though they do not take orders from Northinghall.

NORTHINGHALL The largest settlement in the Northern Marches, located on a bluff above the Winterborne River, is a cluster of timber and sod buildings surrounding a small stone keep, all enclosed by a stout timber wall. Sir Adumar, King's Warden, serves as justiciar and commands a small force of men-at-arms and archers. However, the King's Law reaches barely beyond the town gates. Northinghall is the commercial crossroad of the North where fur-hunters, timberers and miners meet southern merchants to trade. Life is hard. Winters are long and severe, the Summers wet, and attacks from orcs and other northern creatures common. Ulf's Smithy and the inn and drinking hall known as Roland's Den are busy year-round.

The OLDE INN A famous inn located in the Gondish Hills of central Anglamar, a gathering place for adventurers and stopover for traders and travelers. The proprietor is a grizzled old dwarven veteran named Gault.

PYRENE A small mountain village in northern Eredor, in the domain of the Duke of Aquilore, famous for its crystal springs, quaint wooden buildings and idyllic alpine meadows. From mid-Autumn to mid-Spring, Pyrene is snowed in and the mountain passes blocked. Mount Hybor, the tallest peak in the western Stormovers, towers above Pyrene to the north and from its heights one can see the lands of Anglamar, Eredor and Andua, as well as the blue waters of the Inner Sea.

Flag of Rune Isle RUNE ISLE A gloomy and rocky island realm ruled by Rolf Blackraven. His hold at Ungaard is built on the cliffs at the head of a narrow fjord. Rune Islanders are the enemies of Dragonsgaard and have resisted conquest by Norland. Blackraven's raiders attack Norlander and Anglamarian ships at sea and coastal settlements in the Storm Isles and on the mainland. Rolf is rumored to keep two extraordinary thralls - an ancient witch-crone and a mute giant from the Far North as bodyguard. One of Rolf's younger sons, Rurik, is noted as participating in what has come to be remembered as Ingre's Challenge at Viksted in the Spring of 1208 ...

RUNESTONE PASS The only large pass northward through the Icewall Mountains. Runestone is snow-blocked most of the year, passable only in Summer, and it takes 10 days to ride through. Orcs infest the pass, often clashing with each other from their mountain lairs flanking it, and orcish hordes pour out of the pass every 25 years or so to ravage the Northern Marches.

SHADOWS' GLEN In the mountains east of Immerdeen lies a narrow valley of green meadows, aspen and pine, with a small clear lake at it's center. The Glen is pleasant the year round, with cool Summers, light rain, and scant snow in Winter. On the edge of the lake is a quaint wood and stone inn. The reclusive Bard lives there (not a member of the Royal College and his origins are shrouded in mystery) and a few chosen guests come and go with the seasons. Shadows' Glen is protected by powerful magics, mysteriously placed and maintained, and an enigmatic dragon (rumoured to be a benevolent one, as well) is said to lair in a nearby mountain ... Armies are not allowed in the Glen, though armed servants of nobles are permitted as long as they maintain peace. Very few folk have ever seen the place, though many in Anglamar and Eredor have heard of it.

The STORM ISLES Lying west of the Anglamarian coast, these islands are rocky and windswept, covered by heath and scattered woods, and with few natural harbors. The people are not related to the Koths of Anglamar and Norland; they have dark hair and are generally shorter. Storm Islanders have no king. They are a simple folk who herd sheep, hunt, and fish off the coast. Scattered villages are ruled by Elders and guided by Druids. The Isles are often raided by Norlandic seafarers for timber and slaves, while the large coastal town of Stormport is visited by Anglamarian merchant ships.

STORMOVER MOUNTAINS This great range of towering peaks and high passes marches from Eredor eastward, walling the Inner Sea Lands from the North. In the old days, the Stormovers marked the Empire's northern border, beyond which were nothing but tractless wilderness and barbarian tribes. Orcs once swarmed in the mountains, but they have been thinned through centuries of warfare. Still, southern orcs make travel dangerous through the highest passes.

STORMWATCH MOUNTAIN The highest peak in the western Icewalls, rumored to be the nesting place of the Great Eagles of the North.

SUNDERGUARD KEEP This giant castle stands watch on Anglamar's southern border. Built atop towering sea cliffs, white stone Sunderguard commands a vast view of the coast as well as the grassy rolling plains behind it. It is a double ring-walled castle with catapult-mounted towers (able to fire on ships close to shore) and two sets of gates. Like Kragmoor in the North, its standing garrison of 2000 men is under the command of a senior Gryphon Knight ... Sunderguard is the sometimes Winter Residence of Anglamar's Royal Family.

