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  • UNSKILLED Untrained and largely unfamiliar with weapons.
  • NOVICE A new recruit or conscript with basic instruction or minimum experience at combat. No tricks. The C always strikes last and can do little more than defend himself against a single attacker.
  • SKILLED Formal military training or practical experience in combat. Drilled troops and battlefield archers are skilled. The C can make one good combat action or combo per turn or post. Example: block with shield and slash,;lock shield, march forward, thrust spear, etc.
  • VETERAN The C has formal training and/or extensive combat experience. Knows the tricks (can turn an enemy's mistakes against him and do something original) and is able to make simple combination actions in a turn or post - charge in, slam with the shield and thrust or slash up under it, etc.
  • WEAPON MASTER Expert skill level with a particular weapon/style. Can do amazing things in a turn - acrobatics, trick shots, multiple actions that make sense, etc. The C is able to defend himself against multiple opponents.


    CONSCRIPT (Novice), in civilized lands, is a peasant farmer or town-dweller who is "drafted" by the civil authorities in time of war. Conscripts are given minimal training, if any, and are poorly armed with whatever weapons are at hand, whether they are skilled with them or not. Armor is non-existant. Morale is low.

    SPEARMAN (Skilled) has received some drill and training with basic infantry weapons used in mass battlefield formation, such as the spear or pike, and may have some skill with a secondary weapon (sword, hand-axe, mace). Typical armor is quilted wool or leather with a helm or shield. Morale is steady with good leadership, until the slaughter gets too intense.

    FREEMAN WARRIOR (Skilled to Veteran) in Norland has practical experience with basic arms and equipment - spear, axe, sword, shield. Typical armor is a helm and shield, leather or mail armor. Good individual morale but generally poor discipline in massed formation.

    ARCHER (Skilled to Weapon Master)

    MILITIAMAN (Skilled to Veteran)

    MAN-AT-ARMS (Skilled to Weapon Master) is a professional soldier, familiar with most infantry weapons (may include the crossbow). Helm, shield and chainmail are typical. Morale and battlefield discipline are good when provided with proper leadership. Can act on orders independently in small groups.

    HUSKARL (Veteran to Weapon Master) - helm and shield, heavy mail, axe, sword and spear. Disciplined, motivated and eager.

    KNIGHT (Skilled to Weapon Master)

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