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The fortress city of Beregond stands on the coast at the mouth of the Winterborne River, rising on uneaven ground overlooking the Sea of Storms. It is bleak and gloomy, subject the worst weather year around - storms off the sea in Spring and Summer, thick fogs throughout Autumn, ice and Winter squalls. The coast is rocky here and the land unsuitable for farming. The people are dour and generally unfriendly to strangers, reflecting the climate and the attitude of the their rulers. They support themselves by sheep herding, fishing off the coast and the iron trade. Beregond is known for its forges, which take northern iron brought down the Winterborne in Summer and turns it into Beregond steel. Weapons and armor made in Beregond are of superior quality, second only to those of dwarven manufacture, and the wealthy of Anglamar pay a high price for them. Premier among the city's many smithies is Kordane's Ironworks which dominate the trade in steel and weapons ... No matter the season, the sounds in Beregond's streets are the moaning of the wind, the crash of the surf, the ringing of hammers and the rumble of heavy wagons through the streets.

Baron KurthAilith Beregond is ruled by the young BARON KURTH, who succeeded his uncle five years ago. Rumors surround the death of Lord Garth, who apparently threw himself from a tower balcony in a fit of drunken depression, leaving his nephew as heir. It is a complicated history and one that has left the barony with a stained reputation. Kurth has foresworn any disloyalty and made every effort to assure His Majesty that Beregond is now a steadfast vassal. However, he is popularly regarded as ambitious, ill-tempered (if not somewhat unstable) and a grumbler at Court with few friends among the other nobles. He is unmarried, but has the constant attention of his younger sister, LADY AILITH, a mage adept of some note. There are rumours of an unhealthy relationship between the two, which the Baron himself makes no effort to dispell.

Lord VeerSir Orlonde LORD VEER is Kurth's chamberlain and only close advisor, a dour and intense man who involves himself in every aspect of of the Baron's affairs. It is said that Veer's underlings fear him more than the Baron himself. The truth is that the chamberlain is somehow aware of everything that occurs in the barony, and those who oppose him quickly see their fortunes turn for the worst.

Commanding Kurth's private army, the Swords of Beregond, is SIR ORLONDE (called the Black, in noble circles), a sinister and merciless knight, fanatically loyal to the Baron. Orlonde has a free hand in policing Beregond and does so with ruthless efficiency. It is said that if Orlande is ordered to arrest and hang five men for thievery, he'll execute ten just to be thorough ... Orlande has been banned from the annual tournaments at High Summer, due to his viciousness (he decapitated an opponent during a mounted combat challenge and offered no apology).

There are none. Kurth rules with an iron hand and permits no dissent among his subjects. He maintains rigid control over the defense and prosperity of his lands, taxing the merchants mercilessly and allowing the peasants only those freedoms he deems unlikely to jeopardize his authority. Punishment for crimes is swift and brutal, within the limits of the King's Law (tortures are restricted only to those convicted of treason, brutal murder or rape). However, there are a few individuals who are able to exercise a bit more independence, due to their wealth, power or value to the barony:

Kordane the Master Smith is the largest employer of peasant labor in the city and supplier of the finest weaponry and armor in Anglamar. He equips the Baron's troops and uses that service as leverage against exorbitant taxation or intrusion into his business dealings.

Baelron is the city's wealthiest merchant, trading in northern iron and southern wines, as well as exotic artifacts and potions. Known to employ a large network of agents and informants from Westhaven to Gondaran, and any magic item of note that is placed on the market in Beregond comes to his attention. He owns two merchant cogs which ply the routes between Beregond, Westhaven and Storm Port in the Storm Isles.

Role-playing in a city setting involves interaction with your surroundings on a far larger scale than in an isolated tavern. A city is a densely packed mass of people living in stacked dwellings and narrow streets. Unlike the country, there are laws and those with the authority to enforce them. Unless a person is very careful (and skilled), his or her activities will likely be observed by someone. Tavern fights and street brawls are common and likely to be noticed. Most folk would just as soon mind their own business, but overt assaults on passersby or property will provoke someone to do something. Open battles in the streets will bring the Swords in force and the casting of powerful spells will attract the attention of local mages.

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