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Arch-Mage Izander One of the greatest mortals ever to practice the Art was a man of obscure origin, unremarkable appearance and mild demeanor. When Izander (iĀ·ZANĀ·der) appeared in Anglamar two centuries ago, he was already well-known across the North, an ally of the Dwarf-King Horgrimm of Irongate and was considered aelfwise, a true friend of the Elves of the West and a confidant of High Lady Aravel. In fact, Izander was one of very few humans allowed entry into Irongate and Everwilde.

In 1050, Izander presented himself at the court of King Thelgar I and soon after thwarted a plot by the Red Circle to overthrow the monarchy. After single-handedly destroying a mercenary army marching north from Emperor's Gate, Izander was appointed Arch-Mage of Anglamar, a position he held for the next century. During that time he served as chief adviser to several kings and acted on many occasions in defense of the kingdom, skirting the prohibition against political interference imposed by the High Circle of Wizards. Izander could have become one of the Seven. Instead, he chose to serve Anglamar and safeguard it as a civilizing influence in the North. He took three apprentices during this time - Falkard, now Arch-Mage of the Order of the Blue Star in Westhaven, Balok Thrane who has made himself virtual ruler of the island of Kordina in the Inner Sea, and Raven Shadowmane of Greymantle (who disappeared under mysterious circumstances two years past).

In 1155, mere weeks before the Wizard-King rose in the Far North and began his assault against Anglamar and Varalkia, Izander mysteriously disappeared and his tower in Gondaran was magically sealed. As the North War dragged on, Anglamar suffered from the Arch-Mage's absence until his former apprentice, Falkard, violating the ban against mages of the Blue Star visiting the capitol, decided to investigate. Falkard penetrated Izander's tower and freed his former master from magical entrapment (snared there by the Wizard-King himself in the first real move of the war). Izander immediately transported himself from Gondaran into the midst of the Wizard-King's horde, which was about to overwhelm Anglamarian forces at Winter Gap. In a final act of retribution, the Arch-Mage broke his staff and the resulting blast of Power destroyed fully a third of the Witch-King's army. Izander's body, of course, was never recovered and he was mourned as a martyr in Anglamar's cause. Sinced his loss, the office of Arch-Mage of Anglamar has remained vacant.

MAGE OR WIZARD: Izander was the quintessential arch-mage and has often been referred to as the "Wizard of Anglamar." In truth, his Power rivaled that of any one of the Seven. Yet, he never endeavored to enter the High Circle and so was not bound by their Compact prohibiting involvement in the affairs of the nations of Mythandar. He did, most certainly, involve himself, and it has been argued that he was granted some kind of exemption which allowed him to take a hand in Anglamar's affairs without interference from the Seven ... The sage Arun of Immerdeen has speculated that members of the High Circle so feared a challenge from Izander that they allowed him a freedom rarely granted to other adepts. Further, it has been suggested that his sacrifice in the North War, at the very moment of Anglamar's greatest need, was the price exacted for Izander's independence.

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