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                                                                 Bringin' you all the miscellaneous details

                                                      -- but Goat, what kind of 411 are we talkin' about?

                                                      -- well son, I don't even know yet. give me a few weeks.






                                                            Written Tuesday, May 18, 2004, 2:30 AM

Event Prediction
Miami Heat vs. Indiana Pacers, Game 6, 8:00 PM ET Miami 97, Indiana 95 (OT)
Florida Marlins vs. Houston Astros, Dontrelle Willis vs. Wade Miller, 7:05 PM ET Florida 5, Houston 2
May 19: Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Sacramento Kings, Game 7, 8:30 PM ET Sacramento 99, Minnesota 93
May 20: Detroit Pistons vs. New Jersey Nets, Game 7, 8:30 PM ET Detroit 89, New Jersey 87
May 20: Indiana Pacers vs. Miami Heat, Game 7*, TBA Indiana 90, Miami 82
Wednesday, May 19, projected sales for Play It Again Sports in Coral Springs, FL $947.36, personal sales $168.49
Today's Weather 82 degrees, cloudy and some scattered rain throughout the day
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