THUNDER BAY The only Norlander settlement on the mainland, founded less than ten years ago. The inhabitants raise sheep and goats and harvest timber, which is shipped to Dragonsgaard for the building of ships and dwellings. The settlers at Thunder Bay are a mixed lot - Norlanders from all the great holds, Storm Islander (freemen and thralls, even a few Anglamarian ex patriots. Relations are gtood with the folk of Highsaddle (which concerns the King's Warden at Northhall) and Northern Rangers come and go regularly through Trollstep Pass. Thunder Bay is ruled by Aeger Tyr's son, originally from Dragonsgaard. It is the home port of Thars Bloodaxe, adventurer and master of the dragonship Stormrider.

TOR ISLAND This barren, rocky, table-like island is separated from the mainland by narrow Sundered Strait. It is believed that a monster lives on Tor Island, though no one is quite sure what kind. All that is known is that the creature is BIG. Roars and rumblings echo from the island out across the sea at night and the few daring souls who have landed there have never been seen again (so they say). Merchant seafarers and southern pirates give the isle a wide birth. Legend says that the infamous pirate Varossa buried his treasure somewhere in one of the many caves of Tor Island�s cliffs.

TROLLSTEP PASS This high cleft through the southwestern range of the Icewalls is dangerous for howling winds, falling rocks, sheer precipices, and deep snow that blocks it in Winter. At places, the pass is so narrow that only a single horse can pass. Due to its elevation (far above the treeline) and rugged terrain, it takes at least two days to cross Trollstep, afoot or mounted.

Flag of Varalkia VARALKIA A feudal kingdom east of Anglamar, beyond the forested expanse of the Eastmark. Varalkia is a "semi-barbaric" land, a thinly inhabited expanse of open plains, tundra and wooded hills. The Summers are mild and wet, the Winters long and harsh. Most of the people are poor serf farmers or live in riverside towns. Like the folk of Anglamar, they are Koths who migrated out of the east centuries ago, though they have mixed with other tribes so that dark hair and blue or gray eyes are typical. In Varalkia, the Dukes control vast territories and exercise absolute power over their peasants. Political intrigue is a way of life as they constantly maneuver for leverage against the King. Commoners have no opportunity for advancement and the merchant class is heavily taxed to prevent it from becoming too rich. Food crops, livestock, timber, and furs are produced, but the kingdom has no seaport for foreign trade. The New Faith of Mythas has great influence and power; pagan priests and "witches" are persecuted. Varalkian mercenaries, well known as light cavalry, serve throughout the Inner Sea Lands and eastern adventurers are common in the Eastmark ... Varalkia and Anglamar are rivals, if not enemies, with disputing claims upon the Eastmark between the Easting (Varya) River and Greyshadow Mountain. The town of Vorostok is Varalkia's gateway to the west for trade.

Flag of Isthia

VARENA The city of Varena is one of the largest and wealthiest on the Inner Sea. In Imperial times, it was an important administrative center. After the chaos of the Empire's fall, Varena emerged as the capitol of the new Kingdom of the West, which was soon fractured by civil war. Since then, Varena has competed for dominance of the Inner Sea with the other great cities, particularly Castellan, the capitol of Eredor which Varena considers a rebel province. The city is known for its wealth and its powerful navy. Trade with the North is maintained by sea and through the high pass of Emperor's Gate.

VIKSTED The southernmost hold of Norland, on the island of Kinnor in the Storm Isles. Its chieftain for decades, Urveld Trollslayer, died in the Spring of 1208 IR, leaving the hold in the hands of his daughter Ingre ...

The WEATHERMOORS A gloomy, heath-covered upland in northern Anglamar. The weather is foul year round and the land is poor and rocky, good for little more than sheep grazing. The small town of Hoven is the center of wool production and considered the least friendly place in Anglamar.

Arms of Westhaven WESTHAVEN The largest city and busiest seaport in Anglamar, as well as the baronial seat of western Anglamar. Baron Edmore rules the city and much of western Anglamar from Westhaven Castle. The City Watch of Westhaven, the largest and best trained urban militia in Anglamar, maintains the peace. The city is also the home of the famous (or infamous) magical Order of the Blue Star.

WILDEWOOD A dense, unsettled forestland, recently abandoned by the Elves. Wild game, wolves, southern orcs and other creatures are encountered here. Giant carnivorous spiders make their lairs in the crevices and caves on the slopes of the Stormover Mountains.

WINDOVER This seaside town within the Barony of Westhaven is located on a small rocky bay at the mouth of the Whispering River. It is a fishing town; its harbor is too shallow for large ships so merchanters bypass Windover on their way to and from Beregond or Westhaven. Windover is also used as a smugglers port and a point of entrance or escape for those run afoul of the King's Law.

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