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Summoned Demon Demons are creatures of pure evil and raw elemental Power, senselessly destructive, thralls of the Dark Lord who seeks to corrupt and destroy all that is good in Mythandar. Demons are not native to the mortal world. They are denizens of the Infernal Plane, or the Netherworld, which lies "below" this one. There, Demon Lords rule hordes of lesser demonkind in constant strife against each other.

Demons vary in Power, appearance, abilities and intelligence, from lesser imps driven by the basest evil instincts to nearly god-like Demon Lords who plot and scheme to increase dominion and influence. They do not have ethical free will. There are no "good" demons, for goodness is not within their natures. They are incapable of love, compassion, creativity or any aspect of kindness. Demons are immortal, though not immune to physical destruction. Over time, lesser demons may grow in Power, gaining position and influence and challenging those above them. Some sages argue that there is no upper limit to a demon's Power and that the Dark Lord himself is merely the latest Demon Lord to attain god status.

Demons are creatures of magic, possessing extraordinary abilities that make them dangerous in the mortal world. They Sense Power and are able to resist magic and Counterspell (as a mage of equivalent Power level). They possess supernatural strength and speed, natural weaponry (fangs, claws, horns, spiked tail, hooves, etc.) and scaled skin (equal to chainmail) which make them formidable in combat. Most demons are winged and can fly at tremendous speeds. Magical abilities include Mindspeak and Possesssion (the taking over of the mind and body of a victim).*

*A possessed individual may be freed by a Ritual of Exorcism performed by a priest (Power vs. Power).

Due to their magical nature, demons can be detected (with Sense Power) like that of any magical creature, and a priest can sense a demon's evil nature. Sunlight will weaken a demon (reducing its effective Power by one level) and Holy Power repels demons (Power vs. Power). Merely approaching within range of a divine Power source (including a holy symbol) will cause a demon to turn away. Holy water burns a demon's flesh like acid.


Typical                                Imp
Superior                              Fiend
Incredible                            Devil
Fantastic or higher               Demon Lord

There are NINE DEMON LORDS, the greatest of their kind second only to the Dark Lord himself in Power. Their names are known and recorded in various ancient sources and it is said the merely speaking the name of one of the Nine may bring it to snatch a person away to the netherworld. Sages believe it possible for a demon to rise in Power to that of a god, thus becoming the Dark Lord. This may have happened many times in the past and would explain the changing nature of evil in Mythandar.

A demon may only enter the mortal world if it is summoned by a mage or other creature with the Power and knowledge to do so. They are not free agents, able to come and go at will, but are bound by the summoner and the rules imposed upon them by their dark masters. A demon who is summoned and loosed inn this world will do its best to destroy the person responsible for bringing it here (and take that person's soul back to the Netherworld) and wreak as much havok as possible. Both mages and priests can summon demons to do their bidding, doing so at their own peril.


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