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  • King's courier arrives at the Olde Inn, bound for Beregond. Varalkia has invaded the Eastmark. 'Hawk rides with him to the edge of the Gondish Hills.

    DAY 2

  • 'Hawk returns and closes the Olde Inn's gates against black wolves.
  • Gryphon Knight Sir Devyn departs Gondaran with a force of 200 men-at arms and 500 spearmen, bound for the west bank of the Andural (across from Eastinghold). He will arrive in 5 days (mounted) and his main force in 10 (marching).
  • In Northinhgall, Wilone and Dameron Vey meet with the Lord Warden. Wilone departs Eastinghold for Highsaddle with Faranor Half-elven.

    DAY 3

  • Eldane contacts Bronagh at Hamling.

    DAY 4

  • Gault hires a local, Marden, to man the gates and watch for wolves from the Palisade at night.
  • 'Hawk tells Sori of his intention to depart for Anglehelm in 2 days, to see how the Gondsmen are readying for war. Sori decides to go with him. They climb Traveler's Tor to retrieve Sori's weapons and gear.
  • Baron Waldief is found murdered in his chambers in Eastinghold Keep. Varalkian assassins are suspected.

    DAY 5

  • Sir Kayle, High Sheriff of Eastmark, sends a courier to inform the King of Waldief's death. The rider will arrive at Gondaran in 5 days. Meanwhile, Kayle takes command of the Barony.
  • The King's courier who passed through the Inn arrives at Beregond. Baron Kurth is ordered to send 200 Swords east to join the King's Army. If they deploy immediately, Kurth's soldiers will reach the Olde Inn in 5 days and should arrive at the Andural in 20.
  • A King's courier arrives at Westhaven. Baron Edmore is ordered to hold his army for defense of the coast against Nolander raids come Spring.
  • A King's courier arrives at Immerdeen. Baron Morden is ordered to guard the southern border, in case Eredor wishes to take advantage of the situation in the Eastmark.

    DAY 6

  • 'Hawk and Sori depart the Olde Inn to reach Anglehelm at the foot of Gryphon peak in 5 days.
  • Sir Devyn and 150 mounted men-at-arms arrive at the banks of the Andural to find the ice thinning. They will await boats from Eastinghold. They are met by Sir Kayle's courier bound for Gondaran. Galerd decides to cross ahead of his army to assess the situation in Eastinghold (he will arrive tomorrow).
  • In Beregond, Sir Orlonde and 200 Swords depart for the east in compliance with the King's order. They will reach the Olde Inn in 5 days.

    DAY 7

  • Baron Waldief's funeral at Eastinghold, by pyre as per Lady Easting's request.

    DAY 8-10

  • Sir Devyn and 25 men-at-arms cross the Andural and arrive at Eastinghold.
  • Gondish Highlanders begin gathering at Anglehelm. 50 men are sent to the Olde Inn to be present when the Beregonders pass through.

